Saturday, February 23, 2008

Express Yourself.... It's One on One.........

I am so proud of my children's sporting achievements.

Tomorrow Steven is training with the Scottish Senior's Volleyball Squad, today he is playing with Troon Men's in Edinburgh. This week he played football for the school for 90 minutes, followed by another 90 minutes of Volleyball.

Eilidh, my baby, although rapidly becoming taller than me, is playing Hockey with the School today, at Hutchie in Glasgow. She only started hockey this school year - early morning and wet pitches didn't entice her before. She had her photograph taken this week for the Achievement Board as the" Most Improved Hockey Player", and today she is playing as the Captain of the Team. Way Hay Way to Go Babes!

Tomorrow, she is playing in a Volleyball Tournament in Edinburgh.....amazing

You would think therefore, that I would be able to learn from example, if not lead by example and get out of my lethargy mode and move around a bit. I started off quite well the other week - getting up and doing my Davina. But then my cold kicked in and I couldn't drag myself out my pit.

I'm going to make an effort, I am. My kids are a fantastic example , and they do it on their own. They did it without me being over active and sporty. I should learn from them, and be active, get fit, and achieve the goal I set myself at the start of the year. I will run 3 miles! I will.

And I'll start today!

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