Sunday, March 30, 2008

At the end of a storm is a golden sky......

Heaven's Above!

7 miles, starting at Balmaha on the Banks of Loch Lomond, and walking north along the banks to Rowardennen.

Here is my bag ---- half way round. Bedecked, with
my tap shoes an daffodil.. yes just one.. I didn't like to pick any more out of the one garden!

Hmm. I had been expecting a nice path meandering nicely along the banks! ha!

was I ever wrong!!!

First 50 yards were downhill, and along a wee road, then
the path turned inward, and UPWARD, and UPWARD, and UPWARD.

Really Crazy.

They could have just built a little jetty along the waters edge. and that would have been
nice, and gentle, but no.

at every turn.

We did it though.

All the way...... stopped twice, for about 10 minutes total! And when we finished..... a wee ginger ale and lime at the Rowardennan Inn. Heaven!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Every one of us, has all we need

Tomorrow is my big walk.

Actually am quite nervous. So many people have put their money down for the charity---- even before we've completed so we have to honour their contribution and complete.


Tonight I'll be digging out the walking boots - don't fear, I had them on last week... they have just disappeared under the pile of kids clothes! Making up the lunches.. somehow Mum equates her giving me a lift 4 miles down the road to me preparing lunch and munchies for us both!?! Go Figure? Procuring the walking poles! I thought walking poles a bit pretentious but Si says they actually have a beneficial effect! I shall be looking forward to that!

I know what I'm wearing. I was thinking about taking my book with me, (on ipod), and mum and me could have an ear each!

Am hoping the weather is reasonable. - Come on , this is Scotland it's never going to be great- will have Si's raincoat (I refuse to buy one - I'm the eternal optimist). But A little rain never hurt no one!

Wish me luck!

Friday, March 28, 2008

And She laughed No More.......

Friday 5

Who in your life would make a really good butler?
A Butler organises, and makes sure everyone is where they should be.... Tooli would have to be our butler. She is the only one in the house with any sense of responsibillity and dedication to achievement! The rest of us wouldn't do anything if it wasn't for Tool keeping us together!

Who in your life would make a really good head of state?
My Honey. Cause he is very diplomatic.

Who in your life would make a really good TV talk-show host?
Kirst. Cause she is mental, and isn't scared to take the rip out of anyone. She would be like Bridget Jones interviewing Colin Firth which is the FUNNIEST bit of literature ever. The biggest mistake ever made was casting Colin Firth as Mr Darcy, and then because of that they had to cut that scene out of the film. she would say "hello RDJ, how peachy is your arse".

Who in your life would make a really good astronaut?
I would make a really good astronaut, cause I would be a whole lot lighter, and I'd like that!

Who in your life would make a really good movie director?

It would have to be Stevo. He see's things in a different way from everyone else.... all films representing real life would have a surrealist view about them. Nothing is quite as it seems in the world according to Stevie. Life would take on a whole new meaning thru one of his films.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

The lights are goin dim....

Weirdly, this week, I have had to hit bed at between 8.30 and 9.30 each night. I have been so exhausted I haven't been able to stay away. This morning it came to light what was up.


I slept on to try to clear it, then got up and made it into work only 10 minutes late. I took my pills as I left the house so that I could drive on a clear but sore head, and enjoy the benefit of the pain killers; That was all good until 4pm when the head came back with a vengence. I had to dash out of the door at 4.50 cause i thought my brain was going to explode. I got down the road, somehow...and straight to bed.

Hope that is it past now.


Monday, March 24, 2008

Pictures Came and Broke Your Heart......

Technology is brilliant.

Traffic Scotland
is my latest craving.

If you stay in the UK you will be aware of the mental weather we are having at present! Now Scotland is not a big place and it is well known that you can in fact experience all types of weather in one day, in fact - in one hour. On this web site, I can actually follow the progress of the bad weather.... they say bad.... but everyone in Troon has been waiting for the arrival of the snow, and all we see is white fluffy clouds, blue sky and blinding sun. Is freezing, true enough, but none of the white stuff.

You can actually see the snow all around. The Galloway hills to the South, and the Moors above West Kilbride to the North. Quite often, due to the clarity of the atmosphere, we can even see Ben Lomond, rising up above everything in front of it. Not a bad job when you consider it is approximately 80 miles away.

Traffic Scotland has a portal showing road cams (yes, big brother is everywhere), and I can click on Cameras the length and bredth of Scotland and check where the snow is. Right now oops. Just checked. the A9 Drumtocher, and the A82 to Fort William cams. have just gone done. 5minutes ago I could see blizzard like conditions! Even in the dark. Excellent. Central Scotland and East Scotland is pretty clear right down to the borders. Looks like it is on the way out again - is just snowing in the right places, near the Ski Resorts.. which is good, because the last few years there hasn't been enough snow to open them during the season!

AIS Shipping this is another brilliant for no reason site. I was pointed to it, by one of the lads at work. From it, we were able to trace the shipping route of a boat which had been sitting in the docks near our work, all the way down the coast to it's home port. You can see any ship sitting in any location around the coast. You can look up ship lists and from there click onto it on the map. Amazing.

But Scary. What else is available to see like that?

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy times together weve been spendin.....

Woke up feeling a whole lot better. Aching in the legs had stopped and the cold sweats too.

Gingerly got out of bed and staggered to the toilet. That's normal. I always stagger when I wake up.

Got ourselves up dressed and fed. We were going to head out on a long walk, but we seriously had bits to do around the house..... cleaning, washing, cooking.... I headed out to get the shopping and came back. Cleaned the bathroom and we headed out for a walk.

Tooli wouldn't come. yesterday was all she could take.

We just walked down along the beach, into the town, had a bimble round and then back home again.

My legs felt fine and I think I'll be okay for next week. Really actually looking forward to it.


Saturday, March 22, 2008

To Fall Down At Your Door....


Next weekend I am going on a Charity Walk - 6.5 miles along Loch Lomond. When we got up today, we thought nice day - lets use the day and walk. - Kinda Practise for next week. We hummed and hawed about where to go. I quite fancied a hill, but then on second thoughts I felt a nice stroll along the beach.

In the end we decided to walk along the golf course, then bike route, and we got to the Airport, had a Starbucks and turned and cam eback the other way. We were going to walk the beach, but Eilidh plain flat refused. I have to say , that by the time I got to the last mile I was nearly crying. The ache in bones, actually my bones was hurting so so bad. Si held one hand and Eilidh held the other one..... eilidh gave me her version of Reiki which was lovely.

I got in the house and leaned on the kitchen units.... and stayed there for awhile. I was soo so so tired. so now, I'm sitting down on couch and not intending to move..... for quite some time.

Friday, March 21, 2008

I love those lazy days and crazy nights.....

Busy couple of days. I'm going back to Sunday here........ Steven was training with NT Squad - in Coltness, so Me and Tool took the opportunity to flee over to Edinburgh and have a quick wander round the shoppies. We walked for miles. .- The equivalent of at least 5 Sport Relief Miles I should think. Tooli bought a new jacket, the child is obsessed with jackets just now.

We went To waterstones cause we wanted to sit amongst books and drink lovely Frapps or chai Tzao latte, but discovered that it was closed because John Barrowman was upstairs signing copies of his book. Was amazing they were letting in 15 people at a time, and having them queuing at various points in the store. We didn't wait. - there were like 100 people outside - at least. Look at the queue.

K and K were out eating again. They very kindly emailed me pictures of them eating. They are always eating! How come they eat so much and are both so bloody thin.

Work in the yard has commenced on the new toilet block and I have been out inspecting.... and driving the digger. We wonder how many health and safety rules I broke doing that ! I also nearly broke my neck, so I won't be doing that again. Who knew that the cabin would tip backwards when you bang the bucket hard on the ground! - Well I never. Bloody hell.
The new restaurant across the road is getting closer to completion... the name plate went up this week , and someone phoned this morning,here, looking to make a booking!!
On Wednesday night, I shot home from Work, to My sisters to pick up Steven's shin pads..... don't ask, but if you ever need anything in a hurry, see K (Wee-devil) cause she is logistics genius! Then I went to Tap Class, where I bounded about unreserved for an hour. Steven our teacher, is so enthusiatic and a brilliant dancer.... but I don't think he actually sees that the majority of us are middle-aged, (and some of us unfit), and not quite doing the dance exactly as he is! But bloody hell it isfun. Then I left, sweaty and breathing hard, and headed home to Troon.
Next Stop was was at Tool's parents' night. My daughter is a genius. I don't know quite where it has come from, but she is just amazing. We knew she was getting top marks for all her subjects, and both of us are very impressed that she willingly WaNTS to take 3 sciences.... but then we seen her Art folder and were presented with life-like self portraits and paintings, with light, texture and feeling. Who'd have know?
I'm really looking forward to getting them home, cause I will frame them. They were quite brilliant!
All this, and An Acheivement Award for being the "Most Improved Hockey Player". One teacher actually said she was "the singular most talented pupil" he has ever had the pleasure to teach . I was nearly crying with joy.
And then on Thursday morning at 3.30 am, my baby boy - ha ha - He is so not my baby any more... 6'3" and full of nonsense and very bad hormon
es...... left to go to Belgium with the School Volleyball Team. I say School - I think maybe 4 of the players are with the school, the rest have come back to participate. I think the thing they are mostly all looking forward to is the Easter Rave! Their Guest Parents take them down, and leave them there from about 9 til about 2 in the morning, or 3 or 4. It takes place in the town square, and every young person in the town appears to be there..... last year it appears to have been a complete blast. Then they all drive home - sleepy and hungover (drinking age is 15 over there!!). What joy! Who'd be a teacher on a school trip!
Last night (Thursday), after the early start...... .I was really hoping for an early night, I remembered we had Comedy Show to go to. The Comedian was J J Whitehead - he was brilliant. There is something great about just going out to laugh. You just sit and laugh and laugh and laugh. Made all the better by Kerry laughing. She has the BEST LAUGH in the whole world. So open and happy - it just makes everyone around her happy too.
So that was my week.
I need to Sleep now.

Friday 5

What was the last thing you filled out a written application for?
My Disclosure Scotland form for the Scouts. So that I have official permission to batter kids.

What computer application software last impressed you with what it could do?
Scabble Solver.... o m g this allows me to cheat frantically on Scrabulous and get high scores and for the first time in my life WIN

Where did you last apply a Band-Aid?
To my baby boys toe. He is 16, and 6ft 3in. He pulled the toe nail off, basically because he had about 2 inch long nails and had been bouncing around a volleyball court breaking them off inside his trainers. It was very yeuky and messy. I don't normally do broken bits on boys.

What’s a rule that applies to many people in your life but not to you?
Abuse Helen as much as you can, cause she's nice and she'll take it.

When were you last required to apply some elbow grease to something
I'm always applying elbow grease. Am very dedicated elbow greaser when I get going. I leave it too long always.... and then it needs elbow grease before anything will move!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I'm after a hunk of a guy, and experienced man of the world

Gran, Janet and Suzie are in Lanzarote AGAIN. If the mobile phone texts and photos are anything to go by they are having great fun! She sent me three last night - two lots of photos and a text which I couldn't read, but everyone looked well oiled- both physcially and liberally...

Boy is off to Belgium tonight.... the highlight of his trip is the Easter Rave on Sunday night! He went last year and swore off red wine.... wonder what it'll be this year - cause he put himself off cider at New Year.

Si is away up to Glasgow to Dentist this morning....and then heading back to Largs.

Tool - well her face is tripping cause she has the dreaded music lesson this morning but she will be fine. She is a lovely clarinet player.

Me - I have work... then Tap.... then another Parents evening. Appointments start at 7.30 and go on until 930. Better make sure I eat something en route from Tap to Marr. Last week I did the same thing, and sat down to eat for the first time since lunch time at 9.40 pm.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Tragedies,luxuries,statues,parks and galleries

Oh Wow...... is So Cool.....

I'm walking along the banks of Loch Lomond to raise money for Clic Sargent.

They are a cancer charity for Children. My sister works at Malcom Sargent House in Prestwick. This offers respite care for Children with Cancer and their families.

Mum did this walk last year She is 67.... and I offered to do it with her this year. Heavens - 67 sounds quite old doesn't it, but you wouldnt' think so to look at her. She probably looks younger than me! Neither of us are particularly fit, but when you see what this House and Charity do for these sick kids and their family, it'll be worth it.

Anyways - I made up a web page for my sponsor ship... and I'm overcome with emultion at the number of people who have donated to this cause. What makes it all the nicer is that the money has gone straight to the charity NOW, so it starts working straight away.

Monday, March 17, 2008

What would you do, if I sang out of Tune

My mum, Babs, et Moi, are walking Loch Lomond for Clic Cancer Care.

Now - mum did this last year, and didn't quite make it.... her wee feets were killing her...

However, this year she has taken off to Lanzarote to toughen them up first, and then she will be back.

She will make it. I will drag her the distance. For some of the way, I will have my tap shoes on. I think people need a dance! I will also have BoldFeather boa. Apparently this is needed to complete my glamourous look.

I thought this would be a nice welcome to the Spring........ however, I put up this wee sponsorship page, and Am now overcome with People's Generousity ..... I will do this walk with a Great Big Smile on my Face for Everyone who has looked at my Sponsor Page.

if You have or are going to sponsor me and my Mum, THANK YOU SO VERY VERY MUCH. If you just wish us well -we accept that too..... we'll need all the good thoughts we can have behind us.

If you would like to sponsor - please click my link below.


Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Friday 5 on a Saturday

The Saturday Friday 5

What were the events that led to your being in the most trouble with y
our parents ever?
My mate and I at the ripe old age of 11. Met 3 boys camping on Troon beach. After
a couple of days of walking around the town, and playing on the beach, they invited us for "dinner" that evening. We decided that we would tell our folks that we were going to the Swimming Pool, and would be home when it closed (These were in the good old days when 11 year olds could happily go out in the evening and return home at 9.30 without succumbing to drink, drugs, underage sex or paedophiles. We had a lovely evening, served a buffet of Sausages cooked over gas ring, with Smash. 5 of us, squished inside a 2 man tent. no funny business, just kids having fun. Anyways, we walked up the road, and realised that we were later than our 9.30 curfew. We walked into her house, and her dad yelled at us "where have you been - your mum (indicating my pal) and your parents are out combing the streets for you".

We realised that we weren't showing obvious signs of swimming, so ran quickly up the stairs, and stuck our heads in the shower, and wet our costumes. On coming down, all three searching parents had returned, and we were duly screamed at for a good 10
minutes, after which time I was escorted to the car, and stuffed in the back. My sister was sitting smirking at me - at 14, she was normally the cause for mum and dad screaming - it was lovely for her to watch me being screamed at.

We never confessed to where we had been, or what we had been up to.... would we have been believed that it was all innocence? Nah I doubt it! Anyways to this day, we were just dawdling around the town........ until maybe she reads this.

What happened when you received your worst childhood physical injury?
The week before I started primary school, my sister had her friend round to play at our house. I objected strongly to her being there, for what reason, I do not know. However, in order to put a spoke in the works of their game, I decided then would be a good time to dig a hole in the ground. The location? Under the swing where my sisters friend was playing. As she swung back I plonked myself down on the ground under the swing, where the sand was soft and diggable. And then, I was flat on my back with blood pouring down my face as the swing came forward and cracked me on the head.

What was the worst trouble you ever got into in school?
I was a really really good kid - Too scared to do anything. In Mrs Henderson's Accounts Class. The class "ned" interrupted me and my friend Fiona's reminiscence of our holiday in Aviemore. The two of us sat there swooning over a couple of photographs of our Summer Loves, and the ned leaned back and took them out my hand. She was hooting and wooping about them, and Mrs Henderson came up and leaned over, and took them off her. I sat the whole period terrified, knowing that I would have to go up and ask for them back. At the end of the class I waited behing, and tiptoed up to her class. Mrs Henderson was horrified that they were mine. She "thought better of me". and gave me them back on the condition that I never "let her or myself down again". That was enough. I never did!

What kind of trouble have you been in at work?
While acting as "assistant manager" in a large restaurant in Glasgow, I had a real niggle against one of the other "assistant managers" who was always trying to "out manage me". One morning while trying while doing admin, he came up stairs (he was confined to the kitchen - i wonder why), and put on the TV - volume up - which was a bIG NO NO.

I switched it off, and then began a switch on ./ off saga which went on for some time.
When he realised it was me, he came up and yelled at me for "undermining" him. Wow.Undermine him... that was enough, I stood up, and gave him exactly what for. His disgusting hygiene habits, why he was down in the kitchen why I was upstairs, his ugly face, his bad clothes, his lack of humour, his lack of personality, all at about 50 decibles - so that EVERYONE in the place could hear. I had all the staff standing round listening.

Eventually one of the other managers came out and dragged me away. Surprisingly enough - both of us got pulled in and rapped. But as I walked away with my reprimant -my manager said "thank god someone told him".

How do you usually deal with the knowledge that you’re about to be in big trouble?
Pyscically sick.

Friday, March 14, 2008

And you used to be so sweet I heard you say.....

Do you believe in Karma?

I do. Very very strongly... even tho I'm not a follower of religion.

Karma is the action which establishes cause and effect.

If you do something bad. Something bad will befall you.

If you do something good. Good things will befall you.

I behave myself purely because I don't want bad things to happen to me. I try and do at least ONE good thing a day.

I know people who did bad things. They got karma. Big Time.

When all's well, My love is like

The Long John Saga ended well.

They arrived at my desk yesterday morning, and I warily opened them. Nothing to fear. Was just Kirsty's OCD which made her freak. They were clean and washed.

The hairs on them were NOT pubic hairs...... Look down at your jumper, are there any hairs on it? Yes, well that is what was on the Long Johns.

Additionally. I smelt them. They were lovely, all comforted and clean smelling.

I took them to Ryan.

And he said "Thanks"

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

It's gonna get better .....

So following on from last blog.. this is the Gmail Chat K and Me were having at lunch time!

helen: I thought youwere having heart attack on phone.

Kirst: i am eating my lunch adn do not wish to discuss the mankiness
helen: is not mankyness. is really funny
Kirst: yes. but no lucky i have anti bacterial hand stuff in let me tell you what size are they?
helen: i nearly wet myself. hang on at least the playdough softened the impact
Kirst: yes. i need to play with that later.
Kirst: i think you should send kerry a pair.
helen: I especially like the bits...>"you don't need to wear underpants"... ha ha ha ha hah ha
Kirst: that is awful i cant believe you done that am traumatised.
i am sending them to big sexy
helen: it is the funniest thing I have done EVER O M G you so should
That would be hysterical "Old Man Pants
Kirst: I will think about it. He'll know its me though.
helen: there iss no problem in him knowing this...
12:20 Kirst: he is a bellend of the highest degree
helen: what does that mean?
I think maybe you would like to wear them. I think they would keep you warm?
Kirst: in fact, you can hand deliver am sending them to you
12:23 helen: ha ha ha
/i will wear them, and take pictures of myself in them for you.
Kirst: Helen they have hairs on them! HAIRS
helen: that is a nice etouch eh?
Kirst: i told james cumming and he was almost sick
I can't believe I managed to do something so awesome.
12:27 sorry awwful

: i have sterilised my hands about 60 times this morning
helen: ha ha ha ha helen: Send them to Kerry. Tell her it gets cold in mozambique oh oh - Ryan would likee the long hjohns.
12:34 helen: yeah, I told him that he looked a bit horrified.
but I said that they were built in
Kirst: Like part of the fabric.
helen: yeah,
Kirst: i am going to email him
helen: are they?
12:35 Kirst: what is his email address
helen: is ryan that wants them. He doesn't have email.
Kirst: no is separate hairs.

Following this chat, K posted them back to me, and then about 4.45 followed a series of panic texts as the Post room tried unsuccessfull to get a hold of K. She seriously believed that they were going to fire her, for posting poxy long johns thru the Mail Room. O M G I thought I would die laughing.
"Omg Horible mail room guy was phoning and phoning me there. Am F^*(ng s&^%$f it . they bloody longjohns have been opened and traced back to me"
"feel sick. Am totally S*&ng it. OMG what if they send out "everyone" email . CS will know immediately. Am gonna listen to voicemail when I get home"
"phew not long john related. I can make my dinner now. Happy Tapping".

Just you, stood there, only in your underwear

ha ha ha - Best day ever.

Got a manic phone call at about 10 from Kirsty. Seriously I thought someone had died. I thought she was crying down the phone to me, it was all I could do to get her to speak slowly and calmly and tell me what the problem was.

Her present had arrived. (note her use of rubber gloves)

Yes, after the Peter Andre saga of a fortnight ago, I decided to get her back. I found a lovely pair of used, worn out long johns on Ebay. And had them sent direct to her.

Tee Hee Hee hee

Her parting comment to me was "they have hairs"

ha ha ha ha

Come back later for her texts to me... and photos.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Waitin' For the Day Your Ship'll Come In,

All Go at the Marina today........

The Compound is getting dug up for the new Toilet Block - complete with Disabled Facilities and Showers! No more Portacabin Toilets. (Although it has to be said, the Portacabin toilets are actually very much nicer than some building toilets i've had to use on camp sites! We are moving outside the limits of the compound as it stood - expanding our square footage. - It will be great when it is all finished.

Nick and Pete were up the Cherry Picker today, to put the Clyde Marina Oval up again - it blew off in the last storm, and they got it up today, just in time for the storm which is due to blow in today!

I don't spend my days standing outside, they asked me to check if they had it straight... which they didn't. Good job I went out for a wander.....

Across the road, the new bar restaurant is coming on beautifully. Last night they had their first theft of the whole time they have been working there. Best of all the police caught the culprits..... pushing the tower scaffolding up the road.... but about 2 miles away. That's the level of criminal mind round here. Rather excellent eh?

Monday, March 10, 2008

Games, changes and fears when will they go from here

I have been practising my Reiki quite frantically over the weekend.

I'd let it lie for a wee while - just not letting aside time for me to practise, but I was feeling very panicky last week, and got in touch with my Reiki Teacher and asked for a wee burst of energy, which she duly did for me, and which was received gratefully!

I practised on Monday last night, and tuned in to distant empowerment........ and practise building up energies each night during the week. I send Reiki every day to Kirsty - in the form of protection - to keep her safe. That is working, is making her happy and safe. Toolibelle can pick up the energy now which is lovely. It makes her laugh.... cause she doesn't quite understand it.

Last night, I reiki'd Steve for a while when he came in and he nearly fell asleep at the table. Very excellent! Not the result he was looking for , but it was brilliant seeing his eyes close over.

So I meditated as soon as I came in tonight - distant healing, self-healing and empowerment. Feeling very calm with myself..... Am going to torture Si now. I love torturing Si - but not to the extent of running his bare feet over with the hoover.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

And I fought my way to front of class...

I came on here to tell K to get back to tidying her flat. Big Mess Everywhere..... Her wardrobe has collapsed thru the weight of on-line clothes buying, bag buying, accessory buying, and the rail and all the hangers, complete with clothes are lying on the floor. She sent me pictures - which I will add once I find my phone again.

In addition all the stuff in her box room, has started to leave. Not the flat, just the box room. It is just decided that enough is enough. Jack has even started to stand closer to the flat across the landing for fear of getting swamped by accessories trying to leave the flat.

So anyways, I came on here, and was inspired by Busted, went to find busted lyrics, and what do I find......those bloody Jonas brothers have stolen it. Stolen it and ba'as'ta'rd'i'sed it, and made it theirs. I'm not impressed.

I hope wee James is getting his money for them playing it.

In order to make sure no one forgets the original and the best......

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Do do do do do Too Much Insania

Peter is currently sitting at 6 pence. With 4 Watchers. I am hopeful that big things will happen as time goes on, and I might even reach the heady heights of £1.00.

Didn't he have meningitis or similar? Maybe I should have read the book, see if there was a reason for the poor story?

I've been up to Glasgow this morning to drop Steven at Kelvin Hall and back down again. The rain was absolutely pouring down. I was driving down A77 at about 25 miles per hour. I was soooo scared. Eilidh was playing hockey... I got down to the pitches just as the mass evacuation was taking place. Eilidh spotted me and dived in the car. Si was left standing at his car, wondering where the hell Eilidh had disappeared to. tee hee. I did wave and point to Eilidh in the passenger seat!

Now I'm sitting contemplating some housework. I was going to do some lastnight, but in the dusk, the place looked quite tidy. However, in the stark daylight (albeit wet), it looks shoddy!

Here I go... I hate housework.


Friday, March 07, 2008

Friday 5..... oh Yeah

What is your keyring like? erm....... is it....not there. I have a long twiddly orange thing on it, and two BIG keys. one for my car, one for Si's car. That's how I recognise it.

What is your purse/bag/briefcase like?
I have a lovely big Red Bag for Work. it has handles, and also a shoulder strap. Is leather. Very bright. Very big, and I loose the keys (see above ) every day.

What is your wallet like?
My wallet / Purse is is black soft leather. The little bits for my credit cards are quite tight, so I can't pull them out very well.

What is your mousepad like?
I don't have a mouse pad. - If I did it would cover the laptop keyboard up. ha ha ha

What are the curtains in your bedroom like?
Autumnal colours. Which Reminds me. Simon - We need to strip the walls. I need pale green, or pale rose. Defo.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Ha ha ha Hee Hee Hee, I'm a Laughing Gnome...


I never mentioned Kerry. Kerry is laughing machine.

If any comedian wants to hire her, leave me a message.

She was sitting in best possible place, right in the middle of the audience, and she laughed and laughed so ..... what is the word.... happily. A brilliant big loud laugh..... that told everyone she was having a ball.

Just thinking about her laughing makes me smile!

You're all the things I've got to Remember

Tonight I went to see Janey Godley at The Garage in Glasgow.

The opening night of the Glasgow iNternational Comedy Festival!

Brilliant night! Although I was a bit freaked by the fact that my mate waiting outside for me, mistook Janey for me on the way in, and then AGAIN as she was walking in to the hall. Not only that, but as I left the toilet someone stopped and went "way hay it's you". How peculiar!? Both friends had said that they thought I was very like her after they were at her show the other week.... I took it that they thought that we both just talked a lot and swore loads!

Heavens. I felt a bit conspicuous sitting there, almost directly in front of her.... so I kept my head down, and enjoyed the stories and the laughs. Read Janey's blog - these are the tales of a very savvy lady.... who isn't afraid to stand up and speak her mind. It'll inspire you to do the right thing in a difficult situation.

wonder if I can find a photo where we actually DO look like each other?

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

I think I need a love lobotomy

I love my husband I really do.

I was at Tap tonight, and I had to stop half way thru. I had such a sore head everytime I did a shuffle step, it was vibrating thru my cranium. ARGHHHH it was killing me.

Anyways, I'm home now, and sitting here watching Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore being in love - almost but not quite yet. .... I can't hear it, because Steven is "studying" and is playing music loudly to drown out the sound of the...... books?

I love my kids, so so much. They are great kids.

I love everything basically.

Yes I do.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Girl you are me heart's desire

Kirsty bought me a present on Friday Night. I forgot to mention. Yes, was this. Peter Andre's "All About Us - My Story". Quite why she bought me it I will never know. She said it was a toss up between this and Pamela Anderson. Jeez - was I lucky or what?

Anyways, on Sunday I thought, "i should read this".

Bloody hell. I managed to get to Page 4, and then I had to stop. It was brain numbing. I know that is cruel - I even read some reviews to see if I was missing something, but then I realised that everyone who writes the reviews are people who love Peter Andre. So in the spirit of niceness, I have decided to sell the book to someone who does, it is on Ebay. I have even offered free postage to encourage people to take it away from me.

I'll stick with Christopher Brookmyre, or Iain Banks..... that's more my cup of tea.


Monday, March 03, 2008

Gonna make a break and take a fake

Had the best weekend EVER! For Ages anyways.

Friday night was Kerry's Race Night in aid of her School Building Trip to Mozambique. Si and I got pleasantly plastered. Won on only one race, and didn't get any raffle tickets!!! but not to worry, a good night was had by all and Kerry raised 900 towards her costs.

Saturday, got up, took the kids up to Glasgow Fort, did some shopping. Called Frankie and benny's from glasgow and booked for 8.15 in Ayr. We JUST made it down the road in time.

Was very very nice. Kids had Loaded Spuds, Si had Mozzerella and Tomato Salad with Fresh Pesto. Yummy - then Boys had New York Chicken, Tool had Caesar Salad, and I had Penne Pasta with Sticky Chicken which was a bit gorg. Pudd: Tiramisu - the BEST ever, Si had Cinamen Waffles, and Eilidh had banana Cheesecake.

It was sooo nice to have ALL my gang together for one day. The kids spend so much time being driven back and forward between sporting activities it was just lovely to all spent time together - not shouting instructions as we run in and out the door.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Tie Me Kangaroo Down Mate.....

Yeah, It is a Kangaroo.........

Amazing isn't it.

I've shown her pictures of a REAL kangaroo, and she still thinks that it's a pretty good representation!? Mmmmm Problems.

I think.


Saturday, March 01, 2008

And when the clock strikes 6 on Fri-day night

Its the weekend, and for the FIRST weekend in months, and I mean months, I have my whole family here......and no one has ANY Volleyball, or Hockey, or Football. Am amazed and stunned.

Had a night out last night with Kirsty and Simon for Kerrry's Fund Raising efforts for Mozambique. Was a Race Night at All Bar One in Glasgow. I've just been reading up on where she is staying.. I was picturing something 3rd world..... however Mango Grove Cabanas. Look a bit Okay!

I felt terrible last night on the way home, and it wasn't excess alcohol - I think maybe it was just the Alcohol. I think maybe it is time for me NOT to be drinking. I swore on another website that I would be giving up alcohol this month, and actually I think I will give it up full stop. I much prefer being awake and alert!

Is my wedding anniversary today. I cannot believe that 17 years have passed? Where has it all gone. Husband and me were just reminincing yesterday...... can remember everything like it was yesterday... clear as day. Hope the days slow down a bit... or it will be 34 year before we know it.