Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Jesus Bids Us Shine

But Lil-Devil won't approach him.

She see's him nearly every day on the bus. Once he had a banana and stopped someone from missing the bus - I doubt the two were related (the banana and the action, nor Jesus and the person who was helped), but that was all on the same day. I think this was maybe the day she started reporting the Jesus sightings.

She says, "he's watching me again, I had to look at my magazine", and I tell her, IF HE IS JEsus, he knows what you are thinking, so you should just go over and speak to him anyways. But she declines.

He was in the same shop as her one day, I told her to approach him then, but nope. Is very strange, if I was sure I had spotted the Second Coming, I'd be well in there. Think of the Questions!

But I have to ask myself, if he is the second coming, why is he travelling daily on a Renfrew to Glasgow City Centre Bus, and why is he calling himself Roddy?



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  2. No no he doesnt call himself Roddy - its me who calls him Roddy!

  3. What is all this about?