Sunday, February 24, 2008

Take me wandering through these streets,

this is the view from straight above where we were sitting in Cafe Andaluz.

I had lovely Sweet Potato, Parsnip and something else. grilled and with a yohurt dressing. Scrummy. and also battered chicken with honey. Yum.

K had meatballs. K loves Meat Balls.

We didn't take photos, but believe me that it was lovely........ so much crunchie chicken in lovely golden batter, and the little pieces of sweet potato and parsnip. Totally scrummy. Yum.

Pudd was fantastic. Creme Brulee. And Yes, I really really so was struggling to eat the last of it. But I managed.

Totally stuffed now.

K ran me back to the station, and we had a coffee in the Weatherspoons next to the station. Was a very strange place. Two coffees cost £1.50... I think he charged wrong. There was a constant stream of people at the bar, never ending. weird. I could have sat all afternoon in there, just people watching. I love people watching.

Oaft. Cup of Tea Time.

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