Monday, May 17, 2010

I'll Give So Much More than I get....

Woke up to a bright and sunny day.  What a difference that makes to the horrendous task of waving farewell to the weekend.

The bounce, because I did bounce, down to the station was delightful. Birds singing in the trees, and bees buzzing, and wee Fat Cat Stalking me pathetically.  (She wails the whole time). Waaaaaeeeeooooooowwwwwaaaaaaaa.

The train was on time,  it wasn't a steam train, but it was clean, and there was a lack of neds.  Neds did appear at the next station sadly. What is it about young people today that they have an inability, even to discuss the most menial topics without a liberal sprinkling of F and C.  Television Programmes, Their Parents, People they Like, things they like. They don't even use these word for things they don't like.  They are a inconsequential adjective.  A pointless use of a word which just offends the ears.

Anyways. Arrived safely ensconced in my crochet I can block out most sounds.

Delighted to see Blonde and Blonder were looking stunning today. Blonde has gone dark, which means my name for them is pointless, but give her a couple of weeks. The orange skin and brown feet look much better with blonde.   Blonder was amazing this morning. I reckon she must have had 3 hairpieces on.  She was more hair than she was body.


Oh - And I forgot yesterday to show you the treasure.... hence today's photo.

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