Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Is my timing that flawed ??????

Life just gets busier and busier.

Friday was the last day I posted... hmm lets think, what have I been up to?

Friday night. Steve went next door. Eilidh went Swimming. Picked her up at 9.30!

Saturday... Steve went away to Glenrothes for Volleyball, Eilidh went away to Hockey. Met Mum for Coffee in Lido. Dragged Nant in too. Yummy. Latte, and a Toffee Banana Muffin. Went Home. Checked Eilidh's progress at Hockey. Went Shopping, came home. Watched Si tear the Shed apart -(he was fixing the roof - it was all good).

Went to bed for a sleep about 5. Got up. Went down town got take away for tea.

Got up Sunday. Steven going to Ayr for volleyball. Eilidh having Lie in. Si working on Shed again. I was feeling like trash - took lots of cold cure tablet. Took Eilidh to Irvine to try and find new school skirt, because I ironed right thru her current favourite. Didn't find one, but she got High School Muscial Jammies, and a Jacket.

Had mum for tea.... well we had Lamb for tea, mum came round..... I went up and did the ironing... and then decided that having a big slug of nightnurse would help me sleep and get rid of my cold. .... Mmmmm. That was the last anyone saw of me until Monday about 6! I had hallucinations and sweats all night. What a nightmare!.

So Monday was a write off.

Got up Tuesday....... Did work. Came home. Eildh had Guides. Steven had Gym.

Wednesday.... Go Up, Did Work, went to Tap... Danced My Butt off, came home, picked up Eilidh, Drove Eilidh and me to Ayr, Drove Eilidh back Home from Ayr, drove back to Ayr, watched a couple of sets of volleyball, drove one of Steven's pals home, and then went home myself!


Having a cup of char... and then bed.

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  1. Home! Janey is lovely, you'll have a great night at the Garage! And we're thinking of going too!!