Friday, February 29, 2008

Qu'est La?

Sometimes I wonder about the things I have taught my children.

Toolibelle, who last week asked her Gran a question which left her collapsing on the other end of the phone....... brought home her art project.

I have attached Photos! If you have any idea what this is, please let me know...... (I know what it is, and it isn't what you think it is!)

It is however, the cutest thing I've ever seen since BlobbyJob. (That's another story).

Friday 5 .........

Coming Soon..............

How and when did you learn to swim?

How and when did you learn to drive?

How and when did you learn to tie your shoelaces?

How and when did you learn to cook?

How and when did you learn to type

Thursday, February 28, 2008

So I put you in the picture and

Busy week at work this week. However, I did find time to convince Peter who I work beside to start a web page to profile his photographs..

Peter is a phenomenal photographer, his images are just stunning.

Here is a little taster, but visit the site - and have a look. Peter is happy to sell his images if you are interest. Most of his work is up and down the west coast, but he'll take his camera wherever!


Wednesday, February 27, 2008

It's in the Stars.......

It was the earthquake.

Yup. That is what did it.

The energy was affected by the Earthquake.

Am satisfied that is what it was.

Don't push me cause I'm close to the edge

Don't know what happened today. Am all hormonal, which SHOULDN'T happen, cause I don't have any ovaries, which is where my hormones would come from?

Confusing. Started this morning with me yelling at Steven to get out of his pit. Which he wouldn't do, and was giving me attitude, so he got attitude right back. Won't be doing that again in a hurry.

Then I come into work and we launched in to MILK saga, which I won't bore you with, but I have completely become pissed off at being nice, and have decided to be homicidal maniac around EVERYONE now.

Cannot lift it at all. Even going to O'Really's at lunchtime and sitting with HUGH Cafe Latte and Chocolate cake and Heat has not made it better.

I may have to go to my bed tonight.

oaft. This wee video might make me feel better. Much Laughing at Steven inhaling a Creme Caramel. Eilidh says, this is a waste, because they taste much better eaten slowly.

- You can't see much, but it was taken in the days when I was happy......

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Butterflies all havin' fun you know what I mean

So, the secrets of the Fountain Of Youth.... .

Thanks to CLP over on another blog, I have discovered the Secret of Rejuvenation..

I practise and perfect these five exercises performing them each day, until I can do 21 of each of them. It should take me no longer than 15 minutes total, once I have achieved the 21 repetitions. Apparently once I have incorporated this into my daily routine, I will look 10 years younger, be more energetic, happier and lighter!

I started this morning.

Exercise 1. Whirling Dervish. You stand arms outstretched, as picture, and spin round on the spot, letting your vision blur. Do this for 21 rotations, or like me, until after 5 you fall over. Decide that you are doing something wrong. Try again crossing your eyes to enhance the blurring effect, spin 5 times, collapse to your knees, and wretch. Jees. This is GOOD!

Exercise 2. Stand Straight. Put your hands on the back of your thighs. I have a problem here. My arse is so large, i have to rest my hands on my butt. Put your chin on your chest, then slowly bring it back until you can look at the ceiling. Your hands on your thighs/ butt should support you. Ha ha ha ha ha. Yeah, I looked really cool doing this one. My husband was mightily impressed!

Exercise 3. Lie on the floor, on your back. Lift your head off the floor, and slowly raise your legs into the air, Straight, until your feet are almost about your head. Lower. This one was okay - I could actually do it. Without Farting as well.

Exercise 4. Ha ha ha ha ha. Sit. flat on the floor with arms on the ground by your side. Lift your bottom off the floor using your arms as support. Keep lifting until you look like a table. Arms one set of legs, Legs, to knees the other. Table Top being your body from shoulders to Knees. Ha ha ha ha Obviously I'm going to have to work on this one. My bum didn't know how to get off the floor, without strenuous noises and bending of knees which isn't supposed to happen until you are upright.
Exercise 5. Lay flat on the floor, hands, palm down, at shoulder height. Push yourself up off the floor by the shoulders til your head is in the air and your bum is still down. For those of you in the know... this is the Cobra in Yoga. Then, in one swift, flowing movement, reverse this stance to one of the downward facing dog. which means, lifting your butt high off the floor, and moving your head to look downwards, and inwards, towards your feet. This is qute a nice movement actually, but prone to making farty noises if you push too hard.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Take me wandering through these streets,

this is the view from straight above where we were sitting in Cafe Andaluz.

I had lovely Sweet Potato, Parsnip and something else. grilled and with a yohurt dressing. Scrummy. and also battered chicken with honey. Yum.

K had meatballs. K loves Meat Balls.

We didn't take photos, but believe me that it was lovely........ so much crunchie chicken in lovely golden batter, and the little pieces of sweet potato and parsnip. Totally scrummy. Yum.

Pudd was fantastic. Creme Brulee. And Yes, I really really so was struggling to eat the last of it. But I managed.

Totally stuffed now.

K ran me back to the station, and we had a coffee in the Weatherspoons next to the station. Was a very strange place. Two coffees cost £1.50... I think he charged wrong. There was a constant stream of people at the bar, never ending. weird. I could have sat all afternoon in there, just people watching. I love people watching.

Oaft. Cup of Tea Time.

Maybe if we think and wish and hope and pray it might come true

Last night I was so tired when I went to bed, I couldn't remember if Si and I got married?! I checked with him, and yes we did. It's our anniversary next week, and he is spending it UP A HILL. He loves Hills!

I'm still tired this morning, but we woke at 6.3o with Tool's alarm clock going off. It goes off every morning without fail, and one of us has to get up and shut it off, or we scream from bed "TOOL - Switch the Alarm off". She doesn't hear it. You know that Mosquito thing that everyone is up in arms about just now....well this alarm clock is the opposite... you can leave it ringing right next to her head, and she can sleep quite happily thru it for 5 minutes. She doesn't get the chance to sleep any longer because by that time it's volume has increased triplefold and we are going barmy.

Both kids are away again this morning. Si is running Stevo up to Coltness, Eilidh left for the bus at twenty to eight... and now I'm here, watching "Breakfast at Tiffany's". I have to contemplate moving because this afternoon - Kirsty, Kerry and I are meeting at Cafe Andaluz for a meal to celebrate Kerry's birthday.....

More later.........

Saturday, February 23, 2008

So give me Coffee and TV

i bought a coffee grinder today!

I have three bags of coffee in my cupboard and I have been unable to released the tastes of these little beans. Smelling them is lovely, but drinking a nice cup of coffee is lovely.

After K bought me Starbucks Coffee at Christmas time, I promised myself to act, and today I did.

I'm gobsmacked at how easy it is. Couple of tablespoons in, press the button and bouff. My coffee granuals are there. I've got Starbucks in my kitchen now. The smell from the grinding was enough for me, I don't even have to drink it. Is amazing.

I've had a lovely day. The kids were out this morning, Si and I did the shopping. this afternoon after we picked up the Coffee Grinder we had a wee drive into the town and stopped off at LIDO for a Latte, Hot Chocolate, Muffin and Carrott Cake. Si had a pint of John Smiths. Is an absolutely lovely place. The owner Colin Blair was in waiting tables and checking on customers. How he fits that in I'll never know - he has 3 other places, and was happy to stand and chat with us for a few moments. Eilidh loved it, and gave the Toilets a BIG thumbs up!Eilidh likes to check out the toilets in restaurants. She especially loved the hand dryer which nearly took her skin off her hands.

Mr Blair was kind enough to tell Eilidh that she was welcome to come in with her friends during the day and have a drink and a cake, young people were more than welcome.


Express Yourself.... It's One on One.........

I am so proud of my children's sporting achievements.

Tomorrow Steven is training with the Scottish Senior's Volleyball Squad, today he is playing with Troon Men's in Edinburgh. This week he played football for the school for 90 minutes, followed by another 90 minutes of Volleyball.

Eilidh, my baby, although rapidly becoming taller than me, is playing Hockey with the School today, at Hutchie in Glasgow. She only started hockey this school year - early morning and wet pitches didn't entice her before. She had her photograph taken this week for the Achievement Board as the" Most Improved Hockey Player", and today she is playing as the Captain of the Team. Way Hay Way to Go Babes!

Tomorrow, she is playing in a Volleyball Tournament in Edinburgh.....amazing

You would think therefore, that I would be able to learn from example, if not lead by example and get out of my lethargy mode and move around a bit. I started off quite well the other week - getting up and doing my Davina. But then my cold kicked in and I couldn't drag myself out my pit.

I'm going to make an effort, I am. My kids are a fantastic example , and they do it on their own. They did it without me being over active and sporty. I should learn from them, and be active, get fit, and achieve the goal I set myself at the start of the year. I will run 3 miles! I will.

And I'll start today!

Friday, February 22, 2008

In this World Where We Live................

There should be more happiness and there certainly is with Kirsty about! ha ha ha ha

She is priceless, she totally is.

Last night she went to a Comedy At Jongleurs in Glasgow. Janey Godley, scarily good comedienne was hosting it. I love Janey's comedy..... she hosted one I went to months ago.....and then I read her book..... "handstands in the dark" which you ALL need to do.

K text me and said "I am sitting on the stage", and I said, "move.....they'll get you"

Anyways, result was, yeah, they were targetted, but in a great way. She had a total ball and now wants to go and see Janey in her own show at the Garage in Glasgow.....mentioned it on her blog... and then Janey Godley commented on K's blog thanking her for kind comments.

K now freaking that "someone" is reading her blog.... she thinks no one looks at it... although I know that she goes thru hundreds of blogs in a week, she is constantly sending me links to "great ones".

She also thinks famous person must think that she can't spell and that she is complete lunatic.

Which of course she is, but i love her like that and wouldn't change her for the world!

Friday Five Okay Yah

What’s a pretty good sign that your day at work or school is going to be rough?
The rain is bouncing off the ground, higher than the top of my boots, I can't get to my car for the wind. I have a migraine, I have to book currency trades, I have a hangover (thing of the past these days).

What’s a pretty good sign that your day at work or school is going to be terrific?
The Sun is shining and there are good songs on the radio. Today...... Sun shining, big stormy winds, but ABC were just singing Look of Love on the Radio and I'm happy. Is also Friday, so that helps. I love Fridays. I love Thursdays too because they mean that Friday is nearly there. I love Wednesdays because it's Tap, and I love Monday's because they go REALLY fast, I love Sundays, because they are LAZY days, and I love Saturday because I get to spent time with my gang. .... Tuesdays.... oach they are okay.... Gentle kind of day.... Everyday is actually pretty terrific.

What’s a pretty good sign that you should probably eat out?
Si isn't in. Kids understand that if their dad isn't home, then the chances are I'll be buying in!

What’s a pretty good sign that you’re going to spend more money than you should?
There is a shop in front of me, or a pretty web site!. To be honest, I don't spend THAT much. K is much worse than me. But if I have money in my pocket, and I'm wandering, I will find things to make me happy.

What’s a pretty good sign that someone you have just met is going to be a good friend?

They get my sense of humour.... which is hard to do. They understand my manic behaviour. They are quite happy to take the piss out of me... see K above.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Is my timing that flawed ??????

Life just gets busier and busier.

Friday was the last day I posted... hmm lets think, what have I been up to?

Friday night. Steve went next door. Eilidh went Swimming. Picked her up at 9.30!

Saturday... Steve went away to Glenrothes for Volleyball, Eilidh went away to Hockey. Met Mum for Coffee in Lido. Dragged Nant in too. Yummy. Latte, and a Toffee Banana Muffin. Went Home. Checked Eilidh's progress at Hockey. Went Shopping, came home. Watched Si tear the Shed apart -(he was fixing the roof - it was all good).

Went to bed for a sleep about 5. Got up. Went down town got take away for tea.

Got up Sunday. Steven going to Ayr for volleyball. Eilidh having Lie in. Si working on Shed again. I was feeling like trash - took lots of cold cure tablet. Took Eilidh to Irvine to try and find new school skirt, because I ironed right thru her current favourite. Didn't find one, but she got High School Muscial Jammies, and a Jacket.

Had mum for tea.... well we had Lamb for tea, mum came round..... I went up and did the ironing... and then decided that having a big slug of nightnurse would help me sleep and get rid of my cold. .... Mmmmm. That was the last anyone saw of me until Monday about 6! I had hallucinations and sweats all night. What a nightmare!.

So Monday was a write off.

Got up Tuesday....... Did work. Came home. Eildh had Guides. Steven had Gym.

Wednesday.... Go Up, Did Work, went to Tap... Danced My Butt off, came home, picked up Eilidh, Drove Eilidh and me to Ayr, Drove Eilidh back Home from Ayr, drove back to Ayr, watched a couple of sets of volleyball, drove one of Steven's pals home, and then went home myself!


Having a cup of char... and then bed.

Friday, February 15, 2008

The Friday Seventeen?

I Didn't like the regular Friday 5, so I picked and mixed from other places!

if you had to participate in one olympic event what would it be and why?

Figure Skating. Cause I'd love to have a whole ice rink to myself, and a really pretty skirt.

what is the one song you always sing along to?

Please Release Me, Let Me Go; Amazing Grace;

who in your mind is the best priminister we have had?

Margaret Thatcher

what issues are important to you and why?

The safety and protection of children.

did you vote in the last election: if yes who did you vote for? if no.. why not?

Yes I did, I voted for the Lib Dems.

is a prime ministers past drug use important to know and why?

No. We all do things in our past that are of no influence on our lives today.

why should/shouldnt you vote?

Why Not?

define beauty


what is the best quality a person can have?


what is the worse quality a person can have?


what makes up your perfect match?

Someone who loves me as I am

have you met this person yet?

Yes Indeedy

what is one thing about you that you hate?

My Coughing

what is one thing about you that you love?

My Upness

if you had to change one thing about you what would it be and why?

Grey hair. Make it ALWAYS coloured

what is one word that you would use to define yourself?


imagine what you would look like in a perfect world.. what do you look like?

As I am right now.

I thank You!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Ooo, you make me live ...............

I didn't mean what I said about K last night. I love K.

She did something mentally funny to me, and I was reeling in shock at my stupidity at being taken in.

She stalked me to a games room, met up with me, and then started putting some very strange comments my way. I was freaking. I thought weirdo was coming on to me. Foreign Female Weirdo. Of course I was talking to K at the same time and telling her what weirdo was saying....

She was helpless, I can just imagine her sitting there trying to play scrabble with me, pretending to be freak, and chatting to me on another screen. Oh Jeesus.

It got better, I was so freaked by her that I reported her to the administrator. When I told her that she freaked and admitted it was her... I couldn't believe it, we were screaming over the internet at each other. O M G - now that I have recovered from the shock of being come on to by French Lesbean I can see how funny it was, but at the time I thought I was so being stalked.

She does make me laugh!!!

Monday, February 11, 2008

In this world where we live... There should be more happiness

My kids are great.

I get pleasure our of everything they do. But bloody hell. They just won't put their clothes away.

Eilidh has a tower in her room. Every item of clothing she has had on in the last couple of days is piled precariously on a chair.

Steven, doesn't use the piling system, he just drops on the floor. Everything. Asbolutely bloody everything.

I can't talk, but at least every couple of days I do something about it....

I say to Steven, tidy your bedroom up. Five minutes later the Washing basket has 3 or 4 loads in it. If I tell him that he must put things away, and NOT wash them, he rolls them up and stuffs them in a drawer.


Sunday, February 10, 2008

I guess now it's time, that you came back for good

total of 385 miles since Friday lunchtime!!!

Heavens above. Should one person drive that much in 2 days?

See if it had been just a 170 miles round trip, that I could have accepted. But to have driven to Glasgow 4 times in the space of 60 hours!!! how mental am I? Sorely tired. That's what I really am.

Today it was up at 7.30 to get Steven ready for Coltness. Breakfast and packed lunch ready, we knocked Eilidh up, and went up to pick up the papers and fetch some money. Steven dropped in a couple of papers and then left the rest for Tool. Then we headed to Coltness.

Tragety. We pulled in to Coltness high, and when we both say NO CARS we knew we were in the wrong place. Phoned Eilidh, begged her to get on the PC and look for the email. The time table definitely said Coltness.... Eilidh confirmed it was Wishaw Sports Centre. Steve says - is just down the road, turn right. I turned right. We ended up in another town.

Stopped a man, he pointed us in the right direction for Wishee (which is what he said). Then we stopped and asked the least likeliest person in the world to have ever been near a Sports Centre where the Sports Centre may actually be... and thankfully she was able to tell us. In the end he was 10 minutes late. I hung around for a bit waiting to see if he got kicked out, but thankfully he went in apologised for lateness and got sat down for a bit ... team tactics before the training began....

I went away to Go Outdoors. An outdoor activities shop which Simon has fallen in love with. Unfortunately, it didn't have the same effect on me, and I left after about approximately 2 minutes (if that).

I then went to Glasgow Fort. I'm quite liking Glasgow fort oh yes I am. I sat for a while in Starbucks and recovered from the trauma of being in the wrong place at the right time. Then I had a wee bimble thru the shops. Oh that was lovely. I had a bit of a panic because my phone died..... and tool was still at home alone, waiting to get ready to go out.... however I text her and let her know, and then I managed a wee call so she was fine.

I did a wee bit of shopping at Tesco, which was a pretty pathetic Tesco, but I got what I needed, and then I went back to pick Steven up. We dropped back in to the Fort again. Steven was equally impressed, but slightly distressed that he was dressed as a Ned......... see the problem with playing sports is that comfortable dress for sport makes you look like an unsporting throwback in Glasgow!

Anyways, we got down the road, at 4. Eilidh texted and said, she would be finished at 5, and I boiled the kettle for a cup of tea. Then Eilidh phoned, before I got the kettle poured and she was looking for a lift. ... So back in the car. and then I finally got in. Sat down with my cup of tea....... had a wee game of scrabble.

Si eventually phoned and was heading home. O M G ......... We had tea. Happy Days. and now we all sit. Well Eilidh is still playing the Wii game from yesterday. Si and I are sitting comatose. Steven is Beboing....

All's well that Ends well, And K is still aBITCH!

Saturday, February 09, 2008

You Keep Me Running Round and Round....

Well, that's alright by me.......

Oh My goodness. Check me out.... So tired. What a tired face. It doesn't help that I have a stye. It might not be obvious from picture, but I have.

It started on the top of my eye, and then moved to the bottom. I thought maybe my eyeball had gotten bad, and was maybe going to fall out, but now it's just generally sore, so I think it is just a stye.

I have a long weekend. It is only Saturday evening, and already I feel like it has been long enough. I picked up my new car, Blue on Friday lunchtime, bearing in mind, it is less than 48 hours old (for me), I have already done 254 miles!!! Yes, Can you believe that?

I had a wee 5 mile drive around when I got it, just to check it out and everything. Then last night Eilidh and I went to a concert in Glasgow at the City Halls. - 27 miles to Glasgow and back, plus the 5 miles driving around the city looking for a parking space!!! The concert was lovely. Was for Eilidh's benefit mostly, was a clarinet concerto by the Scottish Ensemble. How lovely to be able to make music like that. Eilidh was very impressed by the soloist who was able to play the full concerto without music, and danced in the centre of the Ensemble like a wee elf. And the speed of his playing, and the length of his breath! yes, I think he inspired Eilidh. Thanks Dada

Then I was up this morning at 7.30 to drive Steven.... to Glasgow, yes, again, and then I came home, to get Eilidh. We pottered around a bit, and then headed... back to Glasgow to pick Steven up. We stopped off in the City centre and got Eilidh a new Wii Game, which she is playing with now. How lovely. Ratatooi Is quite intriguing... I don't get these things, but I keep looking up and giving her hints.....which seems to work. I just don't know.

Anyways. Steven is away out again.. yes, more miles...... to Jamies this time. I gave him BIG hints about coming home early, but I'm getting sad eyes. I text him a little while ago, saying "steven if you are a bit tired, please give me a call, and I'll come and get you...." huh. He didn't even respond.

So, here I sit, until 11, when I said I was picking him up.... forget that. I've just text him again and said I'm coming at 1030. I am really tired, and I have to think about me... having to drive another 100 plus miles tomorrow....

Friday, February 08, 2008

They’re lighting up the sky tonight

Friday 5

When did you last use graphing paper?

I use Graphing Paper to demonstrate the Value of Linear Graphing in calculation of variables in Simultaneous equations. I don't do this as pastime - I was trying to help Eilidh with her Algebra Homework. Heaven's it was hard work, but I felt a real sense of achievement when I finally figured out what was going on.

When did you last use a highlighter?

I use Highlighter at work, to draw my attention to things, ie., the circles in numbers on my calendar, the holes in D's, and O's. Sometimes I colour my finger nails in with the orange highlighter - that produces an interesting effect, but not as interesting as colouring your nails in with typex and then drawing faces on them with a black signature pen!

When did you last cover a book?

Probably 3 years ago. I covered books for the kids at primary school, and then in First year, but then Eilidh discovered a talent for covering books and took over in a big way. I am redundant as book coverer.

When did you last wear an apron or smock?
I wear an apron to wash the dishes, because without fail, every day I wash the dishes and pour water all down my front. I try very hard not to, but it is almost as if the water is drawn to my belly - probably attracted by all the water I retain in my belly!

When did you last use glue?
I used glue on Thursday, which was the last day I was at work. I love glue. I go thru about 3 pritt sticks a month. I stick everyone's receipts on to scrap paper. So that I can read them clearly without them being in envelopes and stapled together. I am very organised. Additionally, I love the relaxation of glueing and sticking.


Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Pardon Me Boy... Is this the Chatanooga Choo Choo

Bloody hell.

That was a busy night.

Steven had Jazz Band Concert - the details of which were very sketchy. I told him to text one of the girls he plays with (literally), and find out, and was informed that he had to be there by 5, and us by 6.

Si got home fast and started off with him, at 4.30, and text me at 5.10 to tell me he hadn't reached the airport. Airport is like 4 minutes from our house. So I got in, grabbed Tooli gave her a sandwich... and started off. It was agony. Well the driving was agony - me and Eilidh were singing our faces off.

We eventually got there..... got in found Si, and discovered Steven already playing - "background music" with the rest of the orchestra.

There had been a terrible accident at the Sandyford Toll and traffic was backed up everywhere. So the concert had been delayed to try to allow everyone get there safely.

The band were great, as were the rest the kids singing, and playing percussions. It was a nice night, but o m g we were starving by the time it finished. Quick jaunt round to Hot Wot, and grab some noodles, and some crispy beef yummmmmm. Then home. I sat down, realised it was 10 and nearly had a fit!

Been sitting here chatting toK now about the benefits of Gtalk, but I can't make them work.

Need to go to bed now... .I have to go thru ALL of this again tomorrow for Eils!

Monday, February 04, 2008

(High price) a very strange reaction

Here is my hyacynth

It was a beautiful hyacynth. A bit weird. It grew this fast in about 8 days.

I had to take it out of the office. When the flowers first came out, Only I could smell them. The second day, Lynn's nose started running, so I moved them to the boy's room. And the next day they were sitting on the kitchen window ledge. They obviously couldn't take the smell either.

So I took them home, and put them on the doorstep, (once I had remembered to take them out the boot). Then the bad wind came, and the pot disappeared. Si found it. The hyacynths were still sitting on the doorstep, just minus the pot.

They are still there. FLopping about all over the place.

DO not Overheat Hyacynths, It makes them grow too tall and lanky.


Sunday, February 03, 2008

T'was Grace that brought us safe thus far...

The last person to hug you
My honey. Si. He always hugs me. I needed hugs today. I feel barf.

The last drink you had
cup of tea, made by toolibelle. thank you honeypie.

The last person to phone you
the woman from Northern Rock telling me I could take a payment holiday (land line)

The last person to text you
the man from the Garage about my new car

The last person you argued with
mmmmm. Difficult one. I tend not to argue. I nag. I nagged Steven about studying

The last person you kissed
My Si -physically, K internetly

The last shop you visited
the Garage.

The last purchase you made
Petrol for my wee mazda

The last website you visited - am addicted.

The last pet you stroked
Thumps. THumps quite like cuddles I think. At least he didn't try and kick me to death.

The last book you read
a Mariane Keyes book. Was a bit sad. Not her usual. Lynn figured that the character was related to other characters in other books, but they are all funny.

The last song you listened to
Can't remember, I had to switch music off in car, because of my sore head. But on Friday I was listening to Memory by the Proclaimers

The last film you saw
Some mad mental thing cause Idiocracy. O M G

The last thing you ate
Si's Roast Beef DInner and then his home made Apple Crumble.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

(Something like a phenomenon) Baby!

My boy is standing again!

Yeh! Eilidh is still bored useless.

Tomorrow will be the first day in weeks and weeks and weeks, that we haven't been running around somewhere. Long Lie I think, first off. Slow get up. we are going to have a look at Kilwinning cars.... and then contemplate the Prestwick Car. I loved it.

mmmmmm Bloody Money.


Touching the very part of me.

O M Goodness. Is Saturday, and am sitting in living room, neither waiting to go and pick up a child, or waiting to take one out anywhere.

Yes, Someone is ill. Steven is lying sleeping for the second day. I believe he has weird virus which is going around and knocking people for 6 for about 48 hours. Heavens. Is very strange situation to be in. Steven, not bounding about everywhere eating everything in his path. Is lying in my bed so that he can see the TV. but is sleeping right now.

Tooli is also sleeping but thru boredom more than anything I think. We took her with us thisafternoon while we looked at Cars. I think we have found it. We just have to try and juggle the money around a bit, cause the one we have found is a little dearer than we expected to pay, but it (a) is blue (b) has a CD Player (c) electric locking and windows and four doors.

Is everything i need, and feels sound, which is more than the mazda feels. Additionally - Steven is nearly 17, and while he sat in the car last week, couldn't squeeze his long legs under the steering wheel. That boys is SO BIG.

I'm actually feeling a wee bitty barfy. I hope I'm not coming down with it, but is hopeless to think that - of course I will, he has been breathing over us all week!

Friday, February 01, 2008

You're walking up with your eyes on me

Friday 5

Which open-all-night establishment has been a lifesaver for you?
Tesco ---- Son deciding that he wanted new trousers and shirt for school ..... the next day.

What open-all-night establishment is closest to where you live?
The 24 BP Garage In Loans. Approximately 2 miles from my doorstep. Walkable in an emergency, but 5 minutes by car.

What nonexistent open-all-night establishment could you really use in your life?
A nightclub, where no one goes except me, where I can walk in, any time of the night, and have a dance to myself. Tap Shoes or Not!

Which open-all-night establishment in your town is least likely ever to see your patronage in the wee hours of the morning?
I stay in a wee town... very wee. The only Open All Night Establishments, are requirements, and a BIG bonus. Tesco is a live saver, cause I know if I need something VERY quick, it's there... painkillers, feminine hygiene... I've never tried to buy alcohol at night... I usually have enough in the house.

Have you ever purchased anything advertised on television late, late at night?
Oh Yes Indeedy. Which is why Si put a block on the shopping channel! ha ha ha ha. let me think..... Dressing Gown, Watch, Toys, an assortment of things which when you see them late at night when you've had a little drinky, seem to be the BEST thing in the world.