Saturday, February 09, 2008

You Keep Me Running Round and Round....

Well, that's alright by me.......

Oh My goodness. Check me out.... So tired. What a tired face. It doesn't help that I have a stye. It might not be obvious from picture, but I have.

It started on the top of my eye, and then moved to the bottom. I thought maybe my eyeball had gotten bad, and was maybe going to fall out, but now it's just generally sore, so I think it is just a stye.

I have a long weekend. It is only Saturday evening, and already I feel like it has been long enough. I picked up my new car, Blue on Friday lunchtime, bearing in mind, it is less than 48 hours old (for me), I have already done 254 miles!!! Yes, Can you believe that?

I had a wee 5 mile drive around when I got it, just to check it out and everything. Then last night Eilidh and I went to a concert in Glasgow at the City Halls. - 27 miles to Glasgow and back, plus the 5 miles driving around the city looking for a parking space!!! The concert was lovely. Was for Eilidh's benefit mostly, was a clarinet concerto by the Scottish Ensemble. How lovely to be able to make music like that. Eilidh was very impressed by the soloist who was able to play the full concerto without music, and danced in the centre of the Ensemble like a wee elf. And the speed of his playing, and the length of his breath! yes, I think he inspired Eilidh. Thanks Dada

Then I was up this morning at 7.30 to drive Steven.... to Glasgow, yes, again, and then I came home, to get Eilidh. We pottered around a bit, and then headed... back to Glasgow to pick Steven up. We stopped off in the City centre and got Eilidh a new Wii Game, which she is playing with now. How lovely. Ratatooi Is quite intriguing... I don't get these things, but I keep looking up and giving her hints.....which seems to work. I just don't know.

Anyways. Steven is away out again.. yes, more miles...... to Jamies this time. I gave him BIG hints about coming home early, but I'm getting sad eyes. I text him a little while ago, saying "steven if you are a bit tired, please give me a call, and I'll come and get you...." huh. He didn't even respond.

So, here I sit, until 11, when I said I was picking him up.... forget that. I've just text him again and said I'm coming at 1030. I am really tired, and I have to think about me... having to drive another 100 plus miles tomorrow....

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