Sunday, January 21, 2007


i'm working this morning, which is initially a bit of a bummer. Like my Sunday's in bed so I do, however I'm here, and completely stirred up.

I have a 17 mile drive to work. It's not really that far... one stretch of dual carriage way broken by 5 roundabouts.... Had just left first round about behind and was looking ahead at dark snow clouds in the north, and noticed a blue flashing light ahead, so slowed my speed down (not that I was speeding) and tried to guage what had happened. NOT A CHANCE!!! As I got closer I noticed second police car, with policeman waving frantically at me. It was at this point I glanced to either side of me and noticed with some surprise, the snow on the ground...... strange, there hadn't been any before the last slip road.... then I realised I was actually driving in tyre tracks left in the snow... What the hell...... It wasn't snowing before... Was confused. Where did the snow come from. Not only that, but there were three cars totalled. One lying on it's top (please ptb that they were okay), one lying smashed against crash barrier, and the other on the entry slip with its front all smashed in. I was going slower and slower, conscious of the fact that at any minute I could swerve and be all over the place too, there was another couple of cars on the opposite side of the road smashed too. And then... as I drove past the on slip the snow vanished. Not a thing. Where did it go? Why was it there? And only there? How could it have come and gone only in one wee place? eh? explain... answers on a post card

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