Sunday, July 27, 2008

While I'm worth.......... my room on this earth

First weekend in MONTHs, literally months when I didn't have to take a child to either (a) Glasgow (b) Motherwell (c) Edinburgh or (d) Dundee. Tool is 14 on Wednesday and as some of her pals were going away on holiday yesterday, we had her birthday celebrations on Friday night. Si and I took 7 lassies to the Cinema and then brought them back here to wreak havoc on the house. I'm confused as to how 7 wee lassies managed to make more noise and mess than the 50 who were here at the end of June!

Boy No 1 was going to Volleyball Camp for the UK school Games - he is playing with the Scotland West Team at the End of August. He is now at the age where some of his friends are driving... so he got a lift and he was living in.

I took the opportunity for some me time and booked myself in for some nails. Its not so much I love the nails, but I love the attention to me and the chit chat in the shop. Sam is brilliant at the nails and had managed to fit me in thru a cancellation. It might not be easiest to get used to typing with these talons, but hey, it makes me feel special. - Like Louis Walsh thinks I am. Apparently my singing on Playstation XFactor is "Special". See Under. I thought I was Just like Bernie Nolan myself. Complete with the dancing!

After Nails, the three of us had a wee lunch treat and went to DanMcKays For lunch. Under new management. Meal was lovely. I had haddock, (which I have to admit looked like school lunch haddock, in breadcrumbs), Si had Cajun Chicken Penne, and Tool had a Margarita Pizza. All good until Pud. Si and Me on the Chocolate and Berry Creme Brulee, mmm apart from the crispy lid, was nothing like any creme brulee I've ever had. Second, Tool had Ice Cream Compte. - Topped off with Sour Cream. It wasn't meant to be sour, it was just really off. Which was a pity. So Off I trouped (I had to return pud in Social the other week), and returned it and they gave us another (which I think they ran across the road to Morrisons for to purchase fresh cream) and knocked the cost of it off the bill. Or so they said, they never actually gave us the bill to check it!!! NUL POINTS.

In the Evening, we, Si and Moi, leaving my Baby abandoned because Wee-Devil wouldn't come and entertain her for 3 hours!!!! We went to partake in a Festival Fringe Snippet. I figured we would be out 2 hours max! Craig Hill, first act on, was on for an Hour and a HALF! I couldnt believe it. I was a virgin to Craig HIll Live, I've caught his campness on the TV and smirked but this guy was Brilliant live. He can fair handle the late comers, (BAD MARKS KILMARNOCK PALACE THEATRE), - cope Remarkably well with the discovery that some tube, who couldn't talk his pals into coming, had brought his 14 year old brother along with his 12 year old pal!! For those of you who don't know Craig Hill - Gay - blantantly so, comic with no holds bars jokes - wanted to call his show, Coming Down my Front,but settled for "Craig Hill Makes Your Whole Week (Read it back to yourself) . (SECOND Set of bad Marks to Kilmarnock). Why did they let them in?

Anyways, nuff said. Both Craig and Janey were Excellent. I had tears streaming down my face. Both of them are on next month (from Wednesday I think) at the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh -- Janey at the Pleasance, and Craig at the Gilded Balloon. Go See. Laugh. Lots.

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