Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Waitin' For the Day Your Ship'll Come In,

All Go at the Marina today........

The Compound is getting dug up for the new Toilet Block - complete with Disabled Facilities and Showers! No more Portacabin Toilets. (Although it has to be said, the Portacabin toilets are actually very much nicer than some building toilets i've had to use on camp sites! We are moving outside the limits of the compound as it stood - expanding our square footage. - It will be great when it is all finished.

Nick and Pete were up the Cherry Picker today, to put the Clyde Marina Oval up again - it blew off in the last storm, and they got it up today, just in time for the storm which is due to blow in today!

I don't spend my days standing outside, they asked me to check if they had it straight... which they didn't. Good job I went out for a wander.....

Across the road, the new bar restaurant is coming on beautifully. Last night they had their first theft of the whole time they have been working there. Best of all the police caught the culprits..... pushing the tower scaffolding up the road.... but about 2 miles away. That's the level of criminal mind round here. Rather excellent eh?

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