Sunday, February 11, 2007

Ta Da! Sunday

Today, Sprog 1 and Me both got up and did the papers, I drove cause it was really wet.

Then we had breakfast, and I went back to bed. I was soooooo tired. So I had a wee sleep and then we got up went and picked up cakes and headed to the footie. Sprog 1 was playing a re-match of a cup match which tied last week. We were laying on a buffet for the opposite side - I was doing the cakes. Oh No. We plastered up Sprog 1's side. We had taken his plaster off and forgot to put a new one on before we left. I picked up a first aid kit at Superdrug and we stuck it together.

I left Sprog 1, at the football and went back to the house to wait for Sprog 2 coming back from Guide Camp. She arrived back about 2. 30. Exhausted. Got her in the shower, and half unpacked, made her a cup of tea and headed back to the football. They were at a 2-2 draw and there was 20 minutes to go. The other team scored, it went to 2-3 and then Cale brought one back. It finished at 3-3 so it had to go to extra time. After extra time it finised at a draw so it had to go to Penalties. It was awful. They both scored 2, then both lost 1, then scored then lost, so it went to 6, then 7 and then 8. We won on 8. It was amazing. The boys set off after the goalie... chasing him around the other pitches. Steven took Penalty 7 and scored beautifully.

Was excellent.

Came home, Sprog 2 okay dokay but tired. DH came home and also being tired. Had a shower, I fed them all. Was lovely. I have my family back.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Shivering Saturday

Sprog 2 at Guide Camp, DH at Scout Camp, Sprog 1 out with friends. I've never had so much quiet time for a long while. I'm taking it very easy and laying around, and snoozing. I love sleeping.

Me and Steven and Gran went out for lunch, which was lovely. We went to Scotts and ate far too much. It was actually quite cold in the restaurant -we were sitting in the sun lounge. everyone wants to sit there, but there isn't actually a fixed roof, it is one of these wynding things, so the draft gets in. There were patio burners and blow heaters on, but there was a definite breeze blowing. I was fine. I was sitting right on a patio heater, so I was great. But some folk were sitting with their coats fastened up tight. I think I would have asked to get moved inside.

Then I took Sprog 1 to Ayr and I got him a couple of jumpers. Well Jumper and an tank top. Very cool. (apparently). Now I'm just sitting here, waiting to have a wee nap. So enjoying the quiet, but missing them at the same time.


Monday, February 05, 2007

Reiki - Level 1

Am now Reiki - Level 1.

Is all a bit strange. I have a breeze on my right hand. Cool gentle breeze, is there, but I don't understand it. The teacher said to not try to understand it, just accept that it is there.

I will carry on with my meditations and see where it takes me, but other than close family and friends I don't think I'll be touching anyone. I wasn't particularly happy touching a man I didn't know at the weekend.!!!

Steven was playing football in Edinburgh yesterday. me and eilidh went into the town and Spent a little time at the Museum - Scottish National .. I love the gold fish there. I told Eilidh I used to spend hours just looking at the fish. I'm not sure it's the same fish. Could be. they were pretty big, and they all swim around with their mouths sticking out the water, and you can see right into their mouths,,,, well bodies actually. Lovely.

Also - they have dolly the sheep there. All stuffed. Was a bit perturbed about that... she was a lovely sheep.... Eilidh thought they had cloned the stuffed version. Was a bit perturbed by that. I explained what cloning was all about and that they had stuffed her after she died. But she was lovely, and so clean. Didn't have much of a life tho, I think they prodded her all her days!

Poor Dolly. That makes me sad.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Funny February

haven't got used to writing 2007 yet, and now its February... How did that happen so fast.

Am spending too much time on Blogs, and talking to imaginary people. Well I know that they aren't imaginary, but like we discussed on one... Do we really know each other? There is a hell of a lot of going back and forward between us all, and my page is open as a book for anyone who wants to read about me and mine, but apart from the names that we use and the issues we bring up, do we really know each other??? I wonder?

Tonight, Si is taking the Scouts. As opposed to helping out. He is very worked up about it, but I'm sure it will all be fine. Eilidh is away to Grangemouth for the day playing volleyball. She was all worked up about that too, and she's just been on the phone to me to tell me that a second year was staring her out for "laughing at her", and did Eilidh know that she had been selected for the Under 16's Scotland Squad. ..... Oh My Wee Wean. She doesn't take these things very well. Steven is away to School, and to night has Orchestra...... I think the concert is next week... however he has a wee operation on Thursday, and may not be up to it on Thursday night (if that is when it is - I have a very funny feeling it is).

Tomorrow is my Reiki course. I am So looking forward to it. Really very very much. The morning will be discussions and enlightenments... Its all so strange, I have no idea what it will be like but I am really looking forward to going. I'm thinking I will stay in tonight, and not do the shop so that I am rested up. I'd hate to wake up tomorrow morning with a migraine and not make it.

Can't focus on work today and I have a load to do. I had got pretty much caught up the other day, and now my tray is near to overflowing again. ARGHHHH.

Got my hair cut and coloured last night. Is very nice. Am very pleased with it. I got some highlights but she insisted on putting them under my hair so that I didn't look "brassy" ha ha ha. Oh well. By the end she says she really liked them and she wished that she had put them on top!! Ho hum.

Anyways, Thats me for now.