Saturday, February 02, 2008

Touching the very part of me.

O M Goodness. Is Saturday, and am sitting in living room, neither waiting to go and pick up a child, or waiting to take one out anywhere.

Yes, Someone is ill. Steven is lying sleeping for the second day. I believe he has weird virus which is going around and knocking people for 6 for about 48 hours. Heavens. Is very strange situation to be in. Steven, not bounding about everywhere eating everything in his path. Is lying in my bed so that he can see the TV. but is sleeping right now.

Tooli is also sleeping but thru boredom more than anything I think. We took her with us thisafternoon while we looked at Cars. I think we have found it. We just have to try and juggle the money around a bit, cause the one we have found is a little dearer than we expected to pay, but it (a) is blue (b) has a CD Player (c) electric locking and windows and four doors.

Is everything i need, and feels sound, which is more than the mazda feels. Additionally - Steven is nearly 17, and while he sat in the car last week, couldn't squeeze his long legs under the steering wheel. That boys is SO BIG.

I'm actually feeling a wee bitty barfy. I hope I'm not coming down with it, but is hopeless to think that - of course I will, he has been breathing over us all week!

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