Friday, May 21, 2010

I go walking in my dreams

there is little I like more than scrambling into a freshly made bed; especially a bed whose sheets and pillow cases have spent the day out blowing in the wind. The only thing that could make this perfect right now is if my husband were here with me- instead he is off with 30 scouts camping at culzean castle! I'm feeling pretty rough too. I think the volcanic ash has finally caught up with me, and am achy but worse than that I'm the wheeziest I've been in about 5 years. And that isn't good . The coughing is causing a pain in my chest and the back of my neck is sore -is okay tho inhavr nothing on all weekend so can just chill!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I don't Know, I don't Know, I don't Know.

Train journey was ideal this morning. Apart from two things!

I decided "HEADPHONES".  Why I didn't think of this before I have no idea.  I think maybe in my subconscious I like to hear what is being said, despite the sweariness. However.  Train for twenty minutes with Gary Barlow singing gently in my ear, whilst crocheting in baby blue was heaven. 

Except for the part where I sung "am so cold and all alone" outloud.

And also, the part where I reached down and fiddled with the zipper on my rucksack and was confused and saddened because I couldn't open it. As the chap across from me, got up, and lifted HIS rucksack from between us, I suddenly remembered my rucksack was on the seat beside me!

Monday, May 17, 2010

I'll Give So Much More than I get....

Woke up to a bright and sunny day.  What a difference that makes to the horrendous task of waving farewell to the weekend.

The bounce, because I did bounce, down to the station was delightful. Birds singing in the trees, and bees buzzing, and wee Fat Cat Stalking me pathetically.  (She wails the whole time). Waaaaaeeeeooooooowwwwwaaaaaaaa.

The train was on time,  it wasn't a steam train, but it was clean, and there was a lack of neds.  Neds did appear at the next station sadly. What is it about young people today that they have an inability, even to discuss the most menial topics without a liberal sprinkling of F and C.  Television Programmes, Their Parents, People they Like, things they like. They don't even use these word for things they don't like.  They are a inconsequential adjective.  A pointless use of a word which just offends the ears.

Anyways. Arrived safely ensconced in my crochet I can block out most sounds.

Delighted to see Blonde and Blonder were looking stunning today. Blonde has gone dark, which means my name for them is pointless, but give her a couple of weeks. The orange skin and brown feet look much better with blonde.   Blonder was amazing this morning. I reckon she must have had 3 hairpieces on.  She was more hair than she was body.


Oh - And I forgot yesterday to show you the treasure.... hence today's photo.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Today this could be, the best Day Of Our Life

Well, this weekend possibly could have been. 

I caught up with old friends.

Enjoyed a coffee at an outside cafe with the one that I love.  Browsed a new deli in town, which is EVERYTHING a new deli should be.

Had a Reiki session to blow away all Reiki Sessions.

Slept late on Sunday. Had breakfast prepared for me by my son and girlfriend.

Bimbled down to Train Station with my whole family to watch a steam train

Was entertained by Fat Cat pretending that she was going to chase a crow, and even more entertained by Crow pretending to be intimidated by her (not).

Then went on a treasure hunt, courtesy of Geocaching. Non entirely sure of the purpose or point, other than for fun.  We found the closest one to us. However it took a big glass of wine (see right) before I was brave enough to scramble about on the ground to the absolute horror of my kids.  (My husband doesn't mind these things, I act weird all the time, he is used to it).  I was delighted to find it, and even more delighted to find more clues around the town.  I can see I'm going to be busy.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

I want to sleep with common people like you.

So, same carriage this morning. 

Pretty Blonde Pregnant lady I have seen since before she was pregnant was there.  She is very pretty like a doll.  Very white hair, and her make up always immaculate and pink.  She is like china, and getting bigger by the minute.

Sitting next to me this morning, were 2 neds.  I call them neds, because they had shell suits on and flattened down, gelled hair. 

Their conversation was astounding.  One of the lads, possibly the better looking of the two, kepts getting texts.  They were guessing who it might be, before they looked, and then laughing hysterically when they were both wrong.  When they identified the texter, they then reminisced about where and when they "pumped" her.  Both of them appear to have "pumped" the same girls quite often.  One of them even "pumped" one of the girls on a bench, in a park, whilst another friend watched, albeit from a distance while the lesser good looking of the two squealed at him, (i have to say squealed because that is how he spoke on the train), "this is how it's done mate".  He actually provided actions too. 

I didn't count their sweary words, because to be honest. The doors hadn't shut from my stop and it had already moved into double figures. 

They are both apprentice mechanics. Apparently they have also been Apprentice bricklayers, and before that, apprentice painter and decorators too. They were 17.  How is this possible?  Do they only do 6 months of each Apprenticeship?

At the third stop down the line, I froze. A young school girl got on. White socks, black shoes, uniform the lot.  I begged in my mind for her to turn the opposite direction - head for first class to the left, instead of baggage class like me.  I figured the two of them would get stuck in about slagging her the minute they clocked her.

She turned towards me. I saw the better looking ned look up, and smirk and nod to his mate.  And my heart sunk. Did this little girl deserve to hear what I had been hearing.  (Come to think of it, did I?)  She sat down beside me, and unbelievably, their conversation toned down. I actually think they were trying to impress her, with their knowledgeable chat about mechanics and working for a qualification.

I was so grateful, I said thank you to her when I got off the train.  I said "i was so worried you would sit down and they would abuse your ears, but they actually acted with a bit of respect".

Thank you !

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

And We're Rolling, Rolling, Rolling down the Rive.

I changed carriages today.

Mainly because I didn't want the harassment of the 8 school kids who are travelling outwith their placement zone to attend the good school where I live, and in doing so ruining it's reputation in a 7 minute journey.  I only have to tolerate them for 3 minutes, but the language and behaviour to each other, and other travellers is intolerable.  I reported them to the head teacher last week, who replied that he would "endeavour" to identify them.  It's easy. Look at the placement requests, pull out all the pupils from Nowhere Land, and rip in to them.

My new carriage was lovely.  I got a window seat - reverse to direction, but that doesn't matter to me.  Across from me empty.  Diagonally opposite, a professor I think.  He had a book of Fossils.  The fact that he had fallen asleep while reading it, suggests maybe not a professor, but a student. A mature student, influenced by Ross in Friends (poor choice), and deciding late in life to become a love-lorn paleontologists.  He disembarked at the Airport. Maybe he was going on a trip to dig up some fossils. Maybe he was going to a dig, like Sam King in Jurassic Park?

When Professor got off, a Film Director got on.  He was fascinated by make-up lady, but not distracted enough, not to pull out his copy of "A Street Car Named Desire", with all his notes attached, wave it around in the air, so that we all recognised him for the artist he was, and then put it away again.  The real star of this carriage was make up lady.

Sitting on the same side as me, a young girl, who got on bereft of make-up. I have to say she looked pretty rough. But then, to my amazement, she pulled from her massive bag, toner, and toned.  Moisturiser and Moisturised.  Then a stream of make-up, proud of any counter, and completely transformed herself.  The effort however had been put to waste, when she stood up and her skirt was stuck to the waistband of itself.

Across from me on the opposite side of the train, a lady watched me sewing.  I could see her, because she was watching my hands.  It is so lovely that doing something that occupies people with your hands, allows you to examine what is going on around you, without "intruding" as it were.

She was watching the make-up artist with fascination.   A chap who had been sitting opposite her, with his sterling silver flask, harrumphed at the make-up putting on, and stood and moved to a newly empty seat. Looked down his nose at everyone, supped some of his home made coffee, which was obviously far superior to Costa, Nero or Coffee and Co, we rarely see Starbucks down here), and then picked up a Daily Record and began to read.  You just let yourself down big time there big man.

As I got off the Train, I met Andy, who is normally on my carriage. I explained why I had moved carriage, and told him I had reported the offended youngsters to the school. I'm not sure if that made him happy or not. He has a strange way of expressing himself, but I think he likes me, and I think maybe he was happy someone had done something.

I also spotted man who I follow at fast pace, and nodded hello to him.  One morning, after being pounced on by a junkie for a "light, or lighter even", i chased down the street after a face I knew, in order to afford myself some protection.  I think the poor man thought I was chasing him. It was 2 weeks before I saw him on the train again. I like to think he was on holiday, and no avoiding me.   I have explained to him what we are doing, and now I like to think that he is proud to be my protector.

Only one of Blond and Beautiful were there this morning. Not sure, where the other one was.  Blond, is not particularly beautiful.  She is petite, yes, dressed like a shop dummy in one of the "hip" dress shops, handy with hairpieces, and constantly updating the orange effect all over her body.  She is like little Tango Lady.   Her feet are almost dried apricot with hard skin. It is difficult to look at without pulling faces.  She wears the most amazing shoes; i have no idea how she manages to balance all the way to her work.

As I excited the Station, there was Gavin.  I call him Gavin, because my Son decided on a name.  I think it suits, because he is love-struck like Gavin in the TV show.  Gavin is on my train every morning, I'm not sure where he gets on, but every day, Gavin leaves the train, goes through the barriers and waits for Nessa/Peggy.  I call her Nessa because her attitude is similar to Nessa of Gavin and Stacy.  I called her Peggy, as a nice way of saying Piggy, cause she bears a fantastic resemblance to Miss Piggy, in shape, form, and attitude. I suppose I should just call her Peggy, but I like the Gavin and Stacy connection.

Gavin was let down today. Peggy wasn't there.  You would think when the work together, she could at least text and say "don't wait I'm not on the train".  I've sat next to her a couple of times, and she has audibly groaned when she see him.  But her demeanour and attitude don't put Gav off.  He waits patiently like a wee pup for her everyday. And when she isn't there.  His tail droops.