Saturday, February 23, 2008

So give me Coffee and TV

i bought a coffee grinder today!

I have three bags of coffee in my cupboard and I have been unable to released the tastes of these little beans. Smelling them is lovely, but drinking a nice cup of coffee is lovely.

After K bought me Starbucks Coffee at Christmas time, I promised myself to act, and today I did.

I'm gobsmacked at how easy it is. Couple of tablespoons in, press the button and bouff. My coffee granuals are there. I've got Starbucks in my kitchen now. The smell from the grinding was enough for me, I don't even have to drink it. Is amazing.

I've had a lovely day. The kids were out this morning, Si and I did the shopping. this afternoon after we picked up the Coffee Grinder we had a wee drive into the town and stopped off at LIDO for a Latte, Hot Chocolate, Muffin and Carrott Cake. Si had a pint of John Smiths. Is an absolutely lovely place. The owner Colin Blair was in waiting tables and checking on customers. How he fits that in I'll never know - he has 3 other places, and was happy to stand and chat with us for a few moments. Eilidh loved it, and gave the Toilets a BIG thumbs up!Eilidh likes to check out the toilets in restaurants. She especially loved the hand dryer which nearly took her skin off her hands.

Mr Blair was kind enough to tell Eilidh that she was welcome to come in with her friends during the day and have a drink and a cake, young people were more than welcome.


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