Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A hole in your head.................

Not Sugababes. U2.

7.00 am Woke this morning with a blinder of a headache. Took a couple of tablets hopeful that I had got it early enough. Woke at 9.10 still aching, thought, have a cup of tea and toast, see if it gets better, half way thru toast, felt like puking. Fell asleep again. Woke at 12. Still couldn't lift head off pillow. Woke at 2, came down for cup of tea. Sat for 30 minutes, started to keel again. Back to bed. Woke at 4 with Steven coming in. Had a cup of tea. Lay back down again.

Now 1935, and finally have been upright for about an hour. Still not feeling great, but better than I was. Am going to jump, well walk slowly into the shower.

Jees. Just had coughing fit to frighten the french there. Jees. That was nasty.

Night Night

Monday, October 29, 2007

help me make the most of freedom......

God Help me. Guess what I've just done.

Been out for a run.

Yes. Pant Pant Pant Pant. I was only out from 8.43, until 9.03 which is only twenty minutes. Is that right? Christ I can't even think any more. I ran a minute, walked for 90 seconds, ran another minute, walked for 90 seconds, ran almost another minute, I think I got to 52 second, and then walked for 2 minutes, and then ran a last minute and then staggered back.

Jeeeeesus. I am only just getting my breath back.

I think I bounced my baby belly (yes, is still there after 13 years - my babies were ginormous and stretched my belly out of all proportion - nothing to do with me being fat bird), right out of it's correct place (i.e, lying all floppy where my tight abs should be). And now, it's numb. Which is good. I could do some lipo tonight with the vacuum? maybe?

Additionally I think I can pinpoint now, the blockage in my intestine, I could feel it pressing against my left hip. Heavens the things your body tells you when you move it.

Shit. I think I'm going to have to go and lie down.


Put your head against my life.............What do you hear?

PC was knacked yesterday. Not quite sure what was wrong with it, but is working again now, well it was this morning, hence my absence yesterday.

Had my lovely rose tinted bath on Saturday night, together with a v. big glass of wine and a bag of crisps, followed by several other big glasses of wine which left me rather plished to say the least.

Woke up on Sunday Morning feeling like trash. But a couple of Co-proxamol later and a roll in salt and vinegar crisps I was feeling great. Well Better.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Don't know what's come over you..............

So there I was feeling sorry for myself, husband away all last weekend playing with the Scouts, and then this weekend he is working...... so I'm feeling sorry for him. But then I think to myself. Aw. It's the firework display next weekend. Nice event in Troon. Run by the local Round Table, or Rotary (maybe it's the same thing). Loads of Fireworks, no music, luminous bands and sparklers. So I thought, we'd walk down to that, watch the fireworks, then bimble along to the pub and have a drink or two to chase the cold away.

But then, he says, "I'm away next weekend". He's playing with the Scouts again!!!

Oh Wow. Big Hot Bubbly Bath, Glass of Red Wine and A Magazine for Me tonight!

Poor Wee Soul.


Friday, October 26, 2007

The Friday 5

The Friday 5

Of peace, joy, love, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, humility, and self-control, which are you most lacking?
Self Control - Show me a Multi-Pack of Crisps and I'll show you my mouth!

Of peace, joy, love, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, humility, and self-control, which are you most blessed with?
Goodness. I'm totally a good person. I stopped wishing death on people years ago.

The Scout Law says that a scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent. Which of these are relative strengths for you?
Courteous. Every day I always do one courteous thing. I'm working on a Pass it on theory. I do a courteous deed, and that person should feel compelled to do one on!

Which of the elements in the Scout Law are relative weaknesses for you?
Thrifty - ha ha ha ha ha I'm the opposite. Show me a purse, I'll show you NO money.

If you were to create a list-type law, such as the Scout Law, for your occupation, what might it look like?
A Book-keeper should be honest, agressive, demanding, spoilt, and charming to speak to.


Moving sidewalks, I don't see under my feet.....

Is cold and wet, and very dark.

Clocks go back this weekend, which is cool. We get a longer lie on Sunday? Maybe? I think I'm still missing my hour from March when they went forward!

I wish it wasn't quite as wet, I can cope with cold and wind, but the wet just makes it sooo soggy.

I promised K that I would take up jogging tonight, and to be honest, I actually feel quite like doing it. If it wasn't quite so wet I'd be even keener. I just feel the need to get out and exercise a bit. Maybe a wee jog round the estate will do me some good. Roll on me, with the Web Cam when I come back!


Thursday, October 25, 2007

Pamela Is Brill!

Look What Pamela Did to me!!!

I said, "chop it all off". And she did! But is Brilliant.

Am so pleased.


Am Delighted!

Proud of her features, she kept herself pretty

I'm getting more and more aware of the advance of years and the effect, (and toll) it is taking on my bod and face!

The bod needs more work, and less food for sure, but the face... mmmm. Getting "lived in", but I think it is still managable.

I did the full works the other night. Face Wax, ARGHHHH - Does that not ever get any less sore; plucking.... jeesus. Who thought these up, and then a face pack. One of the Gel types which you then pull off, in a oner if you are clever.

I even went so far as to buy make up. I haven't worn make up at work for years, which I think is a good thing. It means that when I go out in the evening then the people I work beside are ecstatic at the effort I have made to look nice, even tho I have only slapped on a layer of lippy and a bit of eye liner!

I'm not gorgeous by any stretch of the imagination - I look too much like my dad - hence handsome may be more apt description - but I like to think I have a certain appeal. I laugh a lot which I think has helped the face keep it's elasticity but has resulted in laughter lines around my eyes. But I think I've always had them. But i think it's the laughing which makes me a more attractive person. Surely anyone who smiles, is more attractive and welcoming than someone who frowns all the time?

Anyhoos - I'll carry on with the night cream, and the face packs and hopefully less food and more exercise will result in a body fit for the happy face. If Tap was anything to go by I'll be burning hundreds of calories over the next couple of weeks. - more about that later.


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

She just has to smile to blow my cares away

No 1 Daughter has got into the Hockey team for Saturday.

Yeah! I hoped she would. When she sets her mind to something she normally gets it! She only took up hockey in August. Had a couple of practises and then spent her birthday money on Hockey stick, shin pads, mouth gard, bag etc, and has been practising hard ever since hoping that she would get in.

So on Saturday, it's up at 8, to get her up to the pitch. I'm not even sure if it is home or away, but that doesn't matter, - she was just beaming last night when I went in, and that was enough to make me happy.

Maybe I'm wrong but I always seem to make my kids prepare for the worst, but then the BEST happens. Maybe I'm a pessimist, but I don't think so. I just don't want to build my kids up, only for them to be kicked down by someone else. By asking them just to do as much as they are capable of, with as much enthusiasm as possible and if they do that, I'm happy. That's all I ask.

I, as their mum, of course think that everything that they do is UNBELIEVABLY wonderful, but I'm also aware that I am biased, and preparing them for disappointment in the cruel world outside my arms is part of my job I think.

How lovely it is for me then, to be proved wrong so many times, and that my belief that my kids are FANTASTIC is totally backed up by everyone else who experiences their enthusiasm and confidence.

I love being a mum.


Sunday, October 21, 2007

Ive thrown away the blues...........

But not really. I think they will always be there, but so long as I keep taking the pills, they'll stay in the background!

Really Busy day this morning so far. Am exhausted. Is only 1215, and I got up at 7.20am, got Steven breakfast and dropped him at Monkton for a lift to Wishaw. Then I came home and did his paper round. Ross his stand-in is away camping with Si and the rest of the Scouts. My Gawd. Stevo did the right thing giving Ross Sunday's papers. Jeesus. I had the car, and I was still struggling.

Then I went and got the shopping. That in itself wasn't so bad. I got round in about an hour, but then it took me another hour to get out. I met Jacqui at the door, and after wandering around, we went for a coffee, then I got downstairs, and I almost bumped into a girl I worked with at RP.... I casually walked the wrong way round, but then walked in to Annie Pants, who I worked with at Sirius. ... Jeesus. She is just about to stop on maternity leave.... I couldn't believe it. she has eleven weeks to go and looks absolutely fantastic. I stood and gabbed to her for AGES, and then turned and walked away and walked straight into Janey from Tap! She tells me she is moving up to intermediate tap!!! bummer. I had a good giggle with her.

I'm still coping quite well.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

I get up, and nothing gets me down. .........

There is something prolific about Van Halen, dontcha think?

My Baby has come home. She has aged while she has been away, and I think my Baby is gone for ever.

Don't get me wrong, she hasn't been doing anything BAD. She has just discovered her independence and that she can exist quite happily without the direct support of us each day! Look at her, glowing!

Aw. I'm really proud of her.


Friday, October 19, 2007

The Friday 5

What would be a good collective name for your family, as in “A _____ of Joneses?”
A Ship of Cruses.
What would be a good collective name for your closest group of friends?
A basket of Cases!
What would be a good collective name for the stuff in your desk?
A Pile of *&^%
What would be a good collective name for your next-door neighbors?
a Bed of Bolsters
What would be a good collective name for the people in your line of work, as in “A _____ of accountants?
A Bevvy of Book-keepers. (we're notoriously more fun than Accountants!)

Life is good......... wild and sweet

I took my honey out last night.

Was his birthday.

For starters we went to the Scottish Good Home Show Exhibition!!!!

Hmmm Yes. Well. I bought him 3 tubs of curry sauce, which was VERY nice. (We had loads of tasters). Then I bought my mum a birthday present (she told me what to buy), and yes mum, my nail is still very shiney and smooth. Then I bought a pair of immense snippers for the garden. They cut thru everything, probably my finger, and they are French. Which is okay in my book.

We had a lovely walk along the Clyde. Never seen any bodies, so we could say "Thurs bin a murder".

Then we went to Cafe Andaluz which was lovely.

Si was a bit warey at first, doesn't like new places, but very much enjoyed his Calamares, Lamb something... which was suspiciously like a haggis cube, my chicken in honey and batter, and fried fish, and the shared Spanish Roll with Chili sauce. Yum.

The Creme Brulee was to die for, and we almost did. They served us enough to serve 6 probably, and the pigs that we are - we ate it. Then I blinded Si with the Flash on my phone. Excellent eh? He's not bad for 47!!!!!!

I sung Si happy birthday and then we had a bimble back to the car, and came home.


Baby coming home tonight!.

First Baby going to play in the Power League in Volleyball.... How cool is he!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

To show just how much we love you........

Happy Birthday To You.

My Love, More Than

Sorry About the Card, and the flipping Postal Strike.

Will Make it up to You... Later. Promise

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

This is our lives on holiday............

is friday!

Well it's not really. Is my Friday. I'm off Thursday and Friday AND Monday, so technically I'm off for a week! Excellent. Then only 4 days, and I have another Weekend!


Tooli Belle is still checking in each night and seems to been having a ball. Tan is coming along nicely and she is swimming and eating stacks every day. Her greatest problem is that she can't decide what to buy her dad! I'm sure she'll find something for him.

Steven is hitting the hights of Glasgow everyday - Volleyball coaching at the Kelvin Hall. Didn't appear home last night until 6.15pm - was wandering around Glasgow City Centre having a shop. oh the life of it! Eh?

Anyhoos. Still at work. Have ALL Day to get thru, and a pile of work building up on my desk. Better get on.

Monday, October 15, 2007

We like to put ourselves on the line .......

We got up at 5 on Saturday morning, that is me and the boys. I dropped them at the Airport and went home to bed.
I got back up at 1030, and coloured my roots, and by 1.30 was on the train to Glasgow to meet up with Kirst.
I was there early and was subjected to many many Scots fans being marched thru the station onward to their train taking them to Hampden. As my boys were away to watch their country play, so too were the majority of men in Glasgow. What a nightmare. I was so embarassed to be Scottish. The only saving grace was that they were in Glasgow, surrounded by like-minded Glasweigians so I think they all thought it was okay. What is it about men in Kilts, who, after they have had a pint think it is okay to get their bits out. I seen so many willy's and arses on Saturday I can't count them. Additionally they seem to think, because they have easy access with Kilts on, that they can pee anywhere, at any time, oblivous to anyone walking past. I don't want to see men pee'ing in public thank you. Especially not facing me, at the door of a train as I try to escape without being pee'd on.

We opted for Cafe Uno. Which in itself looking back was probably a mistake. Italian food middle of the day, is only going to result in us being unable to eat for the rest of the day. Good or Bad, which ever way you want to look at it. I had Calamares for starters which was lovely, until I got to the bottom of the bowl, where the little calamares were, unlike the loops of chopped calamares, we had little ones with little tentacles (I nearly said testicals), waving at me, so I was unable to continue. Kirst had Stuffed Giant Mushrooms. First off - Not Giant. 2" across does not consitute GIANT. For a mushroom to be declared "GIANT", we have to have something at least 1' across. Secondly, Goats Cheese, Kirst discovered is not the same as "Cheese". and she promptly scooped it out after discovering that she didn't like it, and threw it on my plate. The parma ham and garlic was lovely tho, as was the slightly larger than a button mushroom.

Next course, I opted for salmon with Tagliatele. Big mistake. I was going to have the Salmon, but the ITALIAN woman (Kirst said she was Romanian), told me the pasta was better. Wrong. Less Salmon, MORE pasta. Couldn't eat it. You know what Pasta is like. Your stomach expands at twice the rate the pasta does in the pan. The aspargus tips and salmon in it were Gorg tho. Kirst had pancakes, stuffed with something, covered in cheese sauce. It looked like Lasagne, and to be honest, I think it probably was. Rolled up lasagne sheets. Then Pud.
I opted for my Favourite. Tiramisu, which Kirst says, is boring. But it wasn't it was lovely and cakey - and coffeey and alcoholly. Kirst had a sundae. See Picture. It was Massive. And SHE ATE IT ALL.

After, we were too full to do anything else, especially not drink.

So we went for a wander around the Gallery of Modern Art.

I'm sorry, maybe we aren't intellectual enough to appreciate it, but it was truely pap. That would be Pap, as in Rubbish, and not pap, as in Papal. (not Paypal), by the Way. First exhibit was Sectarianism, which is rife in Glasgow and most of Scotland.

However, all it did was emphasise the problem. It wasn't doing anything to make it better. Second floor, was light bulbs dangling from ceiling at odd angle with bent bed and bin (also bent). Couldn't work out what it was telling us. Third exhibit, and by this time we were totally confused, included a bike with what looked like a lap top strapped to it, and two pieces of metal, tied to the ceiling by what looked like a couple of pairs of tights. This apparently was representative of the divisions in Scotland over the issue of Hunting????? Eh? Exactly?

We left somewhat unfulfilled, and to make matters worse, the chap who sits outside, was without his traffice cone! Oh - Is Duke of Wellington. Should have realised that eh? To make up for my disappointment, I've found a picture.

We decided to go to the Pictures because we were so stuffed, walking around was hurting. It was that or going to one of the cheapy hotels which allow you to rent rooms b y the hour... (I wonder why), and have a sleep. But Kirst was in one of her lesbean moments, and I didn't feel like living up to her expectations then.

I now pronounce you Chuck and Larry was the choice. It wasn't bad, it wasn't good. There were some good giggles, but mostly it was great because we got to slob out in a couple of chairs. And, of course the view from the top of the cinema (12 floors up) across the city was lovely.

After that, we made our way back to the station, diving in between the dancing Scots. It was quite scarey. The station was a nightmare, kilted, face painted Scots everywhere singing at the tops of their voices - not any song recognisable as "scottish", more Nursery Rhymes. The train was just as bad.
Home was a quiet relief. And of course, coming home to a Happy Message from Eilidh in Tenerife made my day!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Cause he thinks she melts when he touches her.

Here's my chocolate boy. I cannot believe that this little cuddle bun is the same chap standing next to my 6' husband this morning and was towering about 5' above him.

It's five o'clock in the morning, the city is awaking

Yeah, Am up at 5am. Had a lovely sleep, but needs must.

Eilidh in Tenerife..... Si and Stevo going to England Match at W-E-M-B-E-L-E-Y.

So here I am, up, waiting for them to get out the shower and dressed and I'm taking them to the Hairyport. And then, oh yes, will be coming back, and going to ma bed! I love my bed, and I don't even have to do the paper round!

Later on, am meeting up with Wee Devil and we are Eating!!!! We love Eating.


O M G - Am back from dropping them. Am so tired. Heading back to bed, with a glass of milk, a paper and a bar of chocolate. This is my FREE Saturday, so I can do what I want!.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Friday 5 - 12th October

What was the last thing you baked? bread. I only bake bread. Eilidh is the cake baker. I can do roasting and boiling, but Baking is not my strong point. I live with the memory of my GingerBread Cake from school being thrown out the back door for the birds, and after tackling it for 2 minutes, a seagull shook (yes, it did), it's head and flew off, leaving my Liver-Resembling Gingerbread on the ground.

What was the last thing you tried on for size? All my clothes in my wardrobe, every day, just in case I've shrunk and can fit into something, or grown and unable to fit into anything.

What was the last thing you purchased on credit? erm....... Everything?

What was the last thing you put a postage stamp on? A music Stand I sold for Si on Ebay. - One of a lot of 16! Anyone want one... going all in eight quid with postage. Mail Me!

What was the last thing you took a photo of? The Apples on the Tree in the Garden. They are soooo big and gorgeous I thought I'd catch them before the bunnies ate them all!

Even food don't taste that good, drink ain't doing what it should

Last night my baby left to go on Holiday with her Friend to Tenerife.

Apart from Guide Camps (She wouldn't go on Brownie Camps), this is the first time she has been away from us for this length of time. I'm wondering if this is the real reason I have been feeling bad. I have been worrying about my baby going away.

I took yesterday off so that I could get her all packed and sorted, and as the hour drew closer to her departure, she became increasingly quiet and withdrawn. I had her sit beside me and I teased her a while, and then brushed her hair into two plaits. As I finished and gave her a hug, her wee face crumpled, and the tears started to flow. She was going to miss us so much, was all I could get out of her.

The fact that her brother gave her a hug unthreatened before he left for Volleyball told me, that despite his teasing and celebratory dances, he too was going to miss her presence around the house. Dad sat there, quiet saying nothing. I knew he too, was seconds away from breaking. His baby, going away without him. O M G No one tells you being a parent is this hard.

The gang arrived for her bang on 8, and she said nothing as she got up with her bag. We met them at the door and passed over all the necessary papers, and passports. We laughed about Lori being so hyper, and Eilidh just smiled.

One last big hug from both of us, and off she went.

Only then, did I let a wee tear go.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Through autumn's golden gown we used to kick our way

I love this time of year. I love the smell in the air, the leaves being crunchy underfoot, and the changing colours all around me.

For two years, in the early part of our relationship, Si was on the other Side of the World from me (like KT), and I spent Autumn mornings strolling round being melancholy. I was sorry that Si was missing such a gorgeous time of year.

One morning early, in 1988, while Si was roasting in anti-flash gear at the front of a Destroyer in the Gulf I got up about 6 am and had a stroll round Pittencrief Park in Dunfermline and watched the Squirrels scamper about and the sun coming thru the trees and the birds singing their early morning song. It was so perfect I wanted to capture it for Si. So I scooped up as many leaves, in as many colours as I could carry and took them back to my room and put them in an envelope and posted them straight off to him.

Of course, when they arrived 2 weeks later, they had dried out, and as he opened the envelope a shower of dried up leaves and soil fell out of the envelope. But he knew what it was, and knew I was sending him Autumn. It was as good as a hug.

Didn't give the rest of the mess as good a laugh as the porn mag covered in melted chocolate!


Tuesday, October 09, 2007

You told me it would last forever

So, today I was feeling odd. Not too sure why.

One school of thought was that it may be that the flu jab of yesterday afternoon having kicked in.

The other school believed that perhaps since I stopped taking my happy pills quite some time ago now I may have just dropped back in to the real world, which may explain the voices in my head.

Weird huh?

Going for a walk now.

Monday, October 08, 2007

For the Past has been bottled, and labelled with love

I hired a private detective once. Truly I did.

I was in to the third year of my relationship with Si, and his ex-wife to be was giving us such a hard time. She had convinced the Navy he wasn't paying Maintenance (which he was), and that she was living alone with his child (which she wasn't), and they were making deductions straight from his wages - which meant she was getting twice!

The Navy, and the Social needed evidence that she was living with someone else so I called "the detective". He was brilliant. Dirty raincoat and hat. Just like the movies. He came in and said "is it hubby, is he playing away?" Ha ha. His face when I said, "yes he was playing away, but I was the other woman and I needed the wife watching.

He was fascinated. Even more so when I told them where she lived, and he said that he was down there "serving" quite a lot, so he could get information without it costing me anything. It took him 2 days to establish that she had a man living with her. How lovely for the Social Security Anonymous Phone Call Department...


Tomorrow mornin', I know there'll be hell to pay,

Wow. Weekend!


Friday night ... I was all alone. Kids are Orchestra, Si at Scouts. I wandered about the house. All alone. Seriously. Glad when everyone came home.

Saturday. Our annual excursion to the Real Ale Festival in the Town Hall. Last year, my Sister and Brother In Law joined us, and have also decided to make it Annual Event! This year we were joined by Newphew, and mates, and then surprisingly No 1 Son!!! Yes. Bad and Evil Mother. How awful Am I? We took him with us when we left, and he pleaded to go back. We told him he couldn't get served on his own, and he took off into pub next door, and bought himself a beer!!! NIGHTMARE.

I had to get Si home but boy was under instruction to keep in touch by text which he did faithfully all night til he came in. Poor Si was unable to cope with the l evel of Alcohol and keeled over as soon as we got in. Thankfully NOT in the mess in the bathroom! Aw Well I say, at least it was the bathroom, and not the bed room!

Tooli...... spent the night with Gran. Proabably just as well, cause she gave us ALL hell on Sunday.


Friday, October 05, 2007

Friday 5

Of the people in your life, who is Most Likely to Succeed?
Both my Children are going to Succeed. They are both determined, focused and have ideals.

Of the people in your life, who has the Dreamiest Eyes?
My Husband. I could look in them all night.

Of the people in your life, who is the Cutest Couple?
Me and my Man. To me, we are cute!

Of the people in your life, who is Most Changed?
Kirst. The wee devil..... She speaks now, and does bad things to beautiful boys!

Of the people in your life, who is the Geekiest?
My Husband. Is Computer, IT, Book, and TV Geek. But its something else I love about him.

You're a bonafide in every respect

Is Friday.

I Love Friday. I was very sleepy this morning, could have lain there all morning, but hey ho work calls. Long Lie tomorrow. Steven is going to play volleyball in Wishaw again tomorrow, not sure if we have to get up and take him there. Eilidh is not playing hockey, but hopefully will be in a couple of weeks. She is showing willing and is VERY keen. Can't see why she wouldn't.

Did another Reiki last night for my Sister. That's two this week - one for mum, one for her. Also helped Jacqui collect info for my nephew's coursework. - Due in tomorrow. Weans. They are all the same eh?

Is ANOTHER beautiful day. Am going to drive all the way up with the windows wide to the world, not because the car smells of sick, (that's cleared up now), but because I want to feel the fresh air in my hair.


Thursday, October 04, 2007

Inside we both know whats been going on

What a beautiful day. Sun is shining, no wind. Is actually warm!

however, on my way to the Bank thisavo, I drove past a West of Scotland Ned, with no top on. I'm not entirely sure the weather warranted that. But I think that it was making him happy so I'll let him off.

Kids are both out back door, playing volleyball, Si is cooking tea. All is good with the world.

Enjoy it.


Wednesday, October 03, 2007

One Unending Understanding., Deep and Wide

Mum and Jacqui and me went out for meal tonight, to remember Dad.

We just decided that if he came back, now for a visit, he'd die all over again.

When he died there were no CD's, No Mobile Phones, No Satelite TV. The remote to switch about 4 channels was about as exciting as it gets. O M G If he could see Sky TV with Remote. Seriously it would blow his mind.

I'm sure he would ADORE the Grandweans, all 5 of them. Each special in their own way, but all of them, each with a wee bit of him in them. Amazing isn't it.


Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Pay No Mind to What they Say...... Our Lips are

So, since my flu jab last year, I have had flu, precisely nonce. Which is great. Normally in a year I have at least 5 really severe colds, which end with me in bed, barking like a dog.

This year, I haven't so much had a cold as a sniffy/sneezy spell, maybe only twice. The last of which was last week. All good, except for the fact that I have still suffered the indignity of the disappearing top lip. You know, where your top lip has suffered the constant rubbing of non-high quality tissues (i.e, in this case, really cheap and nasty toilet roll), and starts to retreat up your nose.

I cannot today, distinguish between my top lip and my nose, If I had lip liner I would have no where to put it. I haven't even got my lip balm with me. Is starting to hurt.

I will have to go and snog people to try and make it better.


PS - I have my flu jab booked for 8th October at 4.10 pm. PLease book yours if you are qualifying.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Cause I owe you nothing, nothing at all................

On Saturday, (yeah, I know, I've been distracted), we went to Police auction. Was auction of Police lost and found stuff. Can't give too many details away cause husband doesn't want loads of people turning up. Suffice to say, very interesting and we were able to resist the urge to buy and buy and buy.

We did however, buy 16 music stands for £25.00 Not bad, considering I paid £8 plus postage for 1 for Steven. So Eilidh has one and I have 15 to off load.

Anyone want a Music Stand... going cheap.... Do I hear..... £5.00????