Saturday, June 23, 2007

Keep Saturday Sacred....

They are so right these campaigners. Saturday should be special. Especially for people like me.

I've been in work since 9.10 (I slept in,being as it was a Saturday), and I am working, and I still have one hour and ten minutes to go. I am so tired. My eyes are rolling about in my head. I will have to drive home with the windows wide open so that I don't have an accident.

I should be allowed to piddle about ALL day on a Saturday and a Sunday. I wasn't cut out for weekend working no way no how.

I've been very busy. I've written very detailed notes about everyone who came in - a few notes about people who were just passing and were wearing v. bad clothes, and I've posted invoices and taken many many phone calls. So it isn't as if I've just been sitting being bored. I'm just really needing to be horizontal for a long while on a Saturday.

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  1. OMG i opened the dairy milk, i cant stop putting it in my mouth