Friday, July 11, 2008

We're Going Where the Sun Shines Brightly.....

I normally wouldn't quote the Cliff the Richard cause he bugs me no end, but in reality there is no other song available for this time of year.

Especially as today is dedicated to packing for Said "Summer Holidays", where we hope, the sun will shine brightly.

But since it is deserted Island off Coast of Scotland, me thinks, perhaps not.

Although says that Sunday is going to be a corker.

We have no electricity, but gas lighting, fridge and cooker. Endless supply of books and a wee 17" landing craft to drive around the island. Heaven is a place on earth.... wowser. there is another song I could have used. It really really is - a heaven on earth. This time Sunday - I'll be sitting on those wee rocks in front of the house counting my blessings for being there.

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