Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Pardon Me Boy... Is this the Chatanooga Choo Choo

Bloody hell.

That was a busy night.

Steven had Jazz Band Concert - the details of which were very sketchy. I told him to text one of the girls he plays with (literally), and find out, and was informed that he had to be there by 5, and us by 6.

Si got home fast and started off with him, at 4.30, and text me at 5.10 to tell me he hadn't reached the airport. Airport is like 4 minutes from our house. So I got in, grabbed Tooli gave her a sandwich... and started off. It was agony. Well the driving was agony - me and Eilidh were singing our faces off.

We eventually got there..... got in found Si, and discovered Steven already playing - "background music" with the rest of the orchestra.

There had been a terrible accident at the Sandyford Toll and traffic was backed up everywhere. So the concert had been delayed to try to allow everyone get there safely.

The band were great, as were the rest the kids singing, and playing percussions. It was a nice night, but o m g we were starving by the time it finished. Quick jaunt round to Hot Wot, and grab some noodles, and some crispy beef yummmmmm. Then home. I sat down, realised it was 10 and nearly had a fit!

Been sitting here chatting toK now about the benefits of Gtalk, but I can't make them work.

Need to go to bed now... .I have to go thru ALL of this again tomorrow for Eils!

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