Sunday, May 16, 2010

Today this could be, the best Day Of Our Life

Well, this weekend possibly could have been. 

I caught up with old friends.

Enjoyed a coffee at an outside cafe with the one that I love.  Browsed a new deli in town, which is EVERYTHING a new deli should be.

Had a Reiki session to blow away all Reiki Sessions.

Slept late on Sunday. Had breakfast prepared for me by my son and girlfriend.

Bimbled down to Train Station with my whole family to watch a steam train

Was entertained by Fat Cat pretending that she was going to chase a crow, and even more entertained by Crow pretending to be intimidated by her (not).

Then went on a treasure hunt, courtesy of Geocaching. Non entirely sure of the purpose or point, other than for fun.  We found the closest one to us. However it took a big glass of wine (see right) before I was brave enough to scramble about on the ground to the absolute horror of my kids.  (My husband doesn't mind these things, I act weird all the time, he is used to it).  I was delighted to find it, and even more delighted to find more clues around the town.  I can see I'm going to be busy.

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