Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Sunday Stealing from Quite a while back, and On A Tuesday.

The Letter A 
Are you agnostic?   Indeedy, In every sense of the word
What is your age?    Whatever Age I feel at any particular time of the day.  Today, am 28. 
What annoys you?   WM. pah ha ha ha

The Letter B
Do you like bacon?   Oh I do. I do.  Crispy, with brown sauce. 
When is your birthday?   April, at the end of. 
Who is your best friend?   My Si. oh yes indeedy. 

The Letter C 
What is your favorite candy?    is American Term, therefore I will opt for American Candy. Hershey Kisses
Who is your crush?    My Crush. Justin Timberlake. It's mutual. 
When was the last time you cried?   Hmm, recently. I cry quite a lot. 

The Letter D
Do you daydream?    To win the lottery, or just find money. 
What is your favorite kind of dog?   Springer Spaniel
What day of the week is it?    Is... Tuesday, had to think about that there. 

The Letter E
How do you like your eggs?   In the morning... I like mine with smile!
Have you ever been in the emergency room?   Yes, Sore Arm, Sore Leg, Sore Head.  Nothing Serious.  Heading there now in fact. 

What’s the easiest thing to ever do?  Breathe

The Letter F
Have you ever flown in a plane?   Yah, many plane. 
Do you use fly swatters?   I swat flies but not with a specific swatter. 
Have you ever used a foghorn?   I think so.  

The Letter G
Do you chew gum?   I do. 
Ever tried gazpacho?  Nope
Are you a giver or taker?   Both. :-)

The Letter H
How are you?   Fine thank you kindly for asking. 
What’s your height?   5.4½
What color is your hair? Brown, Red, Grey, Multi.

The Letter I
What is your favorite ice-cream?   Vanilla with Tablet Lumps
Have you ever ice-skated?  Oh Yes, used to be my favorite
Do you play an instrument?  I pretend to. 

The Letter J
What is your favorite jelly bean?   Buttered Popcorn
Do you wear jewelry?  Welding Ring
Have you heard a really hilarious joke? Yeah, but don't ask me to repeat it. 

The Letter K 
Whom do you want to kill?   WM.... Pha ha ha ha ha
Do you want kids?    I have kids, thank you for asking. 
Where did you go to kindergarten?   Mrs Griffith's house, in St Meddan's Street. 

The Letter L
Are you laid-back?  Yes I am. 
Do you lie?  No I don't

Do you love anyone?  I love my Si.I Love my babies. I love me mam.

 The Letter M
What is your favorite movie?  Dogma. 
Do you still watch Disney movies?  Yes, but not for a while
Do you like mangoes?   Yes. 

The Letter N 
Do you have a nickname?  Dogwithnobrain isn't my real name.
What is your favorite number? 6
Do you prefer night or day?  that sleepy bit in between. 

The Letter O
What is your one wish?   To be happy. Always. 
Are you an only child?  Nope. 
Do you wish this year was over? Nope

The Letter P 
What is one fear that you are most paranoid about?   Becoming too crazy to cope.
What personality trait would you look for in someone you wanted to date?   almost as crazy as me, but not quite. 

The Letter Q 
Are you quick to judge people?  Nah.  I have good inner feelings. 

The Letter R
Do you think you are always right? Yes, see above. 
Do you watch reality T.V.?   I try really hard not to. 
What is a good reason to cry? Reality TV 

The Letter S 
Do you prefer sun or rain?   Rain
Do you like snow?   Yes
What is your favorite season?  Autumn

The Letter T 
What time is it?   13:58
What time did you wake up?  7.28
When was the last time you slept in a tent? Last Summer (I gave you my heart. 

The Letter U
Are you wearing underwear?  Of Course. I am a lady. 
Do you open your eyes when under water?   Yes. 

The Letter V 
What is the worst veggie?  Evil Taemataes. (Yes, I konw it is a fruit)
Where do you want to go on vacation?  Mount Olive
What was your last family vacation together?  This year amazingly!

 The Letter W 
What is your worst habit?   Snoring.  Yes, I snore so loud I wake myself up. 
Where do you live?  SCOTLAND

The Letter X 
Have you ever had an X-ray?   yes, going to get one today too. 
Have you ever seen the X-Games?   Nope.
Do you own or have you ever played a xylophone?  Yes. 

The Letter Y
Do you like the color yellow?   My husband is yellow. I love yellow
What year were you born in?  Long Time ago in Bethlehem
What do you yearn for most?  Happiness  (and money

The Letter Z
What is your Zodiac Sign?  Taurus or Aries, depending how I feel . 
Do you believe in the Zodiac?  Depends how it reads.
What is your favorite zoo animal?Chimpanzees, which aren't monkeys, they are apes.  The difference is the tail. Monkey's have tails.  Apes dont! 





Sunday, October 20, 2013

What was your first alcoholic drink?    Hmmmm  Advocat! New Years.  Advocat watered down with lemonade.

What was your first job?   Pan washer in a restaurant.  Then I got promoted to dish water, then starter  maker

What was your first car?   A Blue Suzuki two seater. It was a fikking disaster from start to finish.

What was your first mobile phone?   A nokia brick. I loved it, with Snake.

What is your first proper memory?   Being inside my pram, being pushed by my Aunty and my Gran.  Past the Gas Works at Barassie. 

Who was your first teacher?   I had a Miss Griffiths as a nursery teacher who ran a "nursery" in her house.

Which fictional character do you wish was real?   Iron Man.  Schexy

Where did you go on your first ride on an airplane?   When I was 8 to Jersey

Who was your first best friend?   J across the road. We were friends for years.  Now I can see her house frommy front room, and we don't even acknowledge each other. 

What was your first detention for?   A squeaky cow in History.

What's your strongest sense?   My heart. 

Who was your first kiss?  A chap called John, my sister sent him to me when I was 10...10  can you believe??  

What was the first film you remember seeing at the cinema?   Bambi

What's the largest amount of money you've ever won?  £100

What's the largest amount of money you've spent in one spree?  Not that much.

If you had a warning label, what would yours say?    Mental.

Have you ever got sweet revenge on anyone?   Yes. Karma's a bitch.

 Have you ever been to a live concert?   Yah.  Several.  Erm... Starting with Lulu, Slik, Simple Minds, ABC, Thomson Twins, U2, Sade, Euthyrmics, Cult, China Crisis, New Order, .... 

Have you ever been to see stand up comedy?   Yah,  Bloody funny, but bloody scary.

Have you ever needed stitches?  Yeah, but surgical. Not accidental.

1) What room are you in?  In the Living Room.  So I am.  Watching the rain out the window. 

2) Can you solve a rubix cube?  If you remove the colour tabs, and re-stick them on, is quite engrossing.

3) Are you psychic in any way?  Yes I am.    I am sending you psychic messages through the web.

4) What star sign are you?  Taurus with a bit of Aries thrown in for good profiles.

5) What's your favorite color?  Duck egg Blue.

6) What's your lucky number?   6,4, 42, 46 44, 64.  Any number with 6, 4 or 2

7) Do you have any chores that should be done now?  A housefull. -)

8) Did you have a cherished childhood teddy bear or other toy?  Sarah Bash.  a 15inch Fashion Doll, whose head was a bit too close to the fire and she melted.

9) What was the last thing you bought from a vending machine?    Coffee I think.... Can't remember, been a while

10) What shoe size are you? 5.5.    Yes, probably. 

11) How many pairs of shoes do you own?   about 4

12) If you were prime minister/ruler of the world what laws would you make?  I would decimilise Time.  ten day week, 5 day weekend, 5 day working week, 20 hour day, 10 hour day,10 hour night.  5 week month, 10 months a year.  Lovely. 

13) If you were a super hero what powers would you have?   Already have it.  Mind Reading.

14) and what would your hero name be?   Amazing Hel

15) and what outfit would you wear?  Blue onsie with duck egg blue cape.

16) What was your last dream about?  Being at a psychiatrist being analysed and trying desperately hard to prove I wasn't crazy. 

17) What would you do if you won the lottery?   Settle debts.   Make Children happy. buy a new car.

18) Would you like to build/design your own house?  Yes, I bloody would.

19) Which form of public transport do you prefer?   hmmm, train. I think.  No contact.

21) Can you juggle?  Yes I can.  Was a requirement of a job. once.

Saturday, October 05, 2013

My Random Randomness Meme

  1. How did you choose your baby's or pet's names?     For the Boy, we wanted a strong, boy's name.     For the girl... something traditionally Scottish, and pretty. 
  2.  Have you ever been fishing?   Yes I have indeedy.   Fishing in a little boat off a little Scottish Island.
  3. Have you ever had your national flag painted on your face?  English .. :-)
  4. What was the last social faux pas you made?   Congratulating a friend on her pregnancy, when I knew she had been trying for years, only to realise she wasn't....
  5. What makes you nostalgic?   Music. 
  6. What's the scariest thing you've ever done?   Walked the diameter of Wastewater - 6 miles round.  Scree and mess. Terrifying.
  7. What fairy tale character would you most associate with?   Rapunzel. Cause I cut my hair.
  8. How much do you tend to swear in public?   Like a trooper.
  9.  If you ruled your own country, who would you get to writer your national anthem?    Proclaimers.
  10. Who is the most intelligent person you know?   My Daughter
  11. What's the craziest thing you've ever done for someone?   I'm going to have to think about this one. 
  12. What's the worst piece of advice anyone has ever given you?   My mum told me to "stay in the bank". ha. no way.
  13. If you had to describe yourself as a flavor, what would it be?    Salt.
  14.  If you had to describe yourself as a car, what would it be?   Little fat volkswagon
  15.  If you had to describe yourself as an animal, what would it be?    Garfield the Cat
  16.  Do you think laughing at someone else's misfortune is wrong?   Not if they don't see you! 
  17.  If a loved one was to serenade you, what song would you most like them to sing?   Want you back...
  18. Would you ever let your parents pick out a partner for you? No bloody way.
  19.  Have you ever tried spam? (the meat product).... Yes, it used to be a regular staple.