Thursday, August 30, 2007

Piff Paff Poff

Wee Devil sings Gang Bang, I sing, Piff Paff Poff.

Am So excited, really I am. Alan Cumming tomorrow night, with his bottom hanging out.

Is a proper Greek play, but I'm going to see Alan Cumming's bottom. Truely I am . I care not a jott about the play or the meaning behind it, but I am interested very much in what's behind Alan! namely his buttocks! Imagine.

Wee Devil and I are contemplating whether we should wear long or short togas, and we did contemplate whether or not a reading of The Bacchae would give us any indication of when to stand up and sing "Piff Paff Poff". How happy do you think he would be to hear that. Afterwards, we are going to stand at the Stage Doors like hookers, and if he doesn't agree to take us both on (hardly likely as he's batting the other way at the moment), then we'll just go t' food place.

We both like food. Kirst does tend to love it more than me, and I am quite quite envious of her. She has an ability to throw galleons of food down her throat without growing podgy around the middle. Quite quite amazing.

Must dash right at this moment. I have son No 1 to pick up from Volleyball.


Tuesday, August 28, 2007

And I think to myself

It is, it is, a wonderful world. Look at the sky from last night. We are getting more and more sunsets that look as gorgeous as this, and if this is global warming then am all for it.

Am very tired tonight. Had very stressful evening. Had to walk thru the town centre of a town near where I work, and this is not a pleasant experience at 5.30 in the evening. Christ knows what it would be like at 10 pm at night. Put it this way, am never going to find out. Anyways, got thru that trauma, and then.... a flipping hairy seagull pooped on me. Not just a little one, but a flipping great big manky sloshy one. I feel physically sick telling you this, but am hoping the opening my heart about it is going to wash it from my system. (Emotionally speaking, I've already washed it from my physcial being).

Red Roses Too. I see them bloom...

It's not really , I think it is 28th. I missed blogging last week. Have been v. busy. Kids went back to school and afterschool activities. Spent the week running round after them. Still doing that this week, but have a night off tonight.

Wanted to remember 23rd, cause that is 21 years, twenty one, say it again. since I met Si. I can't believe it. I can remember 23rd 21 years ago, like it was yesterday. What I was wearing, what he was wearing. Who I was with, who he was with, where we stood, what we said, and when I knew.

He sent me big bunch of roses. gorgeous. To my work, which made it even more gorg. Aren't they spectacular.


Sunday, August 19, 2007

I gotta Get out of this place

I've been trying since 4 pm to get out of this place. .

Customers keep walking in when I'm half way round from my door to the front door, and I don't have the heart to tell them to piss off.

The last one took the biscuit tho. Crawled in thru the shutter. Yes, I had the shutter down, and she crawled underneath it. What was I doing at the time? Trying to set the alarm. Yep. So I was. Can YOu believe it. I think I need to take some time out to meditate. Rapidly feel myself loosing control.

Is this burning, An Eternal Flame?

I love my husband, oh yes I do.

This morning, he sent me an email from the Scouts discussing an upcoming expedition to Malawi, I said, "yeah", go for it". He came back and said he was only showing it to me cause he wanted Steve to have the opportunity.

He joined the Scouts. I think he should go too. Don't you? They are going to be fixing huts and classrooms for little malawi people. What a chance eh? All good.

Me and the Tool and gran can all go to Shuna. Oh Yes we can.


It's A Beautiful Day Way Hay

Well, it's not raining. It rained ALL day yesterday. Big heavy blobs of rain all day.

My bunnies got soaked, so at 1030 last night we brought them in and gave them a rub down and filled their bed up with fresh clean straw. I think Blue could have stayed in all night, he looked SOO comfy. Thumps on the other hand was fleeing around like demented dervish.

Am working today. Not particularly happy about it, but I had Friday off which was lovely. I think I need to work a four day week and have 3 day weekend. Would be lovely. Except I think I would vary the third day. Sometimes Fridays, Sometime Monday.

Kids go back to school tomorrow. I've done very well. I bought them shirts / blouses/ trousers / skirts / shoes / pens /pencils. I think that they have everything else.

I hope that they have everything else.


Saturday, August 18, 2007

Deeply dippy

I took my pills this morning, but the big one stuck sideyways across my throat and the little ones stuck in behind it. I was going shopping and I figured that it would move as I got there. By the time i got to TESCO I figured that It wasn't going to happen! I had to flee in and buy a bottle of juice... drunk the bottle of juice. nothing. still there. The top two pills started to dissolve and I got really bad taste in my mouth. I started to gag, and tried desperately to find something to eat to scrape it down my throat.

I had to flee to the toilet and gagged. Hoping that I could cough them up. I was very very sick. My bottle of water and my cup of tea came up. But the pain was still in theb ottom of my throat. I tidied myself up and washed my face and then I went and did the shopping as fast as I could. And now I'm home and I can still feel the silly pain in my throat. I feel bowf.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Cause we're all in this together.....

Tool is watching High School Musical - LIVE. OMG. I think I know all the words to all the songs.

Wee-Devil hinted at this thing called BIMBO today, and I tried it, but I don't get it. Maybe I'm not blonde enough? I should go and do more blonde in my head!

Years ago I lived in the top floor of a three Storey flat - A skin head who was constantly doped up lived on the Ground Floor, and We stayed on the top, along side an old lady who lived on the opposite side. That's all there was. In the 5 surrounding blocks - no one. It was empty. Derelict. Glue sniffers used to use the communal bag close to come and stick their head inside bags of Sunblest emptied of their Bread and full of Copydex and then run around in a dazed haze usually with their trousers down. Packs of dogs used the communal gardens too. Always bonking each other. All sorts of dogs. I saw many mongrels being created, some of which were actually in defiance of the laws of physics.

Bloody hell. See when I think back. Flipping hairies. It was a bit scarey. But hey you live with it don't you!


Sunday, August 12, 2007

O M G I Can't Believe it

I had a car spin yesterday!!!

Yeah, I know, I think I maybe used that one before, but seriously it was freaky scarey!

We were driving along North Shore Road, just turning into the corner which takes us up to Kilmarnock Road flyover, and my steering locked, stuck, fast, hard to the right, the car was still travelling forward but spinning round, from the back end, spinny spinny spinny, until crunch. We hit the kerb on the other side of the road and bounced up on it, and ended up perfectly parked on the pavement on the opposite side of the road, and facing 180 degrees the opposite direction we had been travelling it.

Eilidh kept saying "what are you doing what are you doing", I was saying, "shit shit shit shit shit". Now before you say anything I was not doing any more than say 27 miles per hour, I reckon I was going slower, because the rain was heaving down, and I was keeping well away from the car in front, which was a flipping good job. I was just really grateful that the traffic coming the opposite direction was far enough to see me getting into trouble and stay short of me. The chap in the car in front stopped and came back to see me and make sure I was okay, which was brilliant - THANK YOU SO MUCH WHO EVER YOU WERE IN YOUR RED CAR. I'm VERY GRATEFUL. I was very shaken afterwards, but apart from a bit of grass stuck in the alloys there was no damage. I doubt however Eilidh will ever drive with me again!


Saturday, August 11, 2007

Raindrops keep falling on my head

Is totally pouring today. All over the place. Not just light and fluffy rain, but heavy wet drops which are splishing everywhere.

I've just been down the town to post my latest Ebay sale, it cost me £1.84 to post, and I charged £3.00. So that was okay. I think overall I lost out tho, cause the shoes cost me .... oh no., they were £1.99, I sold them for £0.01, so I made.....1.01, cool.

O M G EIlidh just pulled her jumper up to let me see her belly button,,,,,, flat belly button and wee tiny waist. I'm just going to measure her. 34" 27" 34". Isn't that amazing. Gorgeous Shape.

And long hair too. She is just quite perfect. I did a good job there.


Friday, August 10, 2007

Comic Strip Presents.....

Friday..... I'm in love

I got to the end of another week. Am knackered. Seriously knackered. I've worked really hard all week, and I'm not quite thru all my work, and I've still got stacks of things to do which aren't in my tray. Bummer.

I just remembered there that I threw a wobbler in the Papershop while Steven was away, I was getting phone calls saying that people were complaining that they weren't getting their papers... but I knew there were all, so I was demanding names!! tee hee. However, I went round and spoke to all his customers on the Monday night, and everyone of them was so nice about Stevo that I was nearly greeting with happiness when I got home. It is so lovely to hear people say nice things about your kids!

Eilidh is having hormonal trouble just now. She is pocessed by the spirit of a big blood demon and hates people coming near her, however I have told her if she just gets out there and forgets about it, it will be okay - Act happy, and she'll be happy. Is very difficult. She won't tell her pal what is up with her, so when they left there, I screamed out the door after her. 'are you sure you don't need a painkiller', and she glared at me, and then I shouted, 'it's perfectly natural' and her pal finally realised what was happening!! Hopefully Eilidh will be a wee bitty more relaxed now.

have just been away ..... there is like a twenty minute gap between that paragraph and this one. Si is away to a Scout Leaders Meeting and wanted a run, just in case he was going to go to the pub afterwards! Ho Hum. So here I am all on my ownsome.

Just emailed Lil-Devil see if she wanted to come out and play. Since we live about 37 miles apart, it doesn't seem likely.

Wonder if she is seeing Elephant Man tonight ?


Thursday, August 09, 2007

Lets Hear it for the Boy

He Came Home last night at 1030pm.... and look see... .He gave his sister a hug.... this was probably after about 2 minutes, because I couldn't get the camera to flash, hence he looks a little strained!

I think he has spent the week outside.. look at the colour of him!

Anyways... Why are we cheering??? 3 x 1 and 5 x 2 Standard Grades! For a Chap who as good as duffed mosted of them in February at prelim, I think that's pretty Damned Fantastic!

Go No One Boy! Yeahhhhhh!

Welcome Home!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Jesus Bids Us Shine

But Lil-Devil won't approach him.

She see's him nearly every day on the bus. Once he had a banana and stopped someone from missing the bus - I doubt the two were related (the banana and the action, nor Jesus and the person who was helped), but that was all on the same day. I think this was maybe the day she started reporting the Jesus sightings.

She says, "he's watching me again, I had to look at my magazine", and I tell her, IF HE IS JEsus, he knows what you are thinking, so you should just go over and speak to him anyways. But she declines.

He was in the same shop as her one day, I told her to approach him then, but nope. Is very strange, if I was sure I had spotted the Second Coming, I'd be well in there. Think of the Questions!

But I have to ask myself, if he is the second coming, why is he travelling daily on a Renfrew to Glasgow City Centre Bus, and why is he calling himself Roddy?


Sunday, August 05, 2007

Didn't We Have a Lovely Day the Day we went to


No Lunch on the way, but a couple of Starbucks Mocha's (For Me), because Kerry had problems with her train and we had to wait for her so I drunk hers too. Kirst and Me sat in George Square for a bit and got a suntan and then we were squished up close and personal with a gang of lads going thru to Edinburgh for the Fringe all the Way. NO Seats, So Kirsty's pack lunch (M&S Muffins, Cappucino Bars, Percy Pigs and M&S Crisps were all wasted [at that point]). - More of that later.

Edinburgh was lovely. As always. After getting off the train, we contemplated the Dungeons but decided against it because we were too scared.

The Royal Mile was brilliant full of Street Entertainers and a Flat Rainbow. Seriously. Look at it. Isn't that excellent.

We went up to the Castle and took the tour. After We got searched!!! Seriously, there was a big trailing queue (with no one in it), and we had to open our bags and let them look in. Bummer. Anyways, we got in and joined the group for the guided tour. John Was our guide.

This is him leading another group up to the castle once we were on our way out. He was hysterical. Doesn't think much of the Governments ideal of Political Correctness! tee hee. He was VERY knowledgeable about the castle and told us everything we needed to know. After the tour we headed in to the Crown Jewels Exhibition and were duly impressed. What impressed us even more was the Birthing Room of Queen Mary..... there was graffiti on the wall... but dated 1817... I asked the guide and she said "yup" was indeed graffiti dating back to 1800's. Soldiers used to be barracked there. I can't believe it. I thought graffiti was a late 20th Century thing.

After the castle we headed back down the Royal Mile and wandered down to the Grassmarket, and headed to the Last Drop Pub and had a bowl of Soup and some bread while I threw a vodka down Wee-Devil! Had to be done. Was very warm.

After the Grassmarket, we headed for cocktails back up on the Royal Mile. Filling Station got our custom and we were fascinated by a woman bringing in a bag of chips and a bottle of coke to eat beside her husband who was in for a pint!!

Can you believe the cheek of her! We had two jugs of Cocktails - Fun on the Beach, and something else. The first one was best!! Can't remember was the second was.

We went down to the Dungeons after that . O M G How could we have been scared. The only thing I'd be scared of if I went again, would be not having a clean pair of pants to change into after pee'ing myself. Seriously, it was the funniest thing I have ever seen in my life. I thought I was going to expire listening to the lunatics behave like characters from Scotland's History. Absolutely Brilliant.

next we went to Mary Kings (Or Kiani, as Wee-Devil calls it), Close . It was interesting, but not half as entertaining as The Dungeon. The Close is a city beneath the city. Closes up to 12 stories high were built within the walls of Edinburgh. No space for the city to grow out, so it grew up. But the Closes were sealed off after an outbreak of plague and the City Chambers knocked the top few storys off and were built on top. Underneath the City Chambers now, is a maze of closes (wee narrow streets, separating 12 story high buildings - no further apart than perhaps 5 feet. The neighbours could probably have reached out their windows and touched each other!

There was a lovely cold spot in one of the rooms, but unfortunately, moving round with a group of 20 people and a guide, who was trying VERY hard, but not succeeding in winning us over, coupled with the pain in the arse 10 year old know-it-all-yank, it wasn't the best circumstance to stand and examine it. The Closes were much better before they were open to the public - when you had to squeeze thru the archive room of the Council to get into it. Aw Well Progress eh?


Thursday, August 02, 2007

He's a Star..... On the TV

Looky Looky....... My No 1 Boy on the TV.... Yeah. Is a TV Star....... Bit Muddy, but still my boy, and still on TV......

I haven't seen him for a week. I'm so pleased to see him.


Holding out for a Hero.....

So Lil'Devil held out for a hero, and then took loads of photos of her Bus time Table instead of the Smeatonator.

He was drinking in the same pub as she was last night, surrounded by a bevvie of publicity girls.. and photographers, if she just went over and told him that we had bought him a drink on I'm sure he would have bought her one back, and maybe taken her out for a nice meal? Do you think. Waaaaa. She was texting me asking me what to do, I can't believe she just didn't go over. Tell you what! If we see anyone famous on Saturday in Edinburgh and she doesn't physically attack them, I will be soooo distressed!