Friday, February 01, 2008

You're walking up with your eyes on me

Friday 5

Which open-all-night establishment has been a lifesaver for you?
Tesco ---- Son deciding that he wanted new trousers and shirt for school ..... the next day.

What open-all-night establishment is closest to where you live?
The 24 BP Garage In Loans. Approximately 2 miles from my doorstep. Walkable in an emergency, but 5 minutes by car.

What nonexistent open-all-night establishment could you really use in your life?
A nightclub, where no one goes except me, where I can walk in, any time of the night, and have a dance to myself. Tap Shoes or Not!

Which open-all-night establishment in your town is least likely ever to see your patronage in the wee hours of the morning?
I stay in a wee town... very wee. The only Open All Night Establishments, are requirements, and a BIG bonus. Tesco is a live saver, cause I know if I need something VERY quick, it's there... painkillers, feminine hygiene... I've never tried to buy alcohol at night... I usually have enough in the house.

Have you ever purchased anything advertised on television late, late at night?
Oh Yes Indeedy. Which is why Si put a block on the shopping channel! ha ha ha ha. let me think..... Dressing Gown, Watch, Toys, an assortment of things which when you see them late at night when you've had a little drinky, seem to be the BEST thing in the world.

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  1. I like how you did your entry in Tesco colours.