Friday, February 18, 2011

You're A Work of Art, You're the Trevi Fountain

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I met my husband across a crowded dance floor and fell in love! 

When we both collided, the result of our passion, created a new passion in me.   Motherhood. 

I adore being a mother.  My children, despite being 16 and 19 will always be my concern.  I glow with happiness when they have something joyful to celebrate, I fight to the death to defend them.  I will not let them be bad people and I will have something to say if I find that they have behaved other than I would prefer them to.

For three years, it was just me and Boy.  And what a friendship we have built.  He is now at University in USA.  Getting him there caused both me and his dad more grey hairs than I would have thought possible.   But he is there now, bringing joy to a whole new group of people and finding his way, more spectacularly than I thought possible.  I take the greatest pride, in knowing that it was the love and care which was showered on him as a child, which enabled him to go over to a new country and fit in with absolutely no problems.    How proud was I when on his first sporting appearance, he made the headlines on the School Athletic Page - complete with picture. 

When Tooli came along - our perspective on things changed.  Here was a little madam with her own sets of rights and wrongs.  Her principals are of the highest standards, and we as a family band together to ensure that we make the standards that she sets for herself and us.   Honestly is the only policy where Tooli is concerned, and Hard Word and Elbow grease are the only way to get things done.    I am astounded when I look in her room, at her study charts, mind maps, books she has borrowed from school to increase her knowledge.   She isn't sure what she wants to do, but it has to involve learning.  She is so clever, and bright and blossoming into such a gorgeous young woman, I glance at her every so often just so that I check to myself she is mine.  Where she got her self-assurance from, I will never know, but she is should a joy to call mine.

My love, my life, my passions.