Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Never Say Never.

On Sunday, a rare treat - not so much going to the Cinema, but going to the Cinema with my Husband, Son and Daughter. 

Filmfirst had graciously provided tickets and we gladly received them, for a respite from the football!

I loved the original, "wax on, wax off", and I completely love Jackie Chan, so I went with happy heart.

And happy heart it remained.  Despite the cinema being full to bursting, we managed to get seats together, up top. We missed the first five minutes, but thanks to back writing and dialogue we were easily able to pick up the reasons for the move to China.

Jaden Smith is one wee cool dude.   You like him from the moment the camera is on him.   The mother, sadly, could have been re-cast with someone a little less "full-on".  Maybe Jada Pinkett-Smith?   She was not in it so often, and maybe she was just making the most of her limited dialogue, but she could have turned it down a notch or two.  That was the only bad bit of the film.

China was represented beautifully, the gardens, the people, the markets, the old, the new. 

The story built brilliantly, with Dre being bullied, viciously  by the lads from the (bad) Kung Fu School.  Mr Han, appeared slowly, his character building to the saddest scene in the broken car in the living room.  Tears were streaming down my face!

The fight scenes at the end were amazing.  These kids, knew their stuff, and I loved the fact that the little lad ordered to hurt Dre looked so wonderfully shameful.  I loved that they realised their mantra to date had been wrong, but I was sad that it took Dre getting severely beaten to achieve that.

A wonderful, wonderful film. Could be shown along side the original and although each has it's own merits, both will stand the test of time on their own.

Monday, June 21, 2010

What's That Coming over the Hill???

I have regressed. 

I watch Dr Who with my heart in my mouth.

I watched it twice this weekend, and was still as excited.

I'm 46.  I'm exceptionally sad.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A smallholders Diary

I thought I was going to wind a Diary. I had visions of a medium sized mole skined, yellowing pages.   However it transpires that you can win a Dulux Ecosense Painting kit. Which WOuld be quite nice, because I have visions of a new bed room colour scheme!