Thursday, July 31, 2008

To Find out Where you Are....

this is my friday, even tho it is Thursday. I love odd days off in the middle of no where.

We were out in town last night. Lido is so lovely, and the staff are brilliant. Look how surprised Tooli was at her cake which the lovely staff brought out for her.
I think Troon is lucky that they have a vast pool of personable people from who to secure nice staff. there are other places......naming no names, but the struggle to find staff who aren't "schemey" is very difficult.

Why do some restaurant staff - not in Troon absolutely not - think that it is acceptable to be miserable and infect people at their tables with their irritations.

I was a great waitress, well technically not really, but I was friendly and happy, and that more than made up for my crap attempts to get people's food on their tables without scalding them or me. - Or in the best intance, hitting them on the chest with a grilled trout head. tee hee. I can still laugh at that.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Left By Memory's Finger Tips


I went to my mums tonight for 30minutes. I was there for 2 and a half hours.

Poor Si did ALL the ironing.

I did nothing.

Bad Wide

Monday, July 28, 2008

Wonder what love is all about...............

Is nearly August.


That is three years I've been at Sunbird. That isn't like me.

It's In Your Eyes.........

Monday morning and I'm back at my desk.

Yesterday was so glorious I was still very chilled out when I woke this morning.

Very difficult when You are trying to do your son's paper round and you are still sleeping. If you were in Barassie this morning, you would have seen middle aged mum cycling very wobbly on bike, looking strangely at houses while I tried to remember which houses to deliver too. Falling off bike 4 times - the brake wasn't working at it was easier to thro myself off.

In work, and I am still trapped by the cling film. It really isn't pleasant working in this. We have the front doors wide to the world, but there is no draft, It really is very very warm. Nice, but not the place to be sitting in this heat.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

It doesn't matter where you are or what you do........


Sunday night. Almost time to start getting ready for tomorrow.

Has been a lovely day. Got up, did Boy's papers with Si. It was really cloudy, and didn't look like it was going to be that nice, but then the sun came out thru the mist and it was gorgeous. I shot over to Tesco, done the shopping and came home. Cut the front grass, then the back, and then we sat down and enjoyed the sun.

Tool was just chilling all day. And after all the bits and pieces were done, we did too. Was glorius.

Boy came home about 5, absolutely exhausted, he fell asleep for a while and we all had tea together. Since then we've all just been chilling.

Next weekend we are going to the Edinburgh Tattoo and I've been searching for shows to go to on the Fringe before we hit the tattoo..... wow there are so many to choose from it is sooooo difficult....

While I'm worth.......... my room on this earth

First weekend in MONTHs, literally months when I didn't have to take a child to either (a) Glasgow (b) Motherwell (c) Edinburgh or (d) Dundee. Tool is 14 on Wednesday and as some of her pals were going away on holiday yesterday, we had her birthday celebrations on Friday night. Si and I took 7 lassies to the Cinema and then brought them back here to wreak havoc on the house. I'm confused as to how 7 wee lassies managed to make more noise and mess than the 50 who were here at the end of June!

Boy No 1 was going to Volleyball Camp for the UK school Games - he is playing with the Scotland West Team at the End of August. He is now at the age where some of his friends are driving... so he got a lift and he was living in.

I took the opportunity for some me time and booked myself in for some nails. Its not so much I love the nails, but I love the attention to me and the chit chat in the shop. Sam is brilliant at the nails and had managed to fit me in thru a cancellation. It might not be easiest to get used to typing with these talons, but hey, it makes me feel special. - Like Louis Walsh thinks I am. Apparently my singing on Playstation XFactor is "Special". See Under. I thought I was Just like Bernie Nolan myself. Complete with the dancing!

After Nails, the three of us had a wee lunch treat and went to DanMcKays For lunch. Under new management. Meal was lovely. I had haddock, (which I have to admit looked like school lunch haddock, in breadcrumbs), Si had Cajun Chicken Penne, and Tool had a Margarita Pizza. All good until Pud. Si and Me on the Chocolate and Berry Creme Brulee, mmm apart from the crispy lid, was nothing like any creme brulee I've ever had. Second, Tool had Ice Cream Compte. - Topped off with Sour Cream. It wasn't meant to be sour, it was just really off. Which was a pity. So Off I trouped (I had to return pud in Social the other week), and returned it and they gave us another (which I think they ran across the road to Morrisons for to purchase fresh cream) and knocked the cost of it off the bill. Or so they said, they never actually gave us the bill to check it!!! NUL POINTS.

In the Evening, we, Si and Moi, leaving my Baby abandoned because Wee-Devil wouldn't come and entertain her for 3 hours!!!! We went to partake in a Festival Fringe Snippet. I figured we would be out 2 hours max! Craig Hill, first act on, was on for an Hour and a HALF! I couldnt believe it. I was a virgin to Craig HIll Live, I've caught his campness on the TV and smirked but this guy was Brilliant live. He can fair handle the late comers, (BAD MARKS KILMARNOCK PALACE THEATRE), - cope Remarkably well with the discovery that some tube, who couldn't talk his pals into coming, had brought his 14 year old brother along with his 12 year old pal!! For those of you who don't know Craig Hill - Gay - blantantly so, comic with no holds bars jokes - wanted to call his show, Coming Down my Front,but settled for "Craig Hill Makes Your Whole Week (Read it back to yourself) . (SECOND Set of bad Marks to Kilmarnock). Why did they let them in?

Anyways, nuff said. Both Craig and Janey were Excellent. I had tears streaming down my face. Both of them are on next month (from Wednesday I think) at the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh -- Janey at the Pleasance, and Craig at the Gilded Balloon. Go See. Laugh. Lots.

Friday, July 25, 2008

When you go to the beach, lake, or pool, are you more likely to lower yourself gradually into cold water or to take a determined plunge and get it over with? Ha ha ha ha ha ha Slowly Slowly Slowly.......... I can't bear the pain. It can take me upwards of 45 minutes to completely submerge. For the first 10 minutes I pretend I'm only cooling my feet, and then I might walk in up to my knees. Then after 5 minutes, I'll move out to half way up my thighs and then move out again. This will go on until I am in up to my neck, and then after much pondering I'll go under. And then.... I won't get out for hours!! This photo was at Wastwater in the Lake District.... this is me at the 35 minute mark. Slowing getting to my neck..... wooooo

How is this like (or unlike) your approach to other tasks or ordeals? I like to think is very unlike, but probably not. If I know there is a time limit on achieving outcome, I'll go for it. but where there is time to contemplate, I waste time.

When someone gives you flowers, are you more likely to let them turn completely brown and gross before throwing them out, or to discard them the moment they take on that si
ck-flower look?
I like to try and keep them going as long as possible. I will where possible, chop ends off when they start to wilt and try and keep them going on and on and on. A spoonful of sugar in the water... a quarter inch of the bottom. That being said, I have just thrown out two bowls of brown Sweet peas.

How is this like (or unlike) your approach to other gifts, purchases, or relationships? The gifts I buy for people are unrelated to flowers seriously. I buy flowers for me because I like them. Presents I buy for people to make them smile. The madder the better. Last night I gave Kerry a pair of knickers I crotchet. A few months ago I gave Wee-Devil a pair of used long johns. Remember that!!! tee hee

Think of your favorite movie (or a movie you really like, if you can’t think of a favorite). Some people say that the reasons you love your favorite movie are related to what you value in romantic relationships. How is this true or untrue in your case?

evil a pair My favourite movie... The Wedding Singer.... Yeah, exactly what I value in a relationship. Friendship, love, romance, and crazy crazy songs. I also love Dogma, is this reflective of my romantic relationships. Yes, I believe it is. Truth and love over all.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Am Back Am Back As A Matter of Fact I'm Back...

Had a brilliant holiday.

So much so that I didn't really want to be back. I love the solitude of Shuna. I really really do.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Au Revoir Farewell, Aufwiedersien Good Night

Off this morning.

Yesterday was a nightmare. We were still in ASDA at 10pm last night. Tool was having a strop at 1030, cause we weren't packed, she was tired, we needed to iron stuff and me and her dad weren't doing anything about it.

So I stood and Ironed til 11.30, and then packed her and my stuff; and then sat with 2 cups of tea and chilled.

Got up at 7.15am and coloured my roots (which is what I would have done last night had I not been Ironing and packing). Ho Hum the life of a mother.

Cannot wait to get to Shuna.

And Burgulars out there. Don't even bother me mam will be here!

Happy Holidays


Friday, July 11, 2008

We're Going Where the Sun Shines Brightly.....

I normally wouldn't quote the Cliff the Richard cause he bugs me no end, but in reality there is no other song available for this time of year.

Especially as today is dedicated to packing for Said "Summer Holidays", where we hope, the sun will shine brightly.

But since it is deserted Island off Coast of Scotland, me thinks, perhaps not.

Although says that Sunday is going to be a corker.

We have no electricity, but gas lighting, fridge and cooker. Endless supply of books and a wee 17" landing craft to drive around the island. Heaven is a place on earth.... wowser. there is another song I could have used. It really really is - a heaven on earth. This time Sunday - I'll be sitting on those wee rocks in front of the house counting my blessings for being there.



What are some recurring dreams you’ve had?
Now I know there is one, it normally involves me, and know what??? I can't remember it, I'm going to come back to this once I've had it again.

What is the significance of dreams in telling you about yourself?

My husband bought me a dream analysis book once, and then told me to thro it out. Every single dream analysis came back to "death", "destruction" "end of relationships". I like to think now that all dreams are positive. I'll make up any story about my dreams that you like to remember.

How do you feel after you’ve had one of THOSE dreams?
I had one of these dreams one night, and I woke up, snuggled up to the one i love, looked at him, realised what had been happening, slapped him awake, told him he was a b*^&£d and didn't speak to him for 3 days! It was him who was having all the fun! Humph. I still get that thrown back at me.

What was the last dream you remember?
Last Night's Dream. Me Kirsty and Kerry were in the town on a Drinky Day. We spent quite a long while in one pub and then went to the Bank at the corner of Ayr Street and Academy St, and hung out there for a while. Then we went to the Piersland Hotel and went to have a coffee. We were sitting in the lounge, yapping away loudly, picking up the pieces of paper which were lying on the table, when we realised that we were sitting talking loudly over the top of a visiting talker, who was one of those "motivators" who was advising a room full of women how to deal with the shit men in their life. Wowser. I quickly left and wandered thru the garden as Kirsty and Kerry got to their feet and started disagreeing with everything the woman said. With in minutes they had the room in riot mode. I can't remember any more. But you've got to wonder?

When did you last dream about something that later happened as you dreamt it?
That isn't a dream that is a premonition, and I don't do premonitions. If that happened, I would be rich beyong my wildest belief.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

And if the wind is right you can sail away

Boy sails to Arran to collect his wee sister.
I never thought I'd see the day.
That is him... Right in the middle of the picture, sitting on a life raft, middle of the ship.
He left at 12. 30, and will be back at 14.35, hopefully with Tool in tow!
We had to send a text to Tool so that she would get him a fish supper for the return trip! The sacrifices we have to make.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

And blinking, step into the sun ................

Kerry is Home!

Kerry, sixth along in the back row went away to Mozambique to help build a school for children in Tofo.

She raised all her costs - flights / training / jabs thru fundraising.... and cake baking. What a hero.

Anyways... she went for 4 weeks... and piled layers on to the school, drunk quite a bit, chased the local weans, made new friends, and made us exceedingly jealous, and very proud of her!

She done things we only dream of! Well Done Kezza!

A Star So Bright, You Blind Me.....

Okay - So I've Started Walking again. There I was 9.45 last night, hitting the streets. That was on top of the quick jaunt round the marina yesterday. Had a lovely salad for lunch, and ate sensibly at tea time.

Plaster my picture of Gazza up so that it inspires me again......

I was doing really well until my sore arm - not that the sore arm made me not walk - it was the drugs what did it officer. The Anti-inflamitory made me feel sick, and that in turn made me eat and the pain killers made me dizzy so in all honesty - moving around was not the nicest feeling. But look at the lovely sight the greeted me on the way home. My honey doing the ironing. I love looking out to my house from the outside. It makes me all warm and fuzzy.
So anyhows, off I go again, and I'm just back in from a lunch time jaunt around the marina. Couldn't go far L had to go home today. BUt anyways.....I got to AsDA, round to Glasgow Street, and Princes Street,a wee bitty up Montomery road, and along side the marina. Stopped to Talked to the two wee pups, and remembered NOT to touch my face after.
Back in now and struggling to get on with work, which I have to do. I finish on Thursday and I have a pile from hell to get thru!

Monday, July 07, 2008

Me I go from one extreme to another....

Am in a state of distress.

House ended last week, and I haven't cried like that for AGES. For those of you who watch and haven't seen it yet - DO NOT HIGHLIGHT THE BIT UNDERNEATH.


I just realised that my web page is coloured in a colour I can't make my text. Sorry, if it spoilt the ending.
Poor Amber, Poor House, Poor Poor Wilson. I can't cope. Si just watched it - he is catching up on all bits he missed while away.

Why do some programme affect you like that and then you can watch others, and it has no effect whatsoever. Is it particularly well made, or is it just that the subject matter affects you?

Hmm don't know. Thank you anyway Greg Lawrie for making enjoyable programe

Sunday, July 06, 2008

I took the one less traveled by,

So, My baby came home, unpacked, did the majority of her washing, tidied up, and then packed again, and here, three days later, she is away again.

This time she is headed for Arran.

I say headed - she is already there - has just phoned to say that she has been to the Lochrannie House HOtel Spa for some swimming and sauna time.

Lovely. She is away with her pal. L, who was also in Switzerland with her -and then she will be back on Wednesday. I'm sending Boy No 1 over to Arran to collect her.

I haven't been out today - except for the shopping. I had terrible Migrane this morning, and it hasn't really lifted. I'm still feeling bowfy. And I just did my dinner out of my bottom. Not a good thing.

I'm heading upstairs now, early... try and clear my silly head and bum.

Night night.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

I want you to Want Me....

K gave me beautiful presents for my birthday.

Firstly she gave me a Swiss Army Card. Is Beautiful. I'm going to take it with me everywhere and pick and cut things. And it Is Pink.

Secondly, she gave me a walking set. Weights for my arms, (or legs), a belt, a Drink Bottle and a Pedometer. I'm inspired. I am soooo sooo pleased she gave me that. I will be out there tomorrow. Chanking along the streets.

Thirdly. She gave me a beautiful box, beautifully Wrapped, and inside the beautiful box, was nothing. I text K to explain that I had enjoyed and would enjoy all the pressies, but was confused that one of the boxes was empty, and she rather beautifully explained that she had also appreciated the lovelyness of the present which should have been in the box, that she had kept it. But thought that I would appreicate the box itself in which it came and could use it to litter the rabbit hutch? YEs, I was confused about that too.

Below, the bits she sent me to confirm her posession of the lovely thing!

It's My Party........

Today was my birthday, in so much as I seen K for the first time since my birthday, and was beholden with my pressies.

I was delighted. We had lunch. Lunch wasn't brilliant, but company was. That is a lie actually, Lunch was lovely, the Crab and Salmon Linguini was heavenly. K and Tool had Pizza - Margarita and BBQ Beef (which K says was actually chili). K and Tool then had a shared Ice Cream Sundae, but not one between them - One Each!! yes. I choose Raspberry Cheesecake - as recommended by the waitress, and it came and I tasted it, and JEESUS H CHRIST

The raspberry coolis was made of tomatoes I swear. Jeesus. I took one bit, and thought, YEUK I'm going to barff, and I thought Maybe I was wrong. but I tried a wee bit again.... Jeeesus. So I shouted the waitress over and said "jeesus, you have to take this away from me it is disgusting - the worst I have ever tasted". They offered me something else, or coffee, but I thought not .I was very concerned that they tried to get me to eat tomatos, and on top of cheesecake. made me try to eat EVIL Tomatos, and spoil the enjoyment of Cheesecake for EVER.

Friday, July 04, 2008

The Friday 5

If a traveling food show were to visit your neighborhood, what are some unique, regional foods it would spotlight, and where would it go to get them?
I live in Scotland. Classic Regional Food. Anything Fried. Mars Bars??? For those of you not in UK, Mars Bar, is a chocolate covered Nougar and Caramel bar. Yes, these overly heavy chocolate treats are coated in batter and fried in this neck of the woods! As are Black Puddings, - Oatmeal and Sheeps Blood. Haggis - Sheeps Stomache filled with Offal - Pizza's, Potato Fritters. If it's food the Scot's will Fry it. You get these delicacies in any chip shop, in any Town in Scotland.

However, I am also happy to announce that my home town, Sunny Troon on the West Coast boasts several gorgeous restaurants which most definitely do not fry mars bars. In fact, majority of food not fried at all. My current Favorite: Lido, and Lido's Best Dish, according to Moi : Carpaccio Of Beef. Yummmmy.

On an American cable show, a celebrity chef surprises people by challenging them to a contest featuring their own specialties (he usually loses). If he challenged you to your specialty, what dish would you prepare? If he challenged someone you know, what would that dish be, and how might the competition turn out?
If it were me......I can turn out a pretty mean Roast Beef Dinner with Yorkshire Puddings. However, In recent weeks, I've headed for the healthy route - and my Chick Pea, Cous Cous, Bacon, Feta, Corriander, Rocket and Sultana Salad, with Home made dressing, Balsamic Vinegar, and Olive Oil, Mustard and Honey is a Bit Bloody Lovely.

If my Si were to do it.... wowser, what would he do. He can produce anything to a fantastic standard. One dish which stands out in my mind, is (yeah K) Red Wine Risotto. Looked like crap, but O M G the smell, the taste. Jees. It was gorgeous. And then of course there was the New Year Lamb Stew. Goodness that was a treat to the tastebuds. Never tasted anything quite so sweet and succulent in my life. Absolutely wonderful.

What are your feelings about cooking shows on television?

I quite like them, they inspire me to be a better person. When you consider my husband used to be a chef, I'm notoriously lazy when it comes to food preparation. If perchance my husband is not in the vicinity the kids will say "so we are having carryout to night mum! But when I see someone on the TV like James... Martin I think his name is, and he cooks something and makes it look easy and gorgeous. I feel inspired to try it. I honestly do. And for 2 days, the kids eat well.. I attach a link to the programme I see him on. I was going to link to his own web page, but to be honest I got bored with the intro, and he's not like that on Saturday kitchen!

What kitchen gadgets have you purchased because you saw someone using them on television?

I don't think I have. I watch these mad channels and smirk at the items, and then don't buy them. I went to a food show last year, and watched them doing all the demo's live, but I still wasn't inspired. When you have a husband who can chop the way mine does, you really don't need gadgets!

You get to (or have to, depending on how you feel about it) host your own food show on television. What will it be called and what’s it about?
Hel's Kitchen. tee hee.
It would have to be. Dog's don't cook.
It would be about how pathetic I am in the kitchen, and finding easy food to cook, in fast times, for mums coming in from work, who would like to give the appearance of being competant in the kitchen.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Don't Wanna Be........

All By Myself.

It's been ages since I have spent this much time on my own. Si being away with Scouts, Tooli in Switzerland, and Boy doing boy things, and going out or being fixated on TV. I'm mostly on my ownsome.

I gutted Tool's room tonight in preparation for her coming home. Doubt she'll be happy, I've filled 3 black bags!!! - And that doesn't include the black bin bag full of school books which I have left in my room to go up to the attic. She has school books going back to P5!!! ARghhh

Have Doctors tomorrow, am working from home in the morning.... so I don't have to drive up and down and Up and down....