Thursday, December 30, 2010

Water Water Everywhere, and not a drop to Drink....

Day 7 without water.  And it feels like week 7.

How for granted do we take water?  Too much!

The pipes are frozen, outside and underground.  We've had a thaw now for at least 5 days, but still no sign of water.  Despite showering at Mum's and having a boundless supply of water in drums, we still feel dirty and unwashed. 

Do you even realise how often you wash your hands during the day?  Or maybe we are all just a bit OCD?

Monday, December 06, 2010

Bells Will be Ringing...

Yes, I left you all alone, for over a month.  November was spend partaking in NaNoWrimo, which I successfully completed, alongside all my other bits and general living.  50,000 in one month, it was like an exorcism - I vanquished hundreds of ghosts from my mind.

I think maybe next time, I will write an actual story, not stories of me.

A plot, a plot is what I need.  Any suggestions?