Thursday, August 09, 2007

Lets Hear it for the Boy

He Came Home last night at 1030pm.... and look see... .He gave his sister a hug.... this was probably after about 2 minutes, because I couldn't get the camera to flash, hence he looks a little strained!

I think he has spent the week outside.. look at the colour of him!

Anyways... Why are we cheering??? 3 x 1 and 5 x 2 Standard Grades! For a Chap who as good as duffed mosted of them in February at prelim, I think that's pretty Damned Fantastic!

Go No One Boy! Yeahhhhhh!

Welcome Home!


  1. Anonymous12:41 pm

    Hels, I've said it before, and no doubt I'll say it again, both your kids are lovely! A veritable credit to you and Steve!

    I went on a ghost hunt last Saturday night. Absolutely frikkin brilliant it was!

    Michelham Priory..and no prizes for guessing who it may have been who had to rush out of the room...

    You're sounding really chipper

  2. Aw Hazel

    Thanking you very much.

    Am indeedy exceptionally chipper. Life is good at the present moment in time. My kids are GORGEOUS. My Husband is a DARLING, Work is Not A problem at all AND the Sun is SHINING!