Wednesday, May 05, 2021


 I come and go. 

I like putting my thoughts down every so often, but I do that everyday somewhere else. 

This place, I don't know..Its like a diary I have in a drawer, I dip into it every so often and think of something non-prolific to write. 

It's been over a year since I have been here.... maybe two (not counting Sunday Stealing).   In that period, the world has changed.. How weird is that?  It's like a statement you hear in a film.  "After the winter, the plague came". 

Wasn't exactly the plague.  Was a virus.  Which made us change the way we work, and live. 

Could have been worse I suppose.... We could have all turned into Zombies. How bloody horrific would that have been.  Isolation in your house, broken by a zombie run to the Supermarket to steal things off the shelves.   We ( my other half and I) walked into a play zombie run once in the city centre.   Heavens, but I was scared.   These Zombies RAN.    You know in World War Z at the start when it all just kicks off.  - That was where we were. In George Square in Glasgow (Yah, it wasn't Philidelphia)  and these people ran past us screaming up a lane (alleyway) and then - this blood-covered human, grunting and groaning ran past us too chasing after them.

I squealed.  And then we looked closer.  More zombies were running around the square - groups of people in two and three's were wearing bands around them - and it was then we realised it was a massive game taking place up and down the city centre streets.   

Even still - it was quite scary to watch.  I would have pee'd myself if I was playing. I'm not a fast runner and I live in horror of being caught first and the excitement of playing would just finish me off. 

Anyways.  March 2020 - we were all told to work from home.  We were all told to stay indoors if at all possible.  We could leave for one period of exercise a day, and stay away from other people.  One person should shop for the family. 

We took bets at work - back in the office by June, July August. 

August turned into September, and October and November.  The virus died down and then came back with a vengeance. 

We were locked down again. 

December, January, and February came and went.  March arrived and we were allowed to visit in Gardens.  Some shops opened.   April came and more restrictions were loosened. 

But we're still working at home.   No one seems to have the urge to go back into the work place. 

Those who must do.  Those who can avoid it. Do. 

Tuesday, May 04, 2021

What if....

 1. What was your proudest moment?  Heavens, I have many.  I think that I am proudest of the fact that my kids LOVE me and their father - and are happy to talk to us about absolutely anything; and will shout out loud how proud they are to have us as parents.   Job Done I think!

2. What is your favorite childhood memory?   Walking the golf course with my Dad.  I had to pay him, "for the privilege".  The price?  A coffee in a coffee shop afterward.   In the coffee shop - the "ladies who coffee and chatted", would shout coyly over  "Hi Sonny".   Oh, they loved him.  

3. Describe your dream vacation.   In a French Farmhouse - near the sea, near a marketplace, near a Boulangerie, near a cafe. 

4. Do you see yourself as an optimist, pessimist, or realist?  Why?  I'm an optimist.  Things happen for a reason - if you are positive, positive things will happen

5. What is something you wanted to do as a child, but never got to do?   I honestly can't think of anything I wanted to do, that I haven't done.  Not one thing. 

6. What board game do you hate the most?   Headache.  Because it gives me one. 

7. Describe the worst haircut you ever got.  Haha -  I wasn't paying attention to my friend "close round the side please, and a bit longer on top".   I looked up as she had completed one side and the back.  I could see my head through what was left of my hair.  She made the other side the same and left the top as long as she could.  Then she decided that if she highlighted it.  It would look longer. .......   When I left the hairdresser, my dad drove off - he wouldn't let me in the car.  Didn't want people to see him with me. 

8. What’s the worst job you ever had?  The Bank. Boring, Tedious, Full of Little Men full of self-importance.  Females were looked on as fodder.  Come in, get engaged, get married, get pregnant, leave.   When I asked to sit exams .... it took three managers to make the decision.   When I complained about being asked to do the typing - I got given more typing.  

9. What is one thing you want to be remembered for?  Making people happy. 

10. On a scale of 1-10, what is the highest level of pain you’ve ever experienced?   When I burst stitches after my hysterectomy. I reached to open the window and I heard and felt "pop" "pop" "Pop" "pop" and I just fell to my knees.  (I'm not saying Child Birth - because it's just horrific but necessary).  I'm not going to say Endo - because it wasn't the endo that was painful - it was the ripping of my bowel from my womb which was the painful bit of it. I think the Endo just sat there. 

11. What fashion trend do you wish would go away?  Skinny

12. What’s the weirdest dream you’ve ever had?  My husband walked away from me with another woman.  I begged and begged him to come back and he just laughed.  I woke up and Slapped his chops for him. Didn't speak to him for 2 days. 

13. What are 2 weaknesses you have.  Chocolate and Crisps. 

14. How would you spend your 100th birthday?   Farting Loudly. Whenever anyone came near me. 

15. What food/drinks would you pack in a picnic basket?  Quiche, Prawns, (Shrimp), Salad, Coleslaw, Potato Salad, Cold Meats, fresh bread, Lemonade, Jelly. Beer. 

Sunday, August 11, 2019

1. Have you ever had a great conversation with a complete stranger?  Yip Quite often.  I'm the person on the plane, or the train or the bus to whom strangers gravitate to. And by strangers, I mean strange people.   My husband and I can get on a plane.  He has one seat; I have the other.  We say as we get to the seat, swap.... and still the person sitting next to me, who should be sitting next to him, will strike up a conversation with me.  I find myself sometimes, willing people to move away from me. 

2. Where did you go on the very first vacation of your life?  My very first vacation, let me think, I believe it was to a caravan in a place called Skelmorlie.    It's thirty minutes up the road.  And I totally believe we were sitting in a car park facing the sea.  I was only about 18 months old.  I wasn't walking when the holiday was planned, and I was when we got there.

3. Open the door of your refrigerator. What is the first thing you see?  Water.  Or Cheese.  we are eating sparse this week.  And have been for the last few weeks.  Positively spartan

4. What is your favorite place in your home.  My bed.  I adore my bed.

5. If you had wings to fly about the universe, where is the first place you’d land? 
 The universe? Or just flying?   I'd fly to the top of my house.  I'd fly to the top of a nearby hill.  I'd fly to Edinburgh - as the crow flies.   I'd take a trip into the sky and say hello to the International Space Station.

6. What is the first thing you do when you get in your car?  Put my seatbelt on.  For sure.  Never without it.
7. What is special about the town you live in? It was the town I grew up in.  I met my husband there (he's not from here), but he moved here to let my kids grow up here.    It's by the sea, and by the county, it's 30 miles from a city and 150 miles from the border.

8. What is the last thing you heard about your first love? 
 My first love is sitting next to me on the sofa.   My "first love" was a cartoon dog, called Hector.   He's not real and I don't think they even repeat the show.

9. If you had created the world in seven days yourself, what would you have created on the First Day?  A bedroom.  For us to relax. 

10. How do you beat the summer heat?  I keep the blinds tilted, and the windows open.    But then again, I live in Scotland, so sometimes like yesterday the high was 23, and today, the high was 11..... WTF???  And it's rained about 2inches.

11. Did you enjoy your Senior Year in high school? 
Yes I did.  Although my senior year wasn't the senior year.  There was another year of school, but I had a job.

12. Who is your favorite First Lady of all time?  Michaelle Obama.  But then again, I'm Scottish - what do I know.

13. Post a link to your first blog post.    Oh dearie me.... Not So good

14. When was the last time you needed First Aid?  Hmmmm  I need lots of First Aid.  I walk into doors, I paper cut, i hurt my knee.  My bum hurts, my back hurts.  I was at the hospital in March - such a sore arm.  They told me to go away, I had been there before with the same thing.

15. Can you explain what a first down is in football?  There is no such thing as a "First Down" in football.   Football is about penalties, and off-sides.  You are talking American Football, which ISn'T Football

Sunday, October 21, 2018

How do You Like Your eggs in the morning?

1. Have you ever tried to learn (or re-learn) a foreign language as an adult? Which one? What worked for you?  French, I tried French again.  I tried it as a child, in Primary and Secondary and I wasn't good then, and I'm still not good.  When we got to French, I thought I was speaking beautiful French to people.  No, they looked at me and shrugged.  They had NO idea what I was saying.

2. Do you donate blood? Do you know your blood type?  I have given blood 3 times.  I have been rejected since then, cause I have white coat syndrome.  In a blood donation centre there are MANY people with White coats on and that makes my blood pressure sooo high I might explode.  And they send me home.

3. Have you ever been in a play or musical?   No.  I have been a chaperone for Tooliebelle and her whole troop about 3 times. 

4. Do you use certain text or ring tones for specific people? Who gets their own? Or do you just use the default on your phone?  No, I have "I Can't stop this feeling" as my default ring tone.  (UggaChakka - dancing baby song)

5. When did you get your first digital camera? Do you still shoot on actual film, or all digital now?  Wow - I can't remember I feel I have been digital for ages... let me think 2004.  I think.   - Yeah, I have files going back to 2004.   Then I suppose, which is a LONG while.

6. What do you think someone else would say the most daring thing you’ve done is?   FLying in a hot air balloon?   Tap Dancing at 45?

7. Do you talk with your hands? No I tend to sit on them.

8. Given the choice in a restaurant – would you go with a booth or table (or bar!!!) for seating?  Booth, Booth, or a seat in a corner, where I can look around and see everyone.  I love people watching

9. What kind of milk did you drink, growing up? And now?   Semi Skimmed milk, and very skimmed millk, and sometimes Soya

10. How do you keep track of all your passwords? Do you make your passwords super complicated and change them often, or use the same ones over and over? My husband says "use a phrase, a phrase you won't forget, and then take the intiial letter of every word in the phrase and use that. I forget the phrase and I forgot the order of the words. Is hopeless. Very hopeless.  I don't keep note, and I lose them all the time, and have to do reminders.

11. Are you a note taker? Yes, I lovev note books.

12. Do you remember what your first social media posting (or status update) was on Facebook or Twitter – without looking it up? What was it?   hmm No. Not at all. that was quite a long while ago.

13. Do you have a “power” song?  There are many many song which was inspiring to me.  Depending on the mood I am in when I hear them.   this morning i had to shut down power songs and listen to chill songs.

14. Do you have an eclectic mug collection, or is your stuff all matchy matchy?  we are matchy matchy , with the exception of the blue one and the wordy one, which we use for "special tea"

15. Do you have a junk drawer in your house/garage/at work/wherever?  Doesn't everyone?

16. Do you ever get the urge to watch a favorite scene from a movie, and watch just that scene?   Hmmmm  yeah,  doing that now La La Land

17. Have you ever woken up and felt guilty from a dream you had, or, mad at someone else for something they did in the dream?  I woke up from a dream one night, Woke my husband, Slapped him hard, and didn't speak to him for three days, because of a kiss in my dream

18.  How old were you when you took your first commercial flight? To where did you fly?  I was eight.  I was in UK and we flew to the Channel Islands.

19. Are you good at keeping track of your things – or do you easily misplace them? Do you ever leave anything behind when you travel?    I have a husband to do all that for me.  He is so organised; he is amazing.  I just tag along.

20. Is there any place you go where time seems to stand still? What is it about that place that makes it that way?  Beach.  I could sit on the beach, any beach, because in reality, all beaches are connected  - when i'm on the beach, I'm in touch with everyone on the world. 

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Just another manic monday..

One weekend merges into another. 

We are wishing our lives away.  Monday comes, and we are counting down the minutes til the next weekend.  

We fill every waking moment of the weekend with as much fun and action as possible, and wham. it's gone, and it's monday again.

this week, Am going to try to do something more every single day - get the most out of life on every single day. 

Right now - Am heading to bed ....

Highlight of this weekend - we ate the very first sweet corn we grew from a corn kernal!

It took 19 weeks from planting on the table in the dining room, til it came to fruit on Saturday!

It was DELISH. 

Now we are contemplating a new freezer to keep the other 30 or so cobs which should keep us going til next year :-) 

Sunday, May 01, 2016

Sunday Stealing

A to Z Meme

Stolen from: i take surveys

A) What does the last text you sent say? And to whom?    "Aw,it was,it was brilliant... we had such a good time". To K.... in response to a question about whether or not we had a good time at the Zoo. 

B) What does the last text you received say? And from whom?     "Aw great, what a fantastic day". 

C) What time do you wake up most mornings?  Five to seven.  I don't know why I bother with the alarms at 7, and 7.05... I always awake before it

D) Are you afraid of walking alone at night?  Nope;  I have a husband who is a Scout leader and spends  considerable nights under canvas.  Am more than comfortable to wake up, dawdle to the loo and return with no problem.

E) What do you do to relax at the end of a stressful day?  Crochet. or knot, I like crafts. 

F) Where did your last kiss take place and with whom?   With my husband, last night in bed. 

G) Do/did you get into trouble a lot at school?  No, I was invisible at school.  A girl I sat beside for two years at School met me in the supermarket, and I said "Oh F, it's been so long How have you been?" and she stood and looked at me and had that look on her face which told me she had not a clue who I was. 

H) Do you enjoy your job? If unemployed, are you content being so?  yes, I love my job.  Numbers. 

I) Do you often pick up on double entendres and innuendos?  Yes, in fact, I pick them up in places I shouldn't.

J) Have you ever been offered drugs but declined?  No.  Not one git has ever offered me drugs, ever. Even when my friend went out with a dealer, HE didn't even offer me any. I must have one of those permanently disapproving faces.

K) Have you ever met someone who has completely altered your way of thinking?  Hmmmm, no.  I have noises in my head who alter my opinions all the time. 

L) Have you ever been offered drugs and accepted?  No. No... No one has ever offered me drugs AT ALL. 

M) Tell us something weird that turns you on?  Hmm, what is weird that turns me on.... mmmm I can't think of anything weird. Pretty much just being any where near my husband does... seeing him walking down the street.  On the other hand, my neighbour - she REALLY likes the smell of camp fire.  I have to smuggle my husbandinto the house when he come back from camping. 

N) When did someone last admit romantic or sexual feelings for you? Was the feeling mutual?   My husband.  We are a match.. Yesterday, our daughter Tooli said "I remember when you and dad were driving us in France, we thought you would get divorced when we got home".   We both are very vocal in our joint disapproval of each other's map reading and driving skill set.   We both looked at each other and said that the one thing she would never have to worry was about us breaking up.  We are together for life.  Lobsters. 

O) What is something you have given a lot of thought to lately?   I don't think about much for any great length of time.  Ever.

P) When did you last swallow your beliefs to avoid an argument or confrontation?  A couple of weeks ago.  I hate political / religious argument.  I could win flat down any argument supporting my political or religious belief, but I do believe that everyone is entitled to their own belief without hammering it on someone else.  I was in the company of someone who slated everything I know and support, and was throwing in a bit of bigotry and racism to boot;  I got up and left, rather than partake in it. 

Q) Do you usually initiate hugs?   Yes, I am a very  huggy person :-)  I hugged a Zoo Keeper yesterday. 

R) Are you a very affectionate person?  Yes, I am, I affectionate everyone. 

S) Can you roll your own cigarettes?  Oh Good god no. Why would you want to even touch the filthy things.

T) What are you looking forward to?   Holidays!  Coming very, very soon.

U) Do you have any tattoos. Do you want any/more?   No I do not. No I do not. 

V) Are you mentally strong?  No I am mentally weak, - see voices in my head above. 

W) Are you physically strong? No am pathetic weakling. 

X) Do you think you’re a good person?  I am a good person, I don't think that, I know that. 

Y) Name one thing you wish you could change about your life right now.   My sore knee

Z) What do you usually eat for breakfast?  Coffee. 

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Sunday Stealing .....

Ask, Ask, Ask Meme

Stolen from: i take surveys

1 -If you were stranded on an island, who do you wish to be with?  Si.   He is a survivor.  He is a scout leader - he could make fire, kill things with his bare hands, and make me a shelter from anything laying around. 

2 - What do you feel right now?  I feel content.  I have a list of to do things to do, but this is "my Time" and I'm taking it.
3 - What chocolate is your favorite?  Edible.
4 - Why did you create a blog account?  To express my inner angst
5 - Who is your favorite blogger?  I don't have one - I only read me.
6 - When was the last time you cried? Why?   I cry pretty much most days.  The slightest feel good makes my eyes leak.

7 - Who is your best friend?  Si - See above.  Who wouldn't want to be a best friend of someone like that, and who loves you totally . 

8 - What kind of music do you listen to?  Everything. Friday's music choices included, Kenny Rogers, Culture Club, Mark Morrison, Coldplay, and Biffy Clyro

9 - Do you have troubles sleeping at night?   Last night I woke myself up twice snoring.  This is a new thing.  I must have a cold or something in my chest. 

10 - What do you prefer, jeans or shorts?   Shorts.
11 - Did you try to change for a person?   Nope. I'm me.  Not going to happen.
12 - Are you in a good or bad mood?   Good mood. 

13 - Name someone you can’t live without.  See, 7 and 1 above :-)
14 - Do you have a grudge against anyone?   Yes.  

15 - Are you a crybaby?  Yes See 6 Above
16 - When people praise you for your looks, what feature do they praise?  My hair, my wonky smile,  my personality... not usually my face. 

17 - What hair color do you prefer?   Bright red; the more scralet the better.
18 - If you can change anything about yourself, what is it?   My hair colour; more red
19 - Can you live without internet?     Probably yes, if i had to.

20 - Have you ever experienced being hysterical?  Yes, frequently, normally over the weirdest things.
21 - Did you have an accident last year?  Despite what the lovely man on the phone said on Friday, no I haven't.
22 - What are you thinking right now?  I am thinking No 1, 7 and 13 above has just made me an excellent breakfast.
23 - Have you been hurt so bad that you can’t find words to explain how you feel?  Yes, and in those cases I normally scream.
24 - Do you have trust issues?  No.
25 - Who’s the person who first comes to your mind when someone mentions “love”?  1, 6, 13, and 22 above.
26 - Do you believe in the phrase “If it’s meant to be, it will be”? abso-bleeding-lutely
27 - Do you believe in destiny?  yes sir indeedy
28 - How do you look right now?  a bit rough and ready
29 - Did you ever feel like you’re not good enough?   yes, always

30 - Favorite city?  Edinburgh