Sunday, July 06, 2008

I took the one less traveled by,

So, My baby came home, unpacked, did the majority of her washing, tidied up, and then packed again, and here, three days later, she is away again.

This time she is headed for Arran.

I say headed - she is already there - has just phoned to say that she has been to the Lochrannie House HOtel Spa for some swimming and sauna time.

Lovely. She is away with her pal. L, who was also in Switzerland with her -and then she will be back on Wednesday. I'm sending Boy No 1 over to Arran to collect her.

I haven't been out today - except for the shopping. I had terrible Migrane this morning, and it hasn't really lifted. I'm still feeling bowfy. And I just did my dinner out of my bottom. Not a good thing.

I'm heading upstairs now, early... try and clear my silly head and bum.

Night night.

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