Friday, February 22, 2008

In this World Where We Live................

There should be more happiness and there certainly is with Kirsty about! ha ha ha ha

She is priceless, she totally is.

Last night she went to a Comedy At Jongleurs in Glasgow. Janey Godley, scarily good comedienne was hosting it. I love Janey's comedy..... she hosted one I went to months ago.....and then I read her book..... "handstands in the dark" which you ALL need to do.

K text me and said "I am sitting on the stage", and I said, "move.....they'll get you"

Anyways, result was, yeah, they were targetted, but in a great way. She had a total ball and now wants to go and see Janey in her own show at the Garage in Glasgow.....mentioned it on her blog... and then Janey Godley commented on K's blog thanking her for kind comments.

K now freaking that "someone" is reading her blog.... she thinks no one looks at it... although I know that she goes thru hundreds of blogs in a week, she is constantly sending me links to "great ones".

She also thinks famous person must think that she can't spell and that she is complete lunatic.

Which of course she is, but i love her like that and wouldn't change her for the world!

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  1. I spell like shit as well, tell K not to worry and yes I do read other blogs, I loved her comments and your of course....thanks guys. Janey