Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Naughty Boys, in Nasty School, Headmasters Breaking all the Rule

What is it about Ebay? Is addictive, and when it works is great.

I have an undertoad right now, cause I just had a brilliant sale.

I was selling a Box Set of DVD's which I won in a competition...... Yeah... Go Me.

I put a starting price on on £20.00 (well there are 25 discs in it) and was confused because Ebay wouldn't let me put on Postage and Packaging. After much too-ing and fro-ing with Ebay Admin, (who are very very nice people), they finally made it clear to me that they have asked sellers to stop charging Postage on DVD's to try and increase the sales of them.

Anyway, I digress. It sat at £46.00 for an age, and then in the last twenty minutes it jumped to £70.00 Woop Woop - I'm so happy. I won a competition and now I have £70.00

At least I thought I did. I issued my invoice, and like a Good Ebayer, I didn't add postage and packing. The buyer has now come back to me and asked me about his 25% discount. Hello???? 25% discount. That takes my selling price down to £52.00 which is okay I suppose, but still 18 squid short of what I am expecting. I told him I would examine and find out.

After much searching, I found a reference to 25% of Final Invoice Value for SELLERS who do not add postage and packaging. I think or rather I hope that is what he has seen, and mis-read. I haev advised him of this, and wait his return email. I betcha he doesn't want to pay at £70. where as £48, probably seemed like a much better deal!

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