Thursday, July 31, 2008

To Find out Where you Are....

this is my friday, even tho it is Thursday. I love odd days off in the middle of no where.

We were out in town last night. Lido is so lovely, and the staff are brilliant. Look how surprised Tooli was at her cake which the lovely staff brought out for her.
I think Troon is lucky that they have a vast pool of personable people from who to secure nice staff. there are other places......naming no names, but the struggle to find staff who aren't "schemey" is very difficult.

Why do some restaurant staff - not in Troon absolutely not - think that it is acceptable to be miserable and infect people at their tables with their irritations.

I was a great waitress, well technically not really, but I was friendly and happy, and that more than made up for my crap attempts to get people's food on their tables without scalding them or me. - Or in the best intance, hitting them on the chest with a grilled trout head. tee hee. I can still laugh at that.

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