Monday, February 04, 2008

(High price) a very strange reaction

Here is my hyacynth

It was a beautiful hyacynth. A bit weird. It grew this fast in about 8 days.

I had to take it out of the office. When the flowers first came out, Only I could smell them. The second day, Lynn's nose started running, so I moved them to the boy's room. And the next day they were sitting on the kitchen window ledge. They obviously couldn't take the smell either.

So I took them home, and put them on the doorstep, (once I had remembered to take them out the boot). Then the bad wind came, and the pot disappeared. Si found it. The hyacynths were still sitting on the doorstep, just minus the pot.

They are still there. FLopping about all over the place.

DO not Overheat Hyacynths, It makes them grow too tall and lanky.



  1. Uccch I will be having nightmares now. Evil.

  2. hey, but you got them to grow, me...hahah, forget it!! ;)