Sunday, February 11, 2007

Ta Da! Sunday

Today, Sprog 1 and Me both got up and did the papers, I drove cause it was really wet.

Then we had breakfast, and I went back to bed. I was soooooo tired. So I had a wee sleep and then we got up went and picked up cakes and headed to the footie. Sprog 1 was playing a re-match of a cup match which tied last week. We were laying on a buffet for the opposite side - I was doing the cakes. Oh No. We plastered up Sprog 1's side. We had taken his plaster off and forgot to put a new one on before we left. I picked up a first aid kit at Superdrug and we stuck it together.

I left Sprog 1, at the football and went back to the house to wait for Sprog 2 coming back from Guide Camp. She arrived back about 2. 30. Exhausted. Got her in the shower, and half unpacked, made her a cup of tea and headed back to the football. They were at a 2-2 draw and there was 20 minutes to go. The other team scored, it went to 2-3 and then Cale brought one back. It finished at 3-3 so it had to go to extra time. After extra time it finised at a draw so it had to go to Penalties. It was awful. They both scored 2, then both lost 1, then scored then lost, so it went to 6, then 7 and then 8. We won on 8. It was amazing. The boys set off after the goalie... chasing him around the other pitches. Steven took Penalty 7 and scored beautifully.

Was excellent.

Came home, Sprog 2 okay dokay but tired. DH came home and also being tired. Had a shower, I fed them all. Was lovely. I have my family back.


  1. Hooray for having all your folks back, hooray for sprog1's victory and hppray for guide camp.... how it takes me back ahhhhhhh!

  2. Family life is so hectic! I used to love Guide Camp! Hope you are not too busy, honey!