Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sunday Stealing - At Last on A Sunday

Cheers to all of us thieves!

1. One of my favorite TV shows recently changed the actors who played two characters. Have you ever been bothered by a TV show or movie series changing actors who play a character you love?
      I haven't been bothered by it, but I do remember when they changed the eldest daughter in Roseanne, and made fun of it within the series.  That was a far better way to deal with it, and they could giggle along with the rest of us.

2. A coworker recently shared a link to a blog listing the "five things you should know before dating a journalist." As a journalist, I can honestly say the writer was spot-on. What are some things people should know before spending time with you?  
My husband says that he is no longer surprised by me doing the unexpected.   If you don't know me, I suppose starting a singing and dancing routine a la fred astair in the middle of the street would seem a bit weird.  I also like to announce my feelings, so will at a distance of 500 yards, scream down the street to advise people how I am feeling.  Weird. Me?  Yes. 

3. What is something you often do without realizing that you're doing it?   Bite my lip.  For years I thought there was something wrong with my mouth.  It kept spontaneously bleeding.  Twice I was referred to a hospital.  The second time they cut out a little vein in my lip.  It's started to flare up again, and in an attempt to figure out what was happening, I concentrated really hard, and realised I pull my lip into my mouth and nip it with my teeth.

4. Who has the capacity to make you angrier than anyone else in your life, and what in particular does he or she do to make you so angry?   
A comedian on the TV.  He annoys me so much I won't even give him word space on my Blog despite knowing that he would never see it or hear about it.  His whole take on humour by-passes me.  Humiliating people, taking the piss out of them, over estimating their own humour is not funny for anyone else.  Refuse to watch anything he is connected with. 

5. If a fairy waved a magic wand and gave you the house of your dreams, where would it be and what features would it have?  
Sauna and jacuzzi out the back.   En Suite bathrooms for everyone - mine would have a corner bathroom with sunken lights.  An escape hole from the business of the world.

6. What’s a belief that you hold with which many people disagree?   That we are an alien experiment, Tom is right, and the Mother Ship WILL come back and collect us!

I used to talk in my sleep. In fact, I could carry on a conversation with someone when I was fully asleep, and my mom used this fact when I was a teenager to find out if I did anything wrong and was hiding it from my parents. If you were talking your sleep tonight, what do you think you would say?   I'm so tired. I wish I wasn't so tired.  I wish my arm wasn't hurting.  I should really get up and exercise.  I have so much to do.

8. The fourth installment of the "Twilight" movie series ("Breaking Dawn Part I") will be released in theaters soon. Movie theaters started selling advance tickets for midnight showings months ago. Have you ever attended a midnight premiere showing of a movie?  
Nope.   I'm too tired by 11.  I'd be sleeping before the credits starting rolling. 

9. On Tuesday, tigers, lions and bears were let loose in Zanesville, Ohio, by their owner before he committed suicide, leading to a hunt in which 49 of the animals, including 18 endangered Bengal tigers, were killed. How would you react if you saw "Caution exotic animals. Stay in your vehicle" being displayed on a road sign?   
I would park up, and watch, hoping that I would get to see them.  I would also phone Animal rights campagners and hope that they would get there before the local law enforcement tubes shot them all dead. 

10. If a company opened a theme park aimed at adults, what would you name one of the rides?  
Nice and Gentle for Pathetic Wimps!

11. Imagine you just moved onto Sesame Street. Which puppet would you want as your new roommate?  
Oh god, Cookie Monster.   Elmo Next door, so that I could run in and gossip to him about how many cookies the Monster had eaten.

12. Have you ever had a weird crush on a famous person that didn't make sense to you?   David Duchovny.   I mean, look at him. It really doesn't make sense. 

13. If you get ten minutes to interview any celebrity of
your choice, who would you like it to be?    Robert Downy Jnr.   I'd ask him to STOP SMOKING.  Every time I see him I think, you must stink of fags. 

14. You've just won the complete DVD collection of all 
the movies starring one actor or actress. Which actor/actress would you pick?    Tom Cruise.  Weird I know, but he has made such a range of films, I think I could be quite entertained for a while.

15. Actor George Clooney recently told People Magazine that he doesn't use Twitter "because I will drink in the evening and I don't want anything that I could possibly write at midnight to actually end my career." What is something you've said through social media and then regretted it?   "
Oh My GodHe's drunk, and he's driven 40 miles to get to the office, am quite scared".

16. VH1 has re-introduced its hit show "Pop-Up Video," which gives behind-the-scenes facts for popular music videos.
What musician would you be most interested in learning behind-the-scenes facts about?   Bruno Mars.  He is just the cutest looking thing on earth right now.  And apparently quite a bad boy!

17. If you stumbled across someone's personal written journal that was accidentally left in a public place, would you read any of the content?  
Of course I bloody would.  My flat mate and I read our "other" flat mate's diary.  He was a complete nerd, and had written a fantastic novel about his life with the two stunning birds he shared a flat with.  He obviously needed glasses.

18. What is the title of a self-help book that you'd never want to see on a store bookshelf?
   I can't get my spoon out my ear.   (This is a personal reference, that my husband amongst other members of my family will appreciate)

19. Many media outlets have been asking this question a lot this week... Which Halloween costume do you think will be overdone this year?   Sexy ...... (anything).  When did Halloween become "Sexy?"  My daughter was a manic nurse, but she looked like a sexy manic nurse.  I'm just glad she wore something under the outfit.

20. Should a marriage license have a renewal date or expiration date, like a driver’s license? 
Wow. There is a thought.  I'd hate so though, cause I would hate that my husband would see it as an easy -get-out clause.  Maybe if you had to go and get it examined at regular periods.  Tell each other what needed done to make things even better?