Wednesday, January 31, 2007

31st January. Flip, a whole month of the new Year Gone......

I cannot believe we have gotten to end of January ALREADY. It seems like it only just started. I've not been keeping up with this, cause I've been keeping up on , but I try to remember.

Good day so far. Accountant was in (poohy), answered all his questions amid much huffing and puffing.

had an absolute ball over on Moose's blog , coming up with other *&^% on a plane. I used a Rhyming Programe on the Web to come up with as many rhymes with Snake as I could. I had to stop, cause I was making myself snigger too much and I was getting funny looks round here.

Tap Dancing was Ace last night. actually felt like I was getting to "dance" as opposed to banging my feet. Don't get me wrong. I love banging my feet, but last night there was definitely a wee bitty of butt shifting as well. GREAT FUN.

Reiki coming along nicely. Si had a lovely treatment on Monday night, after I tuned in for the remote enlightenment... so looking forward to Saturday when I get the full treatment my self and get "empowered".... oooooo wooww. So excited. Life is good eH?


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  1. DWNB

    I think I should take up dancing again. My Dad was a ballroom dance teacher and I used to dance a lot but somehow along the way I seem to have lost all but my dancing around the house steps. Is tap as happy as it sounds like it should be? and have you tried salsa? Its 9.30 and I've already washed the car ready to meet clients later... what on earth?

    &the bears