Friday, January 12, 2007

middle of january

Oh Woe. Is middle of January. And I'm tired. The weather is grinding me down. Windy Windy Windy and wet. Is so dark too. It's almost like the earth has slipped its thingy..... what do you call it.... revolution thing... orbit... is that what I'm looking for? And we are facing further away from the sun now. Is very depressing.
On a lighter note. I also have a sore bum. I've had a hysterectomy for Endo, but occassionally it flares up again...and it has today. I had to lay down on the floor in the office for a while there, it was so bad I couldn't properly function.
i'VE TAKEN painkillers tho, and it's started to subside. Steven has done his paperround since he was away at Lochearnhead. I havent' done it once. Which is nice. BUt I'm going to give him a day in bed at the weekend. He needs a lie in Once in a while.
Is almost dark out side, and is only 1553. Far too early. I'm sure the sun is rising later, and setting earlier, and isn't it supposed to be going the other way now? Is very strange.
Need to go home and sleep for a bit.

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