Friday, February 02, 2007

Funny February

haven't got used to writing 2007 yet, and now its February... How did that happen so fast.

Am spending too much time on Blogs, and talking to imaginary people. Well I know that they aren't imaginary, but like we discussed on one... Do we really know each other? There is a hell of a lot of going back and forward between us all, and my page is open as a book for anyone who wants to read about me and mine, but apart from the names that we use and the issues we bring up, do we really know each other??? I wonder?

Tonight, Si is taking the Scouts. As opposed to helping out. He is very worked up about it, but I'm sure it will all be fine. Eilidh is away to Grangemouth for the day playing volleyball. She was all worked up about that too, and she's just been on the phone to me to tell me that a second year was staring her out for "laughing at her", and did Eilidh know that she had been selected for the Under 16's Scotland Squad. ..... Oh My Wee Wean. She doesn't take these things very well. Steven is away to School, and to night has Orchestra...... I think the concert is next week... however he has a wee operation on Thursday, and may not be up to it on Thursday night (if that is when it is - I have a very funny feeling it is).

Tomorrow is my Reiki course. I am So looking forward to it. Really very very much. The morning will be discussions and enlightenments... Its all so strange, I have no idea what it will be like but I am really looking forward to going. I'm thinking I will stay in tonight, and not do the shop so that I am rested up. I'd hate to wake up tomorrow morning with a migraine and not make it.

Can't focus on work today and I have a load to do. I had got pretty much caught up the other day, and now my tray is near to overflowing again. ARGHHHH.

Got my hair cut and coloured last night. Is very nice. Am very pleased with it. I got some highlights but she insisted on putting them under my hair so that I didn't look "brassy" ha ha ha. Oh well. By the end she says she really liked them and she wished that she had put them on top!! Ho hum.

Anyways, Thats me for now.

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