Sunday, February 03, 2008

T'was Grace that brought us safe thus far...

The last person to hug you
My honey. Si. He always hugs me. I needed hugs today. I feel barf.

The last drink you had
cup of tea, made by toolibelle. thank you honeypie.

The last person to phone you
the woman from Northern Rock telling me I could take a payment holiday (land line)

The last person to text you
the man from the Garage about my new car

The last person you argued with
mmmmm. Difficult one. I tend not to argue. I nag. I nagged Steven about studying

The last person you kissed
My Si -physically, K internetly

The last shop you visited
the Garage.

The last purchase you made
Petrol for my wee mazda

The last website you visited - am addicted.

The last pet you stroked
Thumps. THumps quite like cuddles I think. At least he didn't try and kick me to death.

The last book you read
a Mariane Keyes book. Was a bit sad. Not her usual. Lynn figured that the character was related to other characters in other books, but they are all funny.

The last song you listened to
Can't remember, I had to switch music off in car, because of my sore head. But on Friday I was listening to Memory by the Proclaimers

The last film you saw
Some mad mental thing cause Idiocracy. O M G

The last thing you ate
Si's Roast Beef DInner and then his home made Apple Crumble.

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