Saturday, July 12, 2008

Au Revoir Farewell, Aufwiedersien Good Night

Off this morning.

Yesterday was a nightmare. We were still in ASDA at 10pm last night. Tool was having a strop at 1030, cause we weren't packed, she was tired, we needed to iron stuff and me and her dad weren't doing anything about it.

So I stood and Ironed til 11.30, and then packed her and my stuff; and then sat with 2 cups of tea and chilled.

Got up at 7.15am and coloured my roots (which is what I would have done last night had I not been Ironing and packing). Ho Hum the life of a mother.

Cannot wait to get to Shuna.

And Burgulars out there. Don't even bother me mam will be here!

Happy Holidays



  1. Leave your keys behind the rabbit hutch incase Kerry needs somewhere to stay.

  2. Samantha Bradshaw9:03 pm

    Miss you!