Wednesday, January 31, 2007

31st January. Flip, a whole month of the new Year Gone......

I cannot believe we have gotten to end of January ALREADY. It seems like it only just started. I've not been keeping up with this, cause I've been keeping up on , but I try to remember.

Good day so far. Accountant was in (poohy), answered all his questions amid much huffing and puffing.

had an absolute ball over on Moose's blog , coming up with other *&^% on a plane. I used a Rhyming Programe on the Web to come up with as many rhymes with Snake as I could. I had to stop, cause I was making myself snigger too much and I was getting funny looks round here.

Tap Dancing was Ace last night. actually felt like I was getting to "dance" as opposed to banging my feet. Don't get me wrong. I love banging my feet, but last night there was definitely a wee bitty of butt shifting as well. GREAT FUN.

Reiki coming along nicely. Si had a lovely treatment on Monday night, after I tuned in for the remote enlightenment... so looking forward to Saturday when I get the full treatment my self and get "empowered".... oooooo wooww. So excited. Life is good eH?


Thursday, January 25, 2007

Thirsty Thursday

In work. Nearly end of week. Good. Am tired.

Woke last night in a panic because I couldn't remember what no 1 sprog was doing tonight... he has such a busy timetable is hard to keep up. Tried popping dearly beloved, but he was having none of it. After about an hour, I remembered. And was able to go back to sleep, but this of course left me really sleepy this morning.

Funny old blog going on over at BBC2. We are being picked on because we are chatting to each other and not about CLP. Weird old world.


Sunday, January 21, 2007


i'm working this morning, which is initially a bit of a bummer. Like my Sunday's in bed so I do, however I'm here, and completely stirred up.

I have a 17 mile drive to work. It's not really that far... one stretch of dual carriage way broken by 5 roundabouts.... Had just left first round about behind and was looking ahead at dark snow clouds in the north, and noticed a blue flashing light ahead, so slowed my speed down (not that I was speeding) and tried to guage what had happened. NOT A CHANCE!!! As I got closer I noticed second police car, with policeman waving frantically at me. It was at this point I glanced to either side of me and noticed with some surprise, the snow on the ground...... strange, there hadn't been any before the last slip road.... then I realised I was actually driving in tyre tracks left in the snow... What the hell...... It wasn't snowing before... Was confused. Where did the snow come from. Not only that, but there were three cars totalled. One lying on it's top (please ptb that they were okay), one lying smashed against crash barrier, and the other on the entry slip with its front all smashed in. I was going slower and slower, conscious of the fact that at any minute I could swerve and be all over the place too, there was another couple of cars on the opposite side of the road smashed too. And then... as I drove past the on slip the snow vanished. Not a thing. Where did it go? Why was it there? And only there? How could it have come and gone only in one wee place? eh? explain... answers on a post card

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Flipping Global Warming.....

Flipping blowing like mad again last night. There I was standing in the garden at 3 am this morning trying to drag stuff around the garden to make sure that the rabbits didn't blow away. Heaven'ts it was wild. At least there was no fence left to fall down, it all fell down last week.

Got up at 8 helped Steven with his paper round... we did it in about 15 minutes, after I had finally dragged him out of the shop... was gossiping.!! he is off to Edinburgh this morning to play volleyball.

Si came home about 9.30. He was staying out last night with the Scouts. They were supposed to be camping but they couldn't because of the wind. So they had 20 Scouts stuck in the Scout hut all screaming until 2 am this morning, at 3 am they were moving Scouts around to try and break up the noise.

Steven also got up about three, and said "i'm going back to bed, it isn't time to do my paper round". I think he was sleep walking!.

Eilidh dragged herself out of her pit at 1030 just as I was going shopping, she is away having a shower now and getting dressed.

I'm going to do some house work and then meditate!!

Thursday, January 18, 2007


Oh oh oh - And forgot to mention. The Tap Dancing. Shuffle Hop, Slam, Shuffle Change, Slap. Am loving it. Kitchen floor isn't. Husband Very amused.

Reiki Power

Have been reiki'ing myself ... which has been inspiring to say the least. Had migraine from hell yesterday. Used the Reiki......and was up an hour and a half later and completely recovered! Can't understand it. Not going to try to analyse it but merely work in the minute, and become more mindful about everything.

Is amazing. Can't wait for enlightenment... See where I go from there.


Tuesday, January 16, 2007

New Year New Me

Yeah, So it's taken me til now to decide that this is a new year, and I'm going to be brand new this year.
To this end, have taken up Tap Dancing... Yeah Man. I'm going to reach the heady Heights of Eric Morecambe. When I'm banging my feet on the floor I just think of him dancing around with Angela Rippon and I think..I'll keep going.

Additionally I've taken up Reiki. Currently studying at home in preparation for Attunement / Enlightenment in March. I'm thinking about bringing it forward, so desperate am I for the energy.


Friday, January 12, 2007

middle of january

Oh Woe. Is middle of January. And I'm tired. The weather is grinding me down. Windy Windy Windy and wet. Is so dark too. It's almost like the earth has slipped its thingy..... what do you call it.... revolution thing... orbit... is that what I'm looking for? And we are facing further away from the sun now. Is very depressing.
On a lighter note. I also have a sore bum. I've had a hysterectomy for Endo, but occassionally it flares up again...and it has today. I had to lay down on the floor in the office for a while there, it was so bad I couldn't properly function.
i'VE TAKEN painkillers tho, and it's started to subside. Steven has done his paperround since he was away at Lochearnhead. I havent' done it once. Which is nice. BUt I'm going to give him a day in bed at the weekend. He needs a lie in Once in a while.
Is almost dark out side, and is only 1553. Far too early. I'm sure the sun is rising later, and setting earlier, and isn't it supposed to be going the other way now? Is very strange.
Need to go home and sleep for a bit.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

It's flipping January now.

I can't understand where the time goes. Although most of it I record so If I haven't been here, go there.

Weather has been atrocious the past couple of days. And I'm stuck with my son's paper round while he wanders the shore of Loch Earn. Mental child. I think I'd prefer the paper round andgoing back to bed! ha ha