Saturday, February 28, 2009

A fronte praecipitium a tergo lupi

Between a Rock and A Hard Place (Precipice in front and Wolves behind)

Gran is in Rome this week. (Yes, I know..... She's Never at home).

She has been sending me the BEST photos from Rome on her Phone, here are a selection below.

I was confused when she sent this... it wasn't how I expected it to look,
and now I realise I thought it was supposed to be the Parthenon, which is in Greece!! ha ha

The Colosseum
I love how it is just at the end of a road, Imagine telling your friends, yeah, you know where I live, the Colosseum is at the corner.

The Forum
As Mum Says, Complete with Tacky Souvenir Stand. The perspective is odd here - It all looks quite small, but if you click and load large image you'll see people walking along the roads behind and they are tiny!! this place is MASSIVE. This is where all the business of the Romans was carried out.

Corridor Leading to the Sistine Chapel -
the painting are amazing, but look at all the People...
Heavens, how does the Pope get any praying done?

The Trevi Fountain
This is beautiful, isn't it? Can you believe
one city with so much beauty and culture?

The Roof of the Sistine Chapel
Painted by Michaelangelo, and Raphael amongst others -
Renaissance Painters, Not Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles!

The Birthday Boy and the Globe Trotting Gran!! Viva La Vida Loca!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Cause you Mean Everything ..... Right Here, Right Now


Started my Psychology Last night. Read the leaflets, watched the DVD. Feeling most confident about it. Looking forward to getting stuck in. But I have a timetable.

Next problem : Boy was accepted by FirstpointUSA onto their programme to obtain a scholarship to US University... however, they are looking for fee NOW. Hmmmm. Where to find £2500.....

Am giving it some thought. Thinking about becoming Phone Sex Agent? What do you think?

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

That Cement is there... It's There for the Weight Dear"


I've been lacks of late. Am busy to the point of running in circles, and tired to boot. I really need to make the effort to drag myself out of bed and get walking, i think that will be the only way to boost energy levels!

Work is extremely busy right now - coming to month / quarter end, plus additional requirements of the job which is distracting me slightly. So have to focus.

Boy had first night of Tutor. Hope is not lost. Tutor believes in Boy's ability - is going to build confidence. I nagged him this morning to go to Assisted Tutoring at school. He tells me that it isn't on right now!!! Hmmmm But I will still nag him anyways. It helps. He also got leaver's sweat yesterday - says the whole of 6th year were wearing them. It is really great. The 09 in the back is made up of everyone's names. is lovely.

Tooli is having time of it right now. Decided to end first relationship. Other people sussed it out first, and by time BF returned to School, everyone including his sister knew of Tooli's plans. He bore it out by staying away from her all day, but she walked home with him and explained her problems with the relationship... .she is one brave cookie. What kid actually asks a boy, face to face for a relationship, and then has the courage to face him out when it hasn't worked out how she imagined. he is pleased that she has agreed to stay friends with him - she enjoys their walks home and talking to him. It may be that it will spark again - they do seem to be friends.

Ah. And Me And Si. Our lives pass in the running of the child back and forward, and his running to Scouts. I'm sleeping before he comes to bed, and still sleeping as he drags me from bed in the morning. I'm looking forward to April, when we have naughty night away!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday Morning, Up with the Lark

Yeah, at 3.45 with boy coming home from night out!!!

Yesterday was Scottish Volleyball Cup Semi Finals. Troon AP, 2nd Division, were playing Edinburgh 1st Division. It was expected to be a wipe out, but Troon played very very strong, and gave them and the spectators a great game!

City of Edinburgh 3 v 0 Troon, Prestwick & Ayr, 25-20; 25-23; 25-14

Thursday, February 19, 2009

sO yOU wIN aGAIN...

I won Again!!! Whoop De Whoop.

A Lovely Bottle of Bulleitt Bourbon. Shamefully, but not on my part, mostly by lovely Husband, it is only 1/2 full now!!! Still If You Win It, You Should Use It!

But with You... By Myself. I'll face what's to come

Wow. Children.

I wouldn't be without them, but at the same time, the stress levels are immeasurable.

After the thrill of the Prelims and Boy believing that things were going good, he was thrown into disaster yesterday with two really poor scores. He was despondent, and the texts between him and myself were flying. I was really distraught trying to think of ways to buoy him up, eventually contacting a Tutoring agency - and found a tutor, seemed to spark a positive note.

Success came back in the afternoon, when a great pass in English was issued, and we were on the up again, and the Pterodactyl was back. Arrrrk Arrrrk.

Then the Tooli. Dizzy spell on Sunday night, followed by headaches all day for the next three days. My poor babe, has inherited the Migraine from me, and my dad. We are heading to the doctor on Friday hopefully to get some painkillers which will be effective for her.

All in all a stressful day. I'm glad I didn't wake with a migraine this morning.

And best of all. I loved my husband last night, and didn't wake anyone!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

In a restaurant in a west end town....

Call the police there's a mad man around.

Have been a bit lacks of late, I appear to have been quite busy. No that is not true. Over the weekend, I appeared to have a very very very bad case of sleeping sickness. but I think it was actually a slow migraine. I'm feeling fine now, but have now just been plunged in to family trauma. What was going to be big blog, has now been cut short by a text message.

Back Soon.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Charlie, Monkey World, 1989 - 2009

On a Very Sad note. Lovely Lovely Charlie at Monkey World passed away last weekend. On Sunday, just after we had visited.

We returned to Charlies' pavillion time and time again, trying to see him, but were told that he had been in the Tunnel to the Bedrooms, or in the bedrooms all week, only coming down once or twice for feeding.

He was a poor wee soul, who had spent the last 20 years at Monkey World after being seriously mistreated in Spain as a Beach Photographer's Prop. All but 4 of his teeth had been knocked out, he had a fractured jaw, weighed about 1/3 of the normal weight for a monkey of his age, and had been severely beaten.

At Monkey World he had found sanctuary and love and an especially close bond with Jim Cronin the founder, and Jeremy the Sanctury Manager. Monkey World had reported that over the last year or so, Charlies weight had dropped and he had slowed down - Charlie was prone to Displaying at passing Tanks from the nearby Tank MUseum (HE HATED THEM). He adored Jim, and perhaps when Jim died, he out of all the monkeys noticed his absence.

He was an odd boy, but adored by everyone who visited, or heard of him from Monkey Life Tv show. It was our one sadness of our visit last week that we never caught sight of him, but we are happy that we know that his last days would have been spent in the arms of his friend Jeremy, and now, he'll be in a big Monkey World park in the Sky with his mate Jim.

Cause I am a Material Girl....

So I went back to bed yesterday morning, got back up at 12, headed back over to Tesco after a shower to wake myself up. Did my shopping, tipped the bag packer heavily, then took her for a plate of Chips and beans.

Went home with the shopping, put it all away, had a coffee and headed back to Tesco to help with the last hour or so of Bag Packing. Jees, I can't believe how sore my feet were just for standing for a couple of hours! Maybe it is the standing in the one place, but the soles of my feet were burning, or maybe i should have been wearing socks!

Made the tea, Tool headed out for Valentine Date with Boyfriend (Woooooooo), Boy and me sat on Couch and watched England get their ass whooped by Wales. Well I watched, and Boy fell asleep. Sound asleep. I covered him with Blanket, and went and got ready to go out. Gran phoned twice trying to chase me up - but hey, Tooli wanted to come, and I couldn't very well go without her.

Eventually Tool came home, and then went out again, for TWENTY minutes she yelled. And good to her word she was. We eventually got to Grans about 9.10, and enjoyed everyone's company for the next three hours. Boy woke up and came up for a while and headed away sharp. When I got home - Boy was actually in BED, Sleeping! That is how tired he was, I have never seen this Boy go to Bed willingly without prompting. Tool fell asleep in car on way home, and I followed her to bed after a wee chat with Wee-Devil.

Si still up a hill. I got my valentine about 6 last night....... He had left it with Tool, and in her heady state of love and business she had forgotten to give it to me. A beautiful big bunch of Valentine flowers, all reds and white - carnations, roses, gerbera, fuschia and a brilliant card with flashing lights!!! Aw. I do love him. I got another Valentine too, from Wee-Devil who insists on declaring her Lesbean Love for me! Thanks Wee-Devil. My Mum is starting to worry!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

It's A New Day, It's A New Life

What a night. I am sooooo Tired this morning.

Boy and Girlfriend, came home about 12.30 (they say). I text and he said "am downstairs, just going to bed". I said "yes you are".

I listened. I realised I had Cat (plural) on bed with me, I kicked them off, and instantly felt guilty cause one was so tired she just keeled over. I patted them off downstairs and text boy again.

i woke at 2. I woke at 3. I woke at 3.45 (sound familiar Ella?). I woke at 5. I woke at 6.30, and groaned because I knew alarm would go off at 7.30.

I dragged myself from my bed at 7.40, and woke Tool. Boy was already Up. Is Valentine Day. he wanted to burst in on girlfriend and give her card and present. She was too tired to appreciate. told him to go away come back when she was more awake. I like this girl!

Fed Children, send two off to volleyball. Took One To Tesco for Bag Packing, which I promised I would help at. Can't help this morning. Need to go back to bed.


Friday, February 13, 2009

Go To Sleep, Go To Sleep, Go To Sleep My Wee Baby


Dogwithnobrain is VERY tired.

Half a day at work, and I did (Work that is).

Drive,home, collect boy, Drive to Glasgow., Hour meeting with US Scholarship Agency.

Walk to Starbucks, discuss excitedly with Son about possibilities.

Walk back to Car, Drive to Silverburn, shop for Shoes - (boy is wearing the worst, most worn shows with the world).

PAy for shoes, but don't get them.

Come home. Snigger at Valentine Card. Very Impressive Wee-Devil. I love it!

Hug My Husband, He is away Up A Hill, (Fal Da Ree, Fal Da Rooooo Fal Da Ha ha ha ha ha ha)

Hug My Daughter.

Run around like a lunatic. Son's Girlfriend is coming, Got house tidy. Sent Son out to Get Tea. (Si not here, need macdonalds).

Girlfriend arrived. Sit, Chat, Warn. Go to Morrison. Come home from Morrison.

Sit Down. Tool wants me to watch film.

I'm watching and horrified. I didn't realise Ben Stiller could make films like this. Even worse. I sent Tool and her Gran to the Pictures to see this film.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Been Around the World, and I, I can't find My Baby

I love looking at Site Stats, I truely do.

It amazes me that people drop in on me from all over the world. I cheat rather a bit to get people to drop in. All my blogs are heading with lines from songs. Normally the lines everyone hears, or remembers. Occassionally I will use a little known, or recognised line purely because it is apt to my topic.
Publish Post

People fall into me from other blogs, Ellajayebee, Jaccic, Wee-devil, Troon On Line, Friday5, but some people fall into me for searches for Song lyrics, and pick up my word.

The ones which confuse me are the people who search for Dogwithnobrain.

The whole internet thing just confuses me. All this information...... buzzing round our heads. Everywhere.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Naughty Boys, in Nasty School, Headmasters Breaking all the Rule

What is it about Ebay? Is addictive, and when it works is great.

I have an undertoad right now, cause I just had a brilliant sale.

I was selling a Box Set of DVD's which I won in a competition...... Yeah... Go Me.

I put a starting price on on £20.00 (well there are 25 discs in it) and was confused because Ebay wouldn't let me put on Postage and Packaging. After much too-ing and fro-ing with Ebay Admin, (who are very very nice people), they finally made it clear to me that they have asked sellers to stop charging Postage on DVD's to try and increase the sales of them.

Anyway, I digress. It sat at £46.00 for an age, and then in the last twenty minutes it jumped to £70.00 Woop Woop - I'm so happy. I won a competition and now I have £70.00

At least I thought I did. I issued my invoice, and like a Good Ebayer, I didn't add postage and packing. The buyer has now come back to me and asked me about his 25% discount. Hello???? 25% discount. That takes my selling price down to £52.00 which is okay I suppose, but still 18 squid short of what I am expecting. I told him I would examine and find out.

After much searching, I found a reference to 25% of Final Invoice Value for SELLERS who do not add postage and packaging. I think or rather I hope that is what he has seen, and mis-read. I haev advised him of this, and wait his return email. I betcha he doesn't want to pay at £70. where as £48, probably seemed like a much better deal!

You Are My Sunshine, and I want you to Know....

Aw - Look, Wee Devil Giggling!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I'm So Witty, So Witty, So Pretty and Witty and Wise

So, why did I put a 10 minute hair colour on to night, and leave it for 20? Hmmm

What will the result be? Am dreading it! As long as it doesn't turn out green, I'll be calm. I can do very dark hair. I may look a little goth, but I should be okay.

I've had a very quiet evening tonight, a little cup of tea, a little ironing. Lots of Monkey world (I have two episodes taped every Monday - Friday so I have a little bit of a back log to catch up on.

For those of you who didn't jump over to dogwithlittlebrain, I went to Monkey World on Saturday, i wrote about it over there, and now copy it here for your viewing pleasure.

We visited Monkey World Again. Wee Notion to Visit the Baby Dinda I Adopted for Wee-Devil's Thirtieth Birthday.

Oh It was soooo good.

Best of All, We Met Jeremy, the Operations Manager who Stars, (Although he would deny it)

Here is Wee-Devil in the Car Park... Look at the Snow - this is the Very South of England. 450 miles away from where we live, and there is more snow here than we have seen in about 10 years!

This is Sally, look at her feet, she is flicking thru the latest copy of the Argos Catalog (Think Wallmark). In a warm spot in the Sun, away from the Snow Cooling her bum! She was engrossed in it.

We Believe that this is Tim, a Stump Tailed Macaque, Otherwise known as Ugly Monkey. look at his wee face. I adore him. He does this very expressive thing with his eyes, he doesn't move his head, just turns his eyes round - makes you feel very stupid!

This is Susie, A Chimpanzee From Africa, with her baby Bart. This was an amazing moment. She banged the floor while Bart was playing away from her, and called Bart to Her, she bundled him up in her arms and then ran directly towards me. I thought she was going to display at the window- trying to protect him, and scare us. But to my utter surprise, she stood tall, looked at me, and the crouched down at the window beside me. I was literally the glass thickness away from her and the baby - she had proudly brought him over to show me.

Wee-Devil says the monkeys were all attracted to me because of the smell of banana coming off me!


O M G i'm back.

I was soooo distraught. I came back. 2 years gone for the weekend. But Now I'm back!! woop woop

Friday, February 06, 2009


What activity can you not believe you survived in your childhood?
I wasn't a particularly daring child. I didn't do much that would warrant surviving. In adulthood though, on a whim, my husband and I decided to take our children around the perimeter of Wastwater in the Lakes! This lake is 6 miles in diameter! One side is beautiful paths thru, little streams, and
wooded coves, the other hold the joy which is a mile and a half of scree, at an angle of about 80 degrees! At one point, my son, grasping for life to the rocks said "mum, what happens if one of us falls down and dies here?" I had to say, "the other three would wait until the rescue people came to help us". I couldn't in all honesty tell him, "nothing will happen". for about 60 minutes, I truely believed that death may be a possibility.

Having survived the horror that it was, I am so glad we did it! It was an Adventure.

What activity can you not believe kids get away with today?
Existing! The way some kids are, should not be allowed. The arrogance of youth has evolved into a belief that they are superior to everyone on earth and should be allowed to say and do as they please with n
o come back for any misdemeanors. When I was a teen, you should respect to your elders, and other people's property, nowadays, you cannot reprimant a child for abusing or mistreating something, without having the "i'll sue you" thrown back in your face. O M G I'm turning in to my parents.

If you could b
e anyone else in the world live or dead, who would you choose to be?
Jees., that is a difficult one. I'm really happy being me. I could be someone rich, or famous, or s
omeone who lives in a beautiful world, if I HAD to be someone, I think I would be Neil Armstrong. And get to walk on the Moon.

A lot of peo
ple think they've been in love at 15 or 16 years old, do you think you now look back and think you were a stupid kid or do you believe that you were old enough to know what love is?
I think I was a stupid kid. Although I was a late bloomer, and at 15 or 16, I didn't even look the path of boys....... but even in my late teens and as I turned 20, what I thought was love, was just infatuation, or lust.... Once I met My Si, I knew, absolutely what love was all about!

Do you think it is possible to remain in love with someone you once loved, but haven't seen in a year
Yes, and more so. Although we haven't been apart for that long, we have been apart for 7 months. When we had been apart for 7 month, with no phone calls - only letters and a postal strike to boot, we had been apart for longer than we had been together. And when we came back together again....... Oh Yes, I still Loved Him Almightily.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

7 THings... (Well Twenty Five Actually but there aint a song called that)!!

1. I met my Soul mate in 1986

2. I lived at two different addresses in the same town when I grew up.

3. After I left home, I have lived in 8 different address, this one seems to be right.

4. I have an Honours Degree in Commerce.

5. I have a Post Graduate Degree in Teaching.

6. I am a Reiki Practitioner.

7. I am a part-qualified Accountant (Me thinks I study too much).

8. I have the two BEST Children in the WORLD Bar None.

9. I have seen a Ghost.

10. I lived in a flat with another Ghost.

11. I used to manage a bar, where I juggled and sang to customers nightly I (and avoided a third ghost)!

12. I love Listening to Audio Books when I drive.

13. I suffer Migraine, and LOVE my painkillers.

14. I am addicted to Entering Competitions.

15. I knit Scarves.

16. I crochet scarves.

17. In a previous existance, I have been a Bank Clerk, a Lecturer, A Bar Manager, An Adminstrator, A Project Accountant, An Accountant, and now I'm just me.

18. I am Very very Very Proud of both my kids' achievements.

19. I've been on Chris Evan's Show Twice.

20. I've yet to make a Bloggers Meet!

21. I'm thinking about registering for an Open University Course this month, this time - Psychology.

22. I love bouncing on a trampoline (sports bra required)

23. I still get butterflies in my stomach when I see my husband.

24. I believe in Angels.

25. I believe the Mothership will turn up one day!

Monday, February 02, 2009

Don't Look So Sad

When I went to bed early last night, my head had started to hurt.

I was trying to decide if it was all the housework I had been doing... floors brushed and mopped, dishes done, surfaces wiped. Bed Linen changed, bathroom scrubbed, Stairs swepts. Or the effects of a chilli sauce I had eaten the day before. We had been in Oil and Vinegar on Saturday, testing the dips and dressings. One, a rather gorgous Strawberry Syrup (for Valentines Days), was very very tasty. Another... later on round the shop was a chilli based one. Jeesus. After I had tasted, I went back to the Strawberry and tried to drink it, much to the horror of my husband and daughter. My mouth had never been on such fire.

I woke this morning and it was still there, I had another couple of pills and slept it off a bit, but when I left for work at 1030, I was still prety dazed and out of it. About 2pm it finally lifted and I was clear ish. I was going to bed, earlier, but I was feeling much much better, and now, at 2247, am heading to bed quite happy.

Night Night

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Why Do Birds Sing, So Gay, And Lovers Awake the Break Of Day...


Big transition period in our house.

Tooli has a boyfriend.

Tooli took the step of ASKING the boy, face to face.

This resulted in MUCH Screaming every time the story was related to myself, her dad, her brother, and then to 5 of her friends. Everytime one of her friends phoned to check on the details, MORE screaming ensued.

Last night, they went out for a walk. This is Tooli before she went out. She was highly excited, and is now still in bed, at 1030 on Sunday Morning, Sleeping off the excitement / confusions / rush of hormones.

And I feel Sick. I'm living every moment for her. Who'd Be A Mother????? (Me Actually Wouldnt swap it for the world)