Friday, July 11, 2008



What are some recurring dreams you’ve had?
Now I know there is one, it normally involves me, and know what??? I can't remember it, I'm going to come back to this once I've had it again.

What is the significance of dreams in telling you about yourself?

My husband bought me a dream analysis book once, and then told me to thro it out. Every single dream analysis came back to "death", "destruction" "end of relationships". I like to think now that all dreams are positive. I'll make up any story about my dreams that you like to remember.

How do you feel after you’ve had one of THOSE dreams?
I had one of these dreams one night, and I woke up, snuggled up to the one i love, looked at him, realised what had been happening, slapped him awake, told him he was a b*^&£d and didn't speak to him for 3 days! It was him who was having all the fun! Humph. I still get that thrown back at me.

What was the last dream you remember?
Last Night's Dream. Me Kirsty and Kerry were in the town on a Drinky Day. We spent quite a long while in one pub and then went to the Bank at the corner of Ayr Street and Academy St, and hung out there for a while. Then we went to the Piersland Hotel and went to have a coffee. We were sitting in the lounge, yapping away loudly, picking up the pieces of paper which were lying on the table, when we realised that we were sitting talking loudly over the top of a visiting talker, who was one of those "motivators" who was advising a room full of women how to deal with the shit men in their life. Wowser. I quickly left and wandered thru the garden as Kirsty and Kerry got to their feet and started disagreeing with everything the woman said. With in minutes they had the room in riot mode. I can't remember any more. But you've got to wonder?

When did you last dream about something that later happened as you dreamt it?
That isn't a dream that is a premonition, and I don't do premonitions. If that happened, I would be rich beyong my wildest belief.

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