Sunday, February 10, 2008

I guess now it's time, that you came back for good

total of 385 miles since Friday lunchtime!!!

Heavens above. Should one person drive that much in 2 days?

See if it had been just a 170 miles round trip, that I could have accepted. But to have driven to Glasgow 4 times in the space of 60 hours!!! how mental am I? Sorely tired. That's what I really am.

Today it was up at 7.30 to get Steven ready for Coltness. Breakfast and packed lunch ready, we knocked Eilidh up, and went up to pick up the papers and fetch some money. Steven dropped in a couple of papers and then left the rest for Tool. Then we headed to Coltness.

Tragety. We pulled in to Coltness high, and when we both say NO CARS we knew we were in the wrong place. Phoned Eilidh, begged her to get on the PC and look for the email. The time table definitely said Coltness.... Eilidh confirmed it was Wishaw Sports Centre. Steve says - is just down the road, turn right. I turned right. We ended up in another town.

Stopped a man, he pointed us in the right direction for Wishee (which is what he said). Then we stopped and asked the least likeliest person in the world to have ever been near a Sports Centre where the Sports Centre may actually be... and thankfully she was able to tell us. In the end he was 10 minutes late. I hung around for a bit waiting to see if he got kicked out, but thankfully he went in apologised for lateness and got sat down for a bit ... team tactics before the training began....

I went away to Go Outdoors. An outdoor activities shop which Simon has fallen in love with. Unfortunately, it didn't have the same effect on me, and I left after about approximately 2 minutes (if that).

I then went to Glasgow Fort. I'm quite liking Glasgow fort oh yes I am. I sat for a while in Starbucks and recovered from the trauma of being in the wrong place at the right time. Then I had a wee bimble thru the shops. Oh that was lovely. I had a bit of a panic because my phone died..... and tool was still at home alone, waiting to get ready to go out.... however I text her and let her know, and then I managed a wee call so she was fine.

I did a wee bit of shopping at Tesco, which was a pretty pathetic Tesco, but I got what I needed, and then I went back to pick Steven up. We dropped back in to the Fort again. Steven was equally impressed, but slightly distressed that he was dressed as a Ned......... see the problem with playing sports is that comfortable dress for sport makes you look like an unsporting throwback in Glasgow!

Anyways, we got down the road, at 4. Eilidh texted and said, she would be finished at 5, and I boiled the kettle for a cup of tea. Then Eilidh phoned, before I got the kettle poured and she was looking for a lift. ... So back in the car. and then I finally got in. Sat down with my cup of tea....... had a wee game of scrabble.

Si eventually phoned and was heading home. O M G ......... We had tea. Happy Days. and now we all sit. Well Eilidh is still playing the Wii game from yesterday. Si and I are sitting comatose. Steven is Beboing....

All's well that Ends well, And K is still aBITCH!

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  1. Aww sticks & stones may break my bones.