Saturday, June 30, 2007

Talk about things you like to do.........

Weird old world.

Two guys have driven their car into Glasgow Airport - alight. Not very amusing. Poor Lil-Devil
is sitting in her flat not 20 minutes away from Glasgow Airport wondering if it (the flat) will still be there tomorrow morning.

I think someone was just trying it on, and tomorrow morning, what seemed like a brilliant Saturday night jape is going to turn out to be not so pleasant sitting on a runway to Guantanamo Bay.

Terrorists in Glasgow? Seems unfeasible..... Would Taggart say "thurs been a terrorist attack". I think not.


Thursday, June 28, 2007

Ground Control to Major Tom..........

So in the last three days I have spotted 3 Spacehoppers abandoned by the side of the road. Two were in Bouncing condition, the other was slightly deflated. Personally I think we are under attack by forces unknown, well not unknown is obviously being headed up by Space Hopper Force, but I'm just not sure who is controlling them.

It maybe the drums calling them to action and these poor abandoned volunteers have not made the grade and have fallen by the wayside.

At least we can be grateful that it isn't the cybermen. I only feel threatened by Space Hoppers when I see the evil Rabbit faces.

The Money Is Here. My Money has Come Back! I am saved. Terry is not a kid-on dealer. He is real!.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

dream to sleep.....

I am so tired.

Mentally exhausted. I "lost" 1.9 million euros today. It left work bank account and whirrled around the ether for a couple of hours before it showed up where it was supposed to, but it was an hour too late for it to come back to me again.

I hate banks. Trying to make me feel small while they are doing the go slow. And on the other end of the phone, was a foreign exchange broker doing his best to calm me down as I started pondering whether he was actually valid dealer or just a fly by night who had just phoned me on the off chance.

So now I need to sleep.




Have just seen an email confirming my son's guests for the Jamboree Ho Ho (Home Hospitality - where we make visiting Scouts welcome in our house for a couple of days).

We debated about where to put two boys....... and now I discover we are getting 2 girls. O M G. Two Danish Girls....... Will have to work extra hard to keep them entertained and away from the Hormone Mountain that is Steven. Wah.

Who said Boys were easier? Not at all.

Sun is in the Sky....

But I do wish I was somewhere else. The kids are so busy right now, I barely have time to think.

No 1 Kid Clay Pidgeon Shooting and Indian tonight..... No 2 Kid Drama rehearsals, then Alton Towers, No 1 Kid to Paint Balling tomorroow, No 2 Kid still at Alton Towers, Then No 1 Husband going to Scout Camp, Me going to Reiki 2 course, Then 5 more days of work, and then........... H O L I D A Y... Celebrate.......

It can't come soon enough. But hey, that is living outwith the precepts. Live in the Moment....... Mindfulness. Don't wish my life away.....

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Amazing...... What your kids do when you aren't watching........

I'm So Excited. And I just Can't Hide it

New Blogger... in Draft.

Makes Videos. I can have so much fun with this......... keep watching. I forget all the things I have on my phone....

They Look Far Drunker in Mine!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Wide Awake,.... I'm not sleeping

I'm definitely in a Bono mood this week. Wide Awake... I'm Wide Awake... I'm not sleeping..... Love that song.

But I'm not really wide awake. I'm very tired. I came in, had tea, took Eilidh to Next Clearance.... then Tesco and now I'm home. Si has lost a CD for the PC and is having a loop trying to find it.

Eilidh has just painted her money pig. Lovely. Is a bit colourful, but exactly how a pig should be.

So now, I'm going to go and have a wee bit of meditation.... is Distant Empowerment night. I always feel better after it. More awake.

The mad woman phoned me at work today to apologise for phoning me at home, I said I thought she should have, it wasn't right. She then wanted to tell me all the behind the scenes family problems, I asked her to stop and told her that I really didn't want to get any more involved, and I was going. Bit blunt i think, but had to be done. - Eilidh is playing this game. Heaven's about I can't do it. Si and Her are bashing thru it. I defo need to sleep.

Sorry's Not Good Enough


Got personally involved with a customer at work, just trying to help them out of a situation. Passed the situation on a couple of weeks ago, and thought that was the end of it, but unforunately no. A party to the problem phoned last night about 10 pm, wanting information....... not impressed. Phoning me at home. Not Good.

They called this morning to apologise, and started to try and tell me the background of their problems, but I just told them "not interested".

it's not nice being blunt, but sometimes you just have to be.

You can't shoulder everyone's problems.

Sunday, June 24, 2007


I'll teach you the proper ploys
When you talk to boys
Little ways to flirt and flounce
I'll show you what shoes to wear
How to fix your hair
Everything that really count

I think it will have to be Broadway...... to coincide with the US Preview Of Freestyle Voodoo Baby


Guess What Lil'Devil.

Am having Risotto on Thursday. Have planned my menu out that far in advance.

Sunday Rainy Sunday

When I think of Bono singing Sunday Bloody Sunday, i think of the Red Rocks concert, and Sunday nights in the wee pub round the corner from our Flat in Blackwood Crescent. They had a big screen and every other Sunday night they would play U2 at Red Rocks, and I'd go and nurse a half pint and sit entranced by Booni, as my dad called him.

I liked that year. Flat was minging, and behaviour of flat mates was sometimes minging, but we had a ball, a real year of student living. Mad nights, parties, too much drink and too much fun! The neighbours hated us.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Keep Saturday Sacred....

They are so right these campaigners. Saturday should be special. Especially for people like me.

I've been in work since 9.10 (I slept in,being as it was a Saturday), and I am working, and I still have one hour and ten minutes to go. I am so tired. My eyes are rolling about in my head. I will have to drive home with the windows wide open so that I don't have an accident.

I should be allowed to piddle about ALL day on a Saturday and a Sunday. I wasn't cut out for weekend working no way no how.

I've been very busy. I've written very detailed notes about everyone who came in - a few notes about people who were just passing and were wearing v. bad clothes, and I've posted invoices and taken many many phone calls. So it isn't as if I've just been sitting being bored. I'm just really needing to be horizontal for a long while on a Saturday.

Shock and Awe

No 1 Daughter went to see No 1 Son and I think was also shocked that Brother could sing!

No 1 Daughter has always been the Stage Star in our house. She gave up Ballet classes because they only had one performance a year.... she needed to be on stage more! What a kid. No one would believe that No 1 Daughter could do the things she does on stage. In "real" life she is so quiet, polite and shy to the outside world. Then you put her on Stage and she is quite happy to become someone else. She astounds me. Absolutely Astounds me. The first time she sung on Stage by herself, she must have been...... 10. O M G She played Oliver. Then she was Prince Charming, both times sitting there all alone on Stage singing away.

This is the worst thing about being a mum. I spontaneously burst into tears when I see my kids be brilliant.

Friday, June 22, 2007


I don't do thunder and lightening.

I should really go home. I may get electrocuted.


he has it. My son has X Factor. Defo. I was almost in tears as he sat on Stage and comforted his "aunt" on the phone, and then sung her a wee song to make her smile.

I cannot believe that my son could get up on stage and do that, like it was second nature to him. Amazed and sooooooooooooooooo proud.

This is him with Kathryn, who ends up his wife.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Nerves Nerves Nerves

No 1 Son is performing in school Musical Mame tonight!! Am very nervous for him! Am sitting here shaking waiting on either (a) his imminent return, or (b) a phone call from the Gran or the Nant and Nunk to advise me on the progress of the evening.

I can hardly breathe am so nervous. Swept my bedroom floor, put some more books on bookshelf, and wet dusted my room. THAT's how nervous I am. Waaaaaaaaa

Monday, June 18, 2007

Big Boobs

I have big boobs because I have a big heart.

That is what Lil'Devil told me.

However, I secretly believe it is because I need to loose some weight!

So Anyways

I'm thinking that there is this building in Troon up for rental, and I'd love to have it and make it something spectacular. Like a Tap Dancing School. I love tap dancing.

Hey Lil'Devil, how do you fancy being a Tap Coach? Or you could do Freestyle, I know how much you like that.

Am sitting here, bored to tears at work. Shouldn't really be I have a tray which has now reached the heady heights of 1½ feet. I really need to get stuck in about it, but I can't be arsed. Too busy a weekend. What I need is a day off to recover after the weekend. I still think that I should join the Monster Raving Looney Party and petition for a 10 day week. Still work 5 days, but have 5 day weekends. Doesn't that sound much better.

It cost £500 to submit yourself for an election, I could have Lil'Devil as my Campaign Manager and together we could take over firstly Renfrew (I think they'd vote for me there), and then the rest of Scotland.

o m g

I had to start again, because I'm commenting on Wee-Devil.blogspot.... and someone is bound to come over and check up on me.

I am friend of Lil Devil. We eat together and bitch. It's what we do best.

I will come back and tell you more later.