Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Meditating how sweet life will be ..

Do you have any idea how many Buddhist monastery's there are in Scotland? No I don't either, but I do know that there is more than one, and that actually seems like quite a lot.

There is one across the water from me - on the Holy Isle, quite apt. You can go to Courses in Meditation and Yoga and Mindfulness. I quite like that idea.

There is also another temple - Kagyu Samye Ling - Take a look at that place... Can you believe that is in Scotland? That is on the way between Carlisle and Lockerbie.

I'm thinking if this is the direction I am drawn in? Do you think I'd look good with a shaved head?

Monday, September 29, 2008

I'm a fool there's no denying

Okay - So I chickened out.

Last night even Tool was chickening out. I did wake up at 6 am, but am afraid the noise of rainfall coupled with the feeling of snuggling into new covers and my honey was just too much. I couldn't move.

Think Tool was happy too. We debated last night about whether we would be awake enough.

I will try tomorrow. Am going to tap dancing tonight - so that is a start.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

I didn't I didn't know a thing at all

So tomorrow marks the start of a new month (well not really - is Monday, 29th September, maybe 30th - I'm not sure which day today is) Okay - I went away to check there and I still don't know what day it is. Jees, how difficult is it to find out which day it is... well I KNOW it's Sunday, but which NUmber???? Ah! Is 28th. So I was right to start with. (thank you BBC)

The reason I am saying is new month, is that tomorrow, Tooli is starting her preparations for winning Duke of Edinburgh Award. Service, Skills, and Physical for Bronze. Service will be helping at Brownings, Social is learning to cross stitch.

I am her Physical.

She is going to drag me out of my bed three times a week to run. O M G What have I let myself in for. I believe that she will do it - she is very focused and determined. However what I believe to have on my side is that she HATES mornings.

In this respect she is her father's daughter. He also hates mornings. I have to constantly ask him what is wrong in the morning, because i fear I said or did something in the middle of the night to offend him, so "off" is he of a morning. But it is just the sheer pain of early starts. By Early Starts, I mean anything before 9.30. So every day is like this for us. Because even at the Weekend both kids are ALWAYs doing SOMETHING which starts at a totally ridiculous time which means leaving the house pre-8 am.


I have had a LOVELY weekend. Spent most of it on my own, but that isn't a bad thing always. A bit different but nice. I'm just away to start preparing a nice meal for the whole family to enjoy when they all return tonight, AND finish my tidying. ( i did our bedroom last night, om g I Can SEE The floor again).

Friday, September 26, 2008

The Tide Is High, But I'm Holding On

When did someone last break something of yours?
My heart is constantly broken thru pride. How can achievement cause your heart to burst so happily? My kids are a constant souce of happy heartbreak, they constantly overwhelm me with their achievements and I just feel like crying cause they make me so proud.

On a more tactile and solid "break" - our IT company broke my Laptop last week.

When did you last play
hackysack, if ever?
Hacky Sack a game of keeping a ball like sack off the ground between players without the use of hands. Mmmm. I believe the UK equivalent of this would be Bean Bags, or Keepy Uppy. My answer would be School then. I don't think I've touched a Hackysack/Beanbag since then. Footballs yeah, cause Steven plays and I have been caught out the back with him on occassion trying to demonstrate my keepyuppy skills, however the last time I done that would probably be about 5 years ago now. I'm not very active (i.e., lazy)

What was your most
dramatic haircut like? 2 inches on the top, above my ear level, and into the wood under. Reminiscent of Terry Hall in Fun Boy Three Phase. This wasn't a deliberate attempt to sabotage my head. i was reading magazine while hairdresser got stuck in. I looked up to see one half of my head cut right into the skin above my right ear and screamed stop. Evening it up, and colouring what was left on top was supposed to make it look "better". It looked so much "better", that as I stepped out of the hairdresser, my dad sitting in car outside, started the engine and drove away without me - proceeded to do 3 circuits of the town driving past me with such a look of incredulous disbelieve it was all I could do to laugh. Eventually he stopped and let me in, but only after checking that no one could see me getting into his car. tee hee. It only got better when my other pal decided to colour it, to try and tone it down. However as neither of us had had highlights before, the resulting red and pink mess had to be seen to be believed! It's a shame everyone was so embarassed by it that I never had any photos of it.

Hacking is basically breaking through the security that protects a computer or a website. What’s the closest you’ve come to doing something similar in real life?

If I told you, i'd probably be in BIG trouble. Computers are very easy to do bad things with, and I have done several BAD things. Nuff Said.

In the world of stand-up comedy, a hack is a comic who steals jokes from other comics. Have you ever known a hack in your own field?
Yes, frequently. I have the lovely knack of operating computers very easily. It seems to be an inbuilt ability - with little lack of need for instruction. Sadly, I'm too ready to pass off my information and secrets and toooooooo often, I've sat and watched as people have happily imparted information which, without my ability they would have been hard pressed to obtain for themselves, without so much as a nod in my direction that it was indeedy me who saved the day.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Well come on and let yourself be free

I love Gok. I do.

He made me realise you can be positive about your body whatever your shape, and mine is some shape.

I have been away and bought his Banger Booster, and a Spanx Body Shaper. Wowee. I love wearing them. I really do feel great. When you feel great feel better about yourself.

However (there's always a however isn't there). On my banger booster, (that would be the item on the top - covering the "bangers") there is a little bell in the middle of the cups. Really cute when you are on a night out. However I decided to treat myself and wear it to work to day. I have spent the first two hours of the day repeatedly tucking the bell inside my bra to stop it ringing. I sound like a demented SAnta elf, and in an office with boys obsessed with bosums, not a good idea to be attracting attention to your chest area.

Sadly however, I pulled it off on my last adjustment. Now tho - I can hear the squeak of the support - I sound like desperate mouse.

O M G It is difficult being Gorgeous.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

there can be miracles..... when you believe

Aw. Look at my baby Blue.

Blue is moulting a bit, and won't groom himself, The hair has got all stuck under his bum and hence, I had to bam him into the bath, and do what I could to clean him off. He is a wee sweetie, but I don't think he will be coming near me ever again. Traumatised for life so he is.

I was so traumatised afterwards I had to take pain killers and lie down. I hate fiddling my poor wee buns. I was too stressed even to start on Thumps.

And in your way, in this blue shade

Every so often you witness something, or hear something that makes you think, and makes you adjust your behaviour accordingly.

I'm lying in bed, playing with laptop, I can see the sun is shining outside, all is good with the world, and I'm just contemplating getting up. Tool is still sleeping, Boy is away to Volleyball Coaching, and Si is away to Scout Hall to plaster or something.

Then I heard it. A demented mother, screaming ferociously at her kids. To hear someone scream like that, you would imagine that the child must be pulling the eye balls from a sibling, or extracting his grandmothers fingernails with a set of pliers. But no. They just weren't getting into the car fast enough.

I can't honestly remember the last time I screamed at my kids. No that is a lie. I screamed at Tool on Friday night in the car. She was flicking thru songs on her ipod, and all we were getting was snippets of songs, and Boy was screaming at her and then she sulks, so i turned and yelled "choose a song put it on put it on put it on". But then we laughed and she put a song on.

I'm of the quiet threatening motherhood. I've never been a bit fan of screaming. Probably because I know that if I start I wouldn't stop. I used to be rather manic, but thanks to Prozac I'm nice and stable now and things don't infuriate me as they used to. But when I hear a mother scream at her kids like that, I've got to wonder why she has them.

Oh I know that getting pregnant and giving the man you love his off-spring probably sounds like a fantastic idea for some, and then when the reality hits, it can be a nightmare, but you don't take your mistake and lay the blame on the kids.

All a kid needs is love and positive affirmation. ALl these Nanny programmes are an amazement to me - why do these people need help in knowing the obvious? You don't let your children speak to you like filth... but where did they learn it from? Children learn from us.

All that mother this morning taught her kids was that it was alright to scream like a demented banshee and wake up the neighbours when you don't climb in to the car fast enough. She will have no right to complain when the kids scream at her like that for not doing something for them fast enough.

Friday, September 19, 2008

The Friday 5

the Friday 5 This isn't the orginal Friday 5, but I linked to them cause they are the best. I have a problem sometimes with their entries, because they are American... and I don't always get the questions...

1. What is
your best joke?

WHat do you call a Fish with no Eyes?

2. If you were a character in the Muppet Show which one would you be?

Animal, cause I'm a bit like that, Unpredictable and Vicious

3. Do you brush your teeth before bed?

Oh Yes Indeedy, so that I can taste all lovely and fresh before I kiss the face off my husband.

4. Would you employ Daddy Papersurfer?

This is an interesting one. I didn't know what a Daddy Papersurfer was, so I went to www.aqa63336.com and asked them. This in itself was very interesting, and they have now offered to send me 7 interesting facts about Beer and Ale for the next seven days for free, which delighted me. They text me back and told me that a Daddy Papersurfer was a aged blogger who moaned a lot, and happily (contradiction) referred to himself as an old git. This being the correct definition, No I wouldn't employ a Daddy Papersurfer? Why Would I? I am as much of an Old Git as I need all by myself, without paying someone to be one for me.

5. When was (if applicable) the last time you lied about your age?
I lie about my age constantly. I am 44, shit, I think that is the first time I have written it down. NIGHTMARE. But I think I can pass for 38? I used to pass for 28 but I think that would be pushing it now. If I keep thinking Gary Barlow and Cheekbones I might get there.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Love Struck Romeo, Sung a Sweet Song Serenade

Well, as you can see from the photo I survived.

This isn't actually me today, it could have been me yesterday cause I'm all wet. Did you know that it rained for 40 hours non-stop. Amazing Eh?

I just felt we were lacking photos.

I was so stressed before / during / after the dentist, and he is laughing at me like I'm a looney. The receptionist says to me, I remember in April 1991, on a Saturday you came in and we couldn't even get you in the chair.

I had to leave the family in the car and walk. We got there too early and I couldn't bear just sitting there. So I walked the High Street to Argyll Street and then headed along Candleriggs and back round, examining every shop within walking distance, until I realised I was back.

I was in and out in about 40 seconds. Well maybe 3 minutes. I had my Time Traveller's Wife blaring into my ears so I was oblivious to the abuse he was giving me.... I love him really. he is best dentist in the world. I just hate people poking me teeth.

I left the Dentist before everyone else - well Tool came with me - She had actually been taken, and sent back out again in the time it took me to recover from the stress. We went across and got bacon butties from the wee station shop. Boy loves the Red Sauce which is Neon in Nature, and tastes as much like Tomato Keptchup as Bonios do. But he says it adds to the experience, which he says the wee shop and the banter therein are. ha ha ha

I also had to stop and have a Starbuck. White Mocca Choca. Yummy. That about calmed me down, however now I am suffering the after effects of Stress and want to sleep and sleep and sleep.

I can't stand the "pain"

I'm going to dentist this morning.

Just a check up, but I still couldn't sleep because of it.


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tuesday, Wednesday stay in bed

I barely seen my family last night.

I was so relieved to be feeling better after the migraine I came home and toddled straight off to tap. We are trying a wee dance - Does Your Mother Know. It is actually quite good when you do a dance because you can learn the order of the steps rather than just banging away repetitively.

Jacqui said she wasn't going to go back, but she will - I sent her the steps and the song so she can practise as hard as she likes before next week.

When I got back - Tool was at Volleyball, Si was face down on the PC. Boy went to Volleyball and I let him drive, which was a bit scary because it was really dark, and pouring with rain. I forget that I can't really see in the dark, so I had to sit right forward in the seat, with my face pressed against the windscreen so that I could tell him what he was looking out for. But we got there without incident, apart from the third to second, instead of third to fourth which thankfully he did when I was looking out the back window. If he had done that when I had been sitting where I had I would have been thru the windscreen.

When Tool came home she headed up stairs for the beauty treatment and shower. I headed back out to get Boy, and I let him drive home again which was slightly better - I trust him to see where he is going. When we got in I screamed because Tool had decided to put on a face pack. A Chocolate Facepack. O M G; And you should see the mess of my towels too. I think she just wiped it off with the towel.....

I had to go to bed then. I get so tired so quickly. And here we are again, at Weird Tuesday.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Splish Splash I was takin a Bath

Look My Friend Wee-Devil loves me so much she sends me pictures of herself in the bath.

How lucky Am I?

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Not Just Another Drop in the Ocean

12 seventeen year olds in one room is probably never a good idea.

12 seventeen year olds with several bottles of beer and alcopops is probably worse.

Add a bottle of whisky, and then it gets messy.

Messy like you have to remove all the furniture from your living and dining rooms and mop the floor down kind of messy.

At least it was only one of them. But jeesus, i have never seen so much sick in my life. He was legless, literally.


Friday, September 12, 2008

I believe in Angels

I sat down to do this, and a car pulled up outside, and I nearly pooped myself. Is funny how I got used to Si being around and how not altogether safe I feel when he isn't here/.

He's got a Sleep over at Scouts. Boy is at A Ceilidh in MOTHERWELL of all places. I have been up there to drop him, and two of his mates off. All good. They are getting a bus down the road, but I have to wait until he appears back at Prestwick and run down and get him.

Tooli and me took a wee run into The Fort at Glasgow on the way back, which was lovely - it was like shopping for Christmas, except it wasn't freezing or raining. It was gorgeous.. and we bimbled around. I spent ages in Borders, cause I love borders, and then we ventured into a couple of places to look for a denim skirt for Tooli belle. We managed to get 2, and she tried a gorgeous dress on in Jane Norman, but she wasn't totally sure about it. Hmm I thought it was Gorgeous. Maybe next time.

Yawn. I have to havea sleep.

Friday 5

The Friday 5

Who lets you have your way more than you should? Si, My husband, Always.There is nothing he won't let me do, and if there is any doubt, a petted lip and big eyes always helps.

According to the cliche, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but what’s the way to yours?
Hmmm. My heart is very open. Any offer of kindness is accepted by my heart. Any pressie (thank you Andrea for yesterday, and Wee Devil for almost EVERY week) is welcomed and my heart is opened. Any smile, and my heart is yours. However, my heart does actually belong to Si so the chances are, that although I hold warm and fuzzy feelings for you all, it will never belong to anyone but my honey.

What’s something that should have been put away but hasn’t been?
Probably 3/4
of the contents of our living room. We have a family of come in, drop, go out. I'm too tired always to pick up, so it stays. I'm sitting right now at a computer desk covered in Postcards, homework, cameras, tit tape, pens, bowls and candles, oh, and various PDA's. My husband keeps getting broken ones and fixing them!

When did you last weigh yourself?
when I came back m
y holidays. I had been doing rather well on the old Wii Fit and going out walking. I have done neither really since I came back, with the exception of One Night. And I am feeling rather guilty about it. However, I have promised myself, that after this weekend, I shall go to it with abandon.

What do the cops in the donut shop say? :D
Way Oh Way Oh, Way Oh Way Oh. Walk Like an Egyptian.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I was taken by the early conversation piece

I've had a lovely day today. Seriously.

Not too much brain taxing, and kindness shown to me by a nice person.

Wee-Devil is on GTalk making me laugh right now, which is always a nice way to finish the day,

and I watched my first ever episode of Ugly Betty.


And Sometimes It's Bad

But not today.

I was going downhill rapidly, tho heaven knows why.

And my friend next door gave me a wee pressie - just because. This is my lovely shiney rolex. She is awful good to me. Yesterday she gave me the loveliest bunch of flowers.

And sometimes its good ......

Why is your stomach Fat?

This is what an advert said on a web page!

My stomach is fat because I ate too much while I was preganant, and didn't stop.

However, I am confident that my appreciation of what Gary Barlow did to himself will encourage me to strive towards beautifulness.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

It's A Beautiful Day

Well that is a bit of an exaggeration.

But.... We are still here, and there seems to be no side effects of the start of the next Big Bang!

But I will keep waiting just in case.

Wee-devil made me happy today. I got an envelope.

This was a GINORMOUS ENVELOPE. Inside my envelope was :

a metro
4 coloured bic pens
1 sticky note book
a disposable fork
6 cup a soups
a note
a book.

Lovely lovely lovely. Made me very happy.

Also made up for the day not ending sooner that I had thought it was going to.

I also got lovely bunch of flowers, from A. just for me being me. Which is also lovely.

So despite the fact that there is a highly strong possibility that the world is going to end today, I'm quite made up with it.

It's The End of The World AS We Know It

I can't believe this.

Last night, Sam, my Nail Technician, told me that the world was going to end this morning. Something about Scientists recreating the birth of the Universe which is going to spark a Black Hole on the Earth.


I'm expected to go to work, and the world might be about to end. Boy No 1 says "we might pass each other as we get sucked in. That doesn't help.

I'm panicking.

But not quite as much as I just signed a permission slip for Tool, and when I added the date it was 10/9/8..... it is a frigging countdown.

O M G - 8.30 The world is going to blow up at 8.30.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

A friend of a friend he got beaten......

O M G I Can't Believe it. I could just go on quoting Kaiser Chiefs. I could.

its just been one of those weeks.

I've been face down at work to prepare for year end, but it all went to pot. My Laptop got nicked last week - the IT engineers took it away and I didn't get it back til Thursday, when It did come back, it had no programmes on it, and the keyboard was buggared. I've jumped around three different desks and most of my work is now sitting in a two foot high pile of paper on my desk.

The rest of the office are decamping to Southampton today, and all went into panic mode as they ran of Boat Specs and Price Lists and collated a stationery room size box of Stationery to take with them.

On top of this Accountant arrived, and kept asking me for bits of paper / reconciliations which I was able to provide him with, but in between fixing everyone else's spreadsheets and printers.

He left at Lunchtime, I was still running round. By 3 pm I started to sort my bits of paper out. Today I can go in, and start filing 2 weeks work, and processing all the entries I haven't processed up til now.

Thankfully I had an appointment with Sam last night. I don't care so much about my lovely acrylic nails, (well I do actually), but see just having an hour or so of chat and giggling. It is very relaxing.

I came home and Boy was jumping around wanting a driving lesson. So we waited til Si came home and off we set.

That was fun.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

I hear Babies, Cry, I watch them Grow

My baby boy, is 17 today.

When did that happen?

I remember finding out I was pregnant. That was scary. I went past the Glasgow Royal Infirmary yesterday where they took me to look for the Ovarian Cyst... which turned out to be Boy. I can remember that so clearly. It was a real casualty moment. Me on the trolley, drip in arm, ready to knock me out when they confirmed diagnosis. Trolley dash along the c
orridor to the correct department, me watching the ceiling lights flash past above my head. Si's anxious face along side me.

Me nine months later, inviting anyone who walked past the labour room to "come on in and stick your hand up .... cause everyone else has". I was high on excitement, diamorphine, gas and air and anything else that I could grab as nurses came and went off shift. The panic of the heart rate on the monitor slowing, the impossible attempt at the forcepts, the fitting of the Vacuum to my wee babies head, and finally a last surge as they finally got him out. "where are you taking him, where are you taking him" i groaned. "To wash him - he's covered in shit and blood". Lovely! I was also lying in a puddle of it too, and the poor wee junior nurse who I had screamed at all the way thru the process had to clean me up.

Afterwards, I lay in a ward downstairs with my new wee baby, and met lovely C A (Hi C A), in the bed across the way with her new wee baby M. The two of us sat there in amazement at our wonderful achievement
of producing these babies. Both of whom were the most beautiful babies we had ever seen in our lifes.

We both had our wee sad moments but mostly giggled at the nurses attempts to make us exercise our very wobbly stomaches. Any kind of effort on that part just made us laugh so much we almost wee'd. We sat there as other mothers arrived, and were astounded at the age of them. We felt quite old and maternal, as these wee 16 year olds came in, stunned at the arrival of their wee bundles and not quite sure what they were doing with them.

The years from then on went so quickly. How can i have gotten here so quickly from sitting in that hospital ward to sitting here in my home, and that wee bundle is sitting at the PC chatting to his pals. All 6.3" of him. His sister is up stairs, removing her make up and getting ready for another week at school.

This week I found C A. We lost touch when Tool was born, the way you do. Juggling a family, weans and job make keeping in touch difficult, but now we have the internet. I found C A via her wee baby -who is now a stunning 17 brunette. I don't know what was in the water that year but it made gorgeous kids! That's a nice end to a birthday week - reunited with someone who lay across the room from me, and knew exactly what I was going thru - although if I remember rightly, CA managed to get her bundle out with no stitches!!

Hmmm...... Wish I'd missed that bit - the Doctor told me when I asked how many stitches I was getting "i'm doing one big stitch from the inside out, to stop anything getting in there ever again , no one ever deserves to have to go thru labour with you again!"

I hope he was joking!

If Happy Little Blue Birds Fly, Above the Rainbow...

Yesterday was great. Despite the non-appearance of Kez.

Kirst and Me, tried to meet on the train, but Kirst has a problem with which end of a train is which and which platform she should be standing on.

I could see her as I leaned out the door, but she couldn't see me, and once she was on - she was trapped beneath the armpit of a Scotland Fan.

Once we arrived at Central Station Kirst presented me with my Pound Shop gifts. Toffeefee and A Harry Potter, which we agreed I would give to Steven - Is his birthday today.

We decided that we would get the bus to Kelvingrove - give Kerry time to catch us up at the Museum, however, we were sidetracked by Fridays and the prospect of the cocktail - which would also give Kerry more time to arrive.

Friday's however didn't want to serve us - we were ignored for over 10 minutes. Eventually in embarassment we walked out. - I've just written to complain to them. HA!

We heade to the Social where we were received gratefully and ordered a White Russian and Pink Passion and Two Oatcakes (shooters -yummy). We downed them quickly and made our way round to the tourist office where we picked up our bus tickets.

The bus wasnt' leaving for 20 minutes so we popped into the Copthorn hotel which was full of Football fans and we grabbed another drinky and then headed to the Bus. I love open topped buses. Are Brilliant.

It was quite blowy and Kirst was getting blown around everywhere, I don't care cause my hair is a mess all the time, but she was quite distressed by it all. We seen loads of Glasgow. I'll upload the photos in a minute.....

We seen a lot of Glasgow - I tried to take artistic photos.... quite difficult on a Glasgow Open Topped Bus, with the window howling round your head.

Is always quite interesting to do this, you always pick up a wee bit of information about the town you never knew. there is a "glasgow" version of the Statue of Liberty on top of the City Chambers, and there is a statue of Queen Victoria, as a "wee lassie" in George Square. Who'd have known. I'm sure I've walked past and looked at them a million times, but never realised.

Anyhow, - we jumped at Byres Road, cause Kirsty was about to drop her Cocktail and Shooter and Vokda, and we opted for ANOTHER pub, where we downed a further Vodka, and then headed to Dumbarton road for eats. We couldnt' find something we liked so we headed to Mother India, where we were right royally ignored again! We got our meal, but they missed a bit, it took us about 10 minutes to attract the attention of the waiter, who gave us the hand in face salute and said "In a Minute". We got the last bit of the meal, and then took us another 10 minutes to get the bill. We gave them exactly the right amount of money - no service charge. They were rubbish. Food was nice though.

After that we headed to the Museum where we were orginally going. Only to find that it shut five minutes before! Humph. Anyways, we jumped on the next tourist bus, and went to Borders to get Stevo a Birthday Card. Seen that Gok Wan is going to be visiting In October.


More about my girdle later!

Saturday, September 06, 2008

So Come On Up and Let Your Body Moooooveee

today, I am meeting wee devil for luncheon. avec le Kezz.

we are going to attend the Kelvin Museum and Art Gallery. We are tourists today.

Tool is playing Hockey - I'm just going to run up and see her.

Boy is recovering from excess alcohol consumption.

Si is patient.

Friday, September 05, 2008

The Friday 5

The Friday 5

What’s your favorite orange-colored food?

I love the Sweet Potatos. Oh Yes I do. Baked, Roasted, Mashed, In Curry, In Soup. Especially in Soup with coconut. Yummy. But then again there is Chicken Chasnie Tikka too. Although it probably isnt suppose to be Orange - because it doesn't have anything orange in it - it is always very very orange. Very Very gorgeous.

What’s the best way to drink orange juice? Ice Cold with Ice Cubes, In the Sunshine, with some malibu in it. Yummy.

Which candy’s orange-colored pieces taste best?
Opal Fruits - and they would have to be opal fruits. Not starbursts?? What is that about, they aren't bursting stars, they are FRUITS, full of Opal. Oh Yes They Are. Bring Em Back, And Marathons!

What are your feelings about orange soda?
You've Been Tango'd. I loved those adverts. I think those adverts however, heralded the onset of political correctness. Remember that the man used to get slapped over the ears, and they changed it to a hand covered mouth kiss, because kids were going round "TANGOING" each other and deafening themselves. Ha ha ha - That is part of childhood, I betcha kids still slap each other over the ears and it's got naff all to do with the Tango Man. tee hee.

When did you last wear an orange item of clothing?

Once, in another life, i took part in a "maritime fashion show". The highlight of the show, was me in about 6 layers of clothing - top layer being a rather attractive ORange Hi-Vis jacket, rather like this. It may actually have been a life jacket - but unlike today's models it was rather large. My second layer was a big wooly fisherman's jumper, next layer was a pair of waterproof fisherman's trousers - under that, tight fiting thermal jumper, under that, teeshirt, and on the bottom -a pair of skin tight watersnugg leggings, with a button up arse. O M G I pray that no one has photos!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Just as Long, as you Stand, Stand By Me.

She always gets me.

K can tell me anything and I believe her.

Tonight she told me something, and I was so excited for her, that I'm still shaking.

One Day Big Sexy Will leave his wife, and will be in the shower when I call.

I know it.

Down the Road I walk, and there stands Mary

When I was in Bath and Bristol we stayed at the Novotel in Bristol, it was lush.

We normally stay in Premer Lodges, or other budget lines where we can. Novotel do a nice Flex rate which is really cheap and we stayed three nights for the price of one night on normal!

The restaurant was a bit great too. Lovely evening meals and the best fresh breakfasts. it did feel like being abroad tho - every single member of staff (with the exception of the one with the hair which Tool liked) was foreign. Polish, German, Chinese, Swedish, it was amazing.

Bristol we had a walk around in the evening on Saturday night. No matches that night.
The waterside is lovely, and I would have enjoyed it all the more if I didn't have flipping high shoes on. Humph. the price of being gorgeous. We had a meal in alovely restauarant and Si and Eilidh tried to set fire to the table, and I had to dispose of the wax.
Bath is beautiful. You can feel the age in it. Maybe if we had wandered around Bristol a bit more I would have felt it there to. I did take a wee quick tour round the Roman Baths.
How totally amazing. They are just like you would imagine - exactly as they were in Roman times I presume. Some places have been excavated so that you can see the original floors. And the little spa / jacussi bits are very obvious.
Also found a gorgeous fudge maker. Jees,. You could have spent hundreds in there. The stuff was magnificent. We settled for Banoffee and Walnut and Chocolate. It was fab.
the only downside of the trip was that boy couldnt join us on our excursions! i like having all my family around.

Life Could be A Dream... If I could Take You

Hey, work is non-stop this week. Mostly because it is Month end, coupled with Year End.

Added to which, i don't have my laptop any more. IT took it away on Thursday promising to have it back on Tuesday for my return. However, it died while they had it, and I still don't have it. I'm being told I can have it, but I will have to rebuild it myself. Humph.

Kids are back in the throws of manic life again. Both have been attending Volleyball practises, and Hockey practises and Boy is thinking about going to Rugby!! he hasn't played Rugby since he started Marr despite the best efforts of the Gym teachers to persuade him. However he thinks it might be a good idea. I think however, it would be a good idea if he started studying!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Who Could Hang a Name on You?

Back to work! Wow I was tired. Still on a high from the weekend and the boy's success.

Both kids were in the door only a matter of hours, and they were back out again to train for some more volleyball. I suppose that is the only way they are going to get anywhere. Good On them! They should really inspire me to be a bit more active... maybe once I wake up.

Tooli (left) is all happy cause she has a tournament at the weekend, and this time I can watch her being great!

Work was astonishing. IT people had taken my laptop, "because I had reported a virus".

Erm, I reported the virus about 5 weeks ago, and resorted to a home call out to fix it cause I was fed up waiting.

But in "fixing" it for me, they discovered something REALLY bad, and had taken it away to completely rebuild it over the weekend. - Humph. Is Tuesday and it isn't ready, and they wanted me to reinstall all the software.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Oh What a Night!

So Boy No 1 didn't win any medal, but he got Scotland West Most Valuable Player, and Boy was he.

What a star! Am So so so so proud of him. This is him- Centre of the Photo with his fellow West of Scotland Boys, and East and West Scotland Girls, and the Irish!

Hoping that next year, I'll be spectating again with boy No 1 and Toolibelle who I expect will make it into the team next year!