Saturday, June 30, 2007

Talk about things you like to do.........

Weird old world.

Two guys have driven their car into Glasgow Airport - alight. Not very amusing. Poor Lil-Devil
is sitting in her flat not 20 minutes away from Glasgow Airport wondering if it (the flat) will still be there tomorrow morning.

I think someone was just trying it on, and tomorrow morning, what seemed like a brilliant Saturday night jape is going to turn out to be not so pleasant sitting on a runway to Guantanamo Bay.

Terrorists in Glasgow? Seems unfeasible..... Would Taggart say "thurs been a terrorist attack". I think not.



  1. Nope is actual terrorist attack. Houses in Renfrewshire being searched, is high drama. Everything is Paisley though. Glasgow Airport's in Paisley. RAH hospital's in Paisley. The houses being searched are in Paisley. Why Paisley???

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