Saturday, August 11, 2007

Raindrops keep falling on my head

Is totally pouring today. All over the place. Not just light and fluffy rain, but heavy wet drops which are splishing everywhere.

I've just been down the town to post my latest Ebay sale, it cost me £1.84 to post, and I charged £3.00. So that was okay. I think overall I lost out tho, cause the shoes cost me .... oh no., they were £1.99, I sold them for £0.01, so I made.....1.01, cool.

O M G EIlidh just pulled her jumper up to let me see her belly button,,,,,, flat belly button and wee tiny waist. I'm just going to measure her. 34" 27" 34". Isn't that amazing. Gorgeous Shape.

And long hair too. She is just quite perfect. I did a good job there.



  1. Sigh. I am hugely jealous. Hugely.

    As I dont own a measuring tape I cant take my measurements....I'm sure they're just as impressive though!!


  2. Is a bit worrying tho.

  3. Anonymous8:21 pm

    I'll bet. But you're safe in the knowledge that she's not a bit like you or I.

  4. arf arf arf arf. I think it's developing tho.