Monday, February 05, 2007

Reiki - Level 1

Am now Reiki - Level 1.

Is all a bit strange. I have a breeze on my right hand. Cool gentle breeze, is there, but I don't understand it. The teacher said to not try to understand it, just accept that it is there.

I will carry on with my meditations and see where it takes me, but other than close family and friends I don't think I'll be touching anyone. I wasn't particularly happy touching a man I didn't know at the weekend.!!!

Steven was playing football in Edinburgh yesterday. me and eilidh went into the town and Spent a little time at the Museum - Scottish National .. I love the gold fish there. I told Eilidh I used to spend hours just looking at the fish. I'm not sure it's the same fish. Could be. they were pretty big, and they all swim around with their mouths sticking out the water, and you can see right into their mouths,,,, well bodies actually. Lovely.

Also - they have dolly the sheep there. All stuffed. Was a bit perturbed about that... she was a lovely sheep.... Eilidh thought they had cloned the stuffed version. Was a bit perturbed by that. I explained what cloning was all about and that they had stuffed her after she died. But she was lovely, and so clean. Didn't have much of a life tho, I think they prodded her all her days!

Poor Dolly. That makes me sad.

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  1. I really need to refresh my level one and get onto the next lavel! I had the intense heat in my right hand. Awesome! When it used to intensify if I was near someone, my Master used to tell me that they were obviously in need of Reiki so I should touch them ... just as well I'm a tactile person!